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My friends call me Twisted! Everyone else says "Wait, is that a unicorn?"

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still here, still stuck inside · 1:10am Jul 29th, 2020

When you live with a disability that has side effects like a weak respiratory system, and then a strain of SARS decides to rear its ugly head and cause a global health emergency, can be good to let the world know that, yes, you're still here. And yes, I am.
That is all.

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I really have no clue myself, other than I think The Last Crusade was considered canon? the best person to direct that question to, though, would probably be the author himself Twisted Spectrum (Did you message the wrong "Twisted"?)

Can I please get a list of all Canon Five Score Fimfics? I'm hoping you can help me out with the this.

1948338 Someone's keen to see his name up there :rainbowlaugh:

1947568 well of course I had to follow you. I've already edited a few of your chapters and I love your work, so why not? Speaking of which, you haven't credited me in A Nightmare Come to Life's description yet... the link to said story of yours is provided for your convenience.

Thanks for the follow!

My army grows :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

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(I'm keeping this up all year, on account of the actual date of his birth being a mystery. It actually was not likely in December, on account of the shepherds "watching over their flocks by night"