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Give Taylor some love · 5:18am Aug 6th, 2015

Recently it has come to my attention that there is a certain someone in our community that is badly hurting. I know that there are many who probably are but I think that few to none can compare to the struggles of HMXTaylorLee. Here is their post. I plead with you to go there and hear them out before you pass judgement. If it struck a cord with you as it did with me,

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Report Twisted Code · 206 views · #SOS #help #suicide
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Can I please get a list of all Canon Five Score Fimfics? I'm hoping you can help me out with the this.

1948338 Someone's keen to see his name up there :rainbowlaugh:

1947568 well of course I had to follow you. I've already edited a few of your chapters and I love your work, so why not? Speaking of which, you haven't credited me in A Nightmare Come to Life's description yet... the link to said story of yours is provided for your convenience.

Thanks for the follow!

My army grows :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Thanks for checking out my story, A Gentle Breeze of Change. It's a work in progress and still needs to be finished.

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(I'm keeping this up all year, on account of the actual date of his birth being a mystery. It actually was not likely in December, on account of the shepherds "watching over their flocks by night"

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