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There is only one real rule regarding changeling royalty: there must always be a queen. Twilight Sparkle is about to learn this through personal experience.

Originally written for an X Becomes a Changeling prompt almost three years ago.
Set after season three.

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Very nice. Please, continue.

Oh boy. This will be interesting. :D

I've seen this before.


Carry on.

EDIT: Never mind. Still, carry on.

Changeling Twilight? You had me at the title

Celestia and Luna, however, kept on their expressionless, diplomatic faces. “I see,” Celestia said. “Allow us time to deliberate. You may leave us.”

The changeling looked down at his bonds and looked back up at the alicorns, cocking his head in confusion.

“Oh. Right,” Celestia grinned with a modicum of sheepishness. “Force of habit; most petitioners are not chained… Well, remain there.” Rearing up, she lit her horn, forming a protective golden bubble around the three princesses for private discussion.

Flexible approach, Celestia. :ajbemused:

Twilight turned to Bruch. “You were right,” she said, almost as if in shock.

Bruch shrugged. “Veij voff.”

Twilight assumed he had agreed with her. “How many more are impersonating our guard?” she asked.

Bruch shook his head slowly and spread his hooves, indicating ignorance.

Twilight frowned. “Then we need a test. Something specific. Something that any changeling would react to.”

And as Bruch watched a slow smile spread across Twilight’s face, he had a sinking feeling that he was about to become a test subject, and a cold shiver ran up his back.

"then Twilight got an idea. an... AWFUL idea. Twilight got a wonderful, AWFUL idea."

I get the feeling that this is gonna be good! but perhaps not for Bruch!

There is only one real rule regarding changeling royalty: there must always be a queen.

Always two there are, a student and a master.

(S)he nodded before flaring again. Now there stood a lavender unicorn with two stripes in his purple mane.

:rainbowlaugh: I like this so far.

There is only one real rule regarding changeling royalty: there must always be a queen. Twilight Sparkle is about to learn this through personal experience.

Well you have my attention so far. :pinkiehappy:

I shall read further into this later. :twilightsmile:

I am not seeing what I signed up to see...please hurry and get to that part.

tossing in my opinion that matches everyone else's, you have my attention and I shall we watching for updates.

You finally uploaded it! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh no, Twilight's science-gland has been stimulated. :pinkiegasp:

Oh. This is a good first chapter. A little weird that Celestia is scared to approach a bound and magic sealed changeling to give paper but I still can't wait to see the next chapter.

That's actually the court recorder that's scared; Celestia just nudges the paper closer.
It's coming Monday!

It was quite the powerful snort.

Ok you got me there

Okay, Changelings get antsy around Ponies rutting...but wouldn't Cadance's magic be just as effective?
Also, Celestia really needs her own plot handed to her yesterday...this whole sudden unplanned leadership transfer thing is getting out of hand.

I just about died laughing at the changeling detector.

Shining Armor lay on his back, tongue lolling out of his mouth. Like his name, his body was shining; but that was only because he was covered in sweat and various other bodily fluids (at least, what part of him was visible under the blanket they had demanded for privacy purposes). Cadence had slightly better poise as she was sitting up as regally as she could; but this effort was ruined by the fact that she was having a little trouble keeping her body steady, her eyes seemed to be unfocused, and she was also soaked in various liquids with her sweaty mane resembling more a ruined pink haystack than anything else.

Shining caught sight of his sister and cocked his head.

:rainbowlaugh: Not that the entire thing wasn't hilarious, but dude, seriously? That's just awkward as all hell. I hope that's as far as the Sex tag in this goes.

this is shaping up to be a very good read, I look forward to more chapters.

That's just Celestia's style; she just throws Twilight at any problem. :trollestia:

You think reading it was awkward? I had to type that scene. :rainbowlaugh:
But yes. That's about it for the sex tag for this story. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad to hear it. Both of it. :trollestia: But yeah, this is a hilarious read so far. I'm going to be following this with great enthusiasm. I hope Bruch will feature again in the future. I really liked that whole "his mane" gag.

6823651 I swear, Hasbro we need an episode where Twilight nearly dies because of something Celestia does and Celestia goes on a rampage to try to fix everything and then Luna shows up and we have a lesson about true friends being willing to admit to that they blew the pooch so that they can become better people for their friends sake...because it's a lesson that just everyone needs to learn...including Screwlestia here.

Well this was... enlightening.

6823690 Well given the solicitation and the fact that this is based on the "x becomes a changeling," Twilight having her fundamental biological nature changed in a way that as far as Celestia knows is permanent and irreversible due to her machinations is pretty close to that.

Detection by SNU-SNU :coolphoto:
Twilight please. The mind is willing but the flesh is weak and spongy

6824126 Oh I know...I just want Hasbro to try and write an episode so they will admit to the thing we all already know.

Good luck Twilight! You probably won't have it, though.

6823254 That was creative... I did not see that one coming

Great story!

Here have a Twilight! :twilightsmile:

Twilight Sparkle: Were-Changeling!

What? She bit her; that's how it works, right? :pinkiecrazy:

Edit: I was a bit surprised how ruthless Twi was in the end, there. :pinkiegasp:

I wonder what she said at the end ?

“Whoa, look at that! You don't see architecture like this anymore.”

“See what?” Chrysalis asked.

“This gothic architecture. This is a huge pointed arch, and I mean huge. This is a perfect example of weight distribution at its finest. You know how long it took ponies to figure this out?”

Chrysalis chuckled. “Ponies? Oh, the arrogance! No, no; that was our doing.”


“Changelings invented this style,” Chrysalis said proudly, gently brushing a hoof against one of the supports. “You'd be surprised just how much of your modern architecture you ponies owe to us changelings. The pointed arch, and before that the corbeled arch, the Corinthian pillar style; all kinds of things, really.”


Both suddenly snapped out of their trance.

“Oh. Right,” Twilight remembered. “Mortal enemies and such.”

this was a nice comedic break in the chapter and fit very well. I enjoyed it.

So we're going with the bite infection. It's pretty 'meh' but oet's see how it goes. I just wonder if we get Twi to keep her colours and her hive to keep that colour scheme.

6836650 have to agree, could have been better but we'll see where this goes.

“Any last words?” Twilight asked, stepping closer to her defeated enemy.

“Just one,” Chrysalis whispered.

"It'd better be 'sorry'," Twilight murmured, taking a step closer.

Chrysalis coughed once more… before rearing out and jabbing her fangs into Twilight's foreleg. Twilight screamed and stumbled backwards, pressing another hoof to the site to stop the bleeding.

“Enjoy,” Chrysalis whispered through gritted teeth, her expression an unreadable mixture of pain and something else. She reverted to her natural changeling tongue as she spoke her last words, “Haneo hawait zerwha tsarmem,” before collapsing and gasping her last.

Twilight took a stumbling step backwards, her hoof still pressed against her injury. Her head swam, and black spots appeared in the corner of her vision. Her breath came faster, more ragged. Was a changeling bite venomous? It must have been; Twilight stumbled once more before her hooves suddenly refused to respond. She collapsed, falling on her face, and her whole world slowly faded to black.

That reminds me of a bit in The Swcret of NIMH. starting at about 1:11 and ending at aboooout... 1:50.

6836688 Ah, the fun thing about bites. Is that it can contain many things. it can be drug out. (my favorite) change the thoughts. Change the tastes. Colors. The very magic of their core. Their ... everything. Subtle. like an infection. it can be hidden. Changed. Colored over. Baahahahaha!

I'm not evil, I promise.

6836688 I personaly like the times when the infection happens by bathing somepony in the blood of the queen he just killed. It also provides evolutional justification for explosive changeling corpses.

just some food for thought, here

6836545 Twilight, when put on the line, is all business. See her battle against Tirek. She wasn't fighting to disable there, either.

The guard smiled before bursting into flame. His armor and the slime disappeared into thin air, and there stood Queen Chrysalis. “Not bad… for a maggot. You're smarter than I gave you credit for,” she hissed. “It seems Celestia's pet knows a few good tricks.”

“Or you're just losing your touch in your old age,” Twilight Sparkle suggested, fearlessly returning fire. “Don't worry about it. Going senile happens to almost everypony when they reach your age.”

Chrysalis's eyes narrowed to slits. “Big words from my next meal.”

“I must warn you, I'm probably going to give you indigestion,” Twilight said with a grin.

Now that was some grade-A cheesy heroic action movie banter right there. I love it.

“Oh. Right,” Twilight remembered. “Mortal enemies and such.”


Update! :pinkiesmile:

And now the transformation begins... if it's fast, then there'll be two unconscious changeling queens (well, one dead, one unconscious. Well, technically being dead means you're unconscious, too), and that could be resolved... not easily, but without risk of Shining Armor snapping Twilight's neck. If it's slow... then I do have to give Chrysalis at least a small amount of respect. She spent her last moment ensuring her people still had a queen (if it's fast, then you could view it as her trying to get Twilight killed along with her).

“This gothic architecture. This is a huge pointed arch, and I mean huge. This is a perfect example of weight distribution at its finest. You know how long it took ponies to figure this out?”

So of course, if you know how to ruin that weight distribution...

“My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle,” Twilight hissed, casting a purple shield over herself. She took a step backwards until she was up against the wall. “And I never miss.” With a grunt of effort, she shifted her weight and bucked the wall with all the earth pony magic she could muster, and all at once, the cavern collapsed.

"THAT'S how I use my Intelligence score in combat, DUMBASS!"

Not just the bite. The casting at the end there probably had more to do with the change than being bitten... any fluid transfer might have worked, if the circumstances had allowed for it.

OMG can't wait for the next chapter. Another great chapter:heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::heart:

6837444 So an infection with an activation incantation. Not much real diffrence.

It puts it a stage above being basically bug lycanthropy.

6837603 What makes evry queen (or it's my thoughts on this) a kind of lycantrop. Or rather an arachnitrop. What makes Changelings a deaseese rather than a race if you think abaut it.

6837199 Not so much the fighting to win part (though I imagine she was pretty sure Tirek could at least survive what she was dishing out), which is entirely understandable when someone's trying to vaporize you; but that she didn't seem inclined to try to render aid after she'd won. Then again, that's probably understandable after someone's been trying to vaporize you. :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight frowned. “Then we need a test. Something specific. Something that any changeling would react to.”

This can only end in Awesome and/or species reassignment.


“Haneo hawait zerwha tsarmem”

Let me guess... "Keep what you kill"? :pinkiecrazy:

That's definitely going into the book of non-magical methods to detect a ling!

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