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Tea or coffee?

Glad to see it looks fun! If you like fleshed-out OCs and worldbuilding, I'd definitely recommend it. Then again, I may be biased. :rainbowwild:

As for my GoodReads profile? Nothing just yet. I might get back to you once I put something up for my FimFic profile description, though.

1951613 No problem. :) Have to admit that I haven't actually read the fic yet (hence why I haven't reviewed it on Goodreads), but it sounds like a fun story so I hope to get to it someday. Goodreads only allows listings for completed fanfics but as soon as the sequel's done I'll get it listed too.

Oh, would you like me to fill out anything on your Goodreads author profile?

Thanks for adding Tastes Like Heresy to GoodReads. I know this happened back in March (when I last updated it), but I only just now noticed it was there. :derpytongue2:

My tardiness aside, I think this is pretty cool.


I am indeed. Hopefully infamous in a good way.

I must say, getting a notification from Fimfiction that "Vengeful Spirit is watching you" is mildly unsettling... :)


Habit, I guess. I spent a long time as a heavy Wikipedia editor and am used to quietly doing data entry grunt work like this off in the background. I'm not in it for the glory. :) I've been tagging the stories I've added with the "Stories in Goodreads" group, but I've fallen a bit behind on that since it's the least-easily-automated part of the task (I'm not experienced with web development so rigging up a script for this bit requires learning some stuff first.) I've got a backlog of about 150 that need to be group-tagged.

Got any requests for ones I should add listings for? I've generally focused on ones with high ratings, ones with high word counts, and ones that are parts of series that are already on Goodreads, but really the only criterion is that the story needs to be complete to have a listing there. I can also add information to your author profile on Goodreads if you like.

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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