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No more books. · 9:50pm Dec 7th, 2021

Well, it was a good run. Lulu just sent out a message stating that they will not allow fanfiction, in any form, to be sold through their site, even privately, and that they're shutting down my account there. As of now, every book is offline.

It's disappointing that they chose to go that way, but I suppose it's not surprising. At least we got a good couple of years out of it, and I hope anyone who was wanting to get a copy was able to do so.

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Damn you are my favourite author. Without a Hive and the Fallout one is brilliant.

Inflamed God bless! God loves you, now and forever.

1000 followers on the dot... Now that is satisfying.:pinkiehappy:

And with that said, I'm going to go reread the first story I've read on fimfiction, The Chrysalis.

consider yourself saved by the bell and my job
expect my antithesis soon friend

Oh, I certainly get that. I appreciate the fact that the whole premise is well thought out. And I understand why Nictis doesn't just go "Fuck this" and end up just keeping the name Meadow Song for themselves - technically, it is their name, it's as much a lie as all the people I know who call me Moth instead of the name that's on legal documents - But the doubt, guilt of what happened, and that sense of what is, from a logical standpoint in their own mind, the truth puts a stop to that.

Just, god damn, It gave me feels the whole way through, and then the last bit where Meadow was back, she was there for that moment in A New Way, it just hit really hard, haha. You've got skills, and I hope to catch any of your future projects, whatever they may be.

  • Viewing 77 - 81 of 81
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