The Changeling Research Group 340 members · 1,014 stories

This is a group dedicated to the study and science of changelings. Wanna talk to someone about how changeling society might function, physiology, biology, et cetera? Do you just like changelings?

This is the group for you.

Story Rules:
Submit any stories you find covering this topic, or changelings in general, into all appropriate folders —as in, if it has that tag. My primary job is to dig through every new member's stories and add them as is appropriate, but you can do it yourself. All stories must:

1. Be changeling related, have a changeling playing a lead or antagonistic role. It can be the main character's best friend, or the main character itself. Yes, Chrysalis and Queen OCs count as changelings.

2. Be of a Teen or Everyone content rating, or put into the Mature Folder. I mean it. If I see that blood red highlight around the letter M in the Main Folder, I will take it down without hesitation.

Forum Rules:
Pretty standard. No attacking each other, hating on other people's ships, or flame wars. Don't set out to provoke one another. We're all friends here. All new threads must be changeling related.
I'm serious. I have a ban button, which I shall use sparingly, and not without getting both sides of the story first, but it exists.

Now go out there, and do some science!

Founding Father (preferably Washington —but with less slave ownership): Me

Icon from here by the one known as siggie740, who gave me permission to use it.

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:twilightangry2: FINE! We're done for the day!

Its an unspoken rule. If headcanon applied here than there would be so many conflicting headcanons that it wouldn’t make sense. This group is for canon changelings. You can infer their life, physiology, etc but not rewrite them

That isn't part of the rules here. Everybody has their headcanon and you don't care what everyone has in their own fanfiction. Every alternate universe fanfictions are different from canon especially the characters and timeline.

No, they don’t. I don’t have my own headcanon. This group is for canon changelings. Not your head canon changelings

Don't argue with me. Everybody has their own 'headcanon'. You don't have to worry about it.

It’s your headcanon. Thus, your headcanon does not apply here. Create your own alien changeling group

I know, but this is my theory so don't worry about it.

This is a group about researching canon changelings, not your crazy insane alien things

You worry about your canon. I worry about mine.

Your head canon is not welcome here.

You see, I hate Queen Chrysalis, but the reason why I'm here is that I want to study Changeling biology, and my theory is that these Changelings are not native to Equestria, or on this world; they're aliens from another world.

Wow. My garbage story got added to group by someone who wasn't me? Your either kind or crazy, either way, Thanks!

411856 You are what you eat.

Changelings are love, changelings are life! :yay:

So-orry! I just remembered to ask! :twilightblush:

411730 Click your name on the top bar, lower your mouse to the groups section, and there will be a space for you to enter a new group title, as well as a list of every group you've joined. Though this is more a question for the Writers' Group or New Groups.

And how do I make my own group? I've struggled with this for ages! :applejackunsure:

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