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New Vore Story Coming Soon! · 10:24pm Mar 25th, 2017

Hey! If you liked Pre-Bacon, you probably like vore, right? Well, I have a new anthology, "Vore is Magic", which should be up soon! Currently, it only contains one story, but I have a lot of ideas I hope to get through!

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Yes, but not FIM Fiction things, right now.

Are you still writing?

Thank you for the fave; I hope you liked the jokes :pinkiehappy:

Glad to see that you enjoyed Coronation Pandemonium! Would love to hear what you thought!

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Stuff about the (my) Changeling language: Hasharbanu

Part One
Part Two
((What is posted below is a quick lexicon related to what has been said so far in my stories. Only read this if you are okay with ruining the aspect of "frustration" I have striven to induce in my readers!))
Amaa - my/mine/my own
Fazana - child
Ufazun - "O child"
Tabara/Tabuura - family
Matabara - One's own family
Tagarsharuti - Changelings who take on a disguise in order to replace someone
Samara - respectful "you" - usually reserved for one's Queen and father
Bay- - for
Watarsharuti - advisors
chakalrahu - hunting group
Sagim - Leader (title) (with implications of acting out a queen's will)
Sagama/Saguuma - leader
Kapish - abandoner/traitor/(of Changelings) scavenger (usually has negative connotation)
Nu- - of/as/for (with an "active"/"animate"/"voluntary" implication)
Ik- - (being) part of/acting for/acting as
Zun - no
Man - I (topic)
zan - not
taha - only
u - intransitive "dummy pronoun" used with a name
abradi - enslave/enslaved (verb)
barada - slave
ubrad - enslaved (adjective)
fuu - "so"/"and" (used to refute/contradict something previously said)
tan - you (topic)
jhii - what/(colloquial) "what do you mean"
ataa - your/yours/your own
Achaay - exclamation after making a mistake
ari - so/and/well/say if/oh my (used to transition what is being spoke about or indicate a sudden unrelated thought or question)
"Man zan Iksigima!" - I am no longer (acting as) a leader!
"Sagama taha u Krisalis AB!RA!DI!" - Those leaders still with Chrysalis are nothing but her SLAVES!