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Finishing the Arc + Hearth's Warming Story · 4:05am Dec 5th, 2018

So, good news people: I'm actually getting to work on finishing up the last chapter of the current arc of "In Somepony's Shadow". Happy Hearth's Warming Eve gift, I guess (heh). Overall, if I had to go back and redo this, and bit more experience writing fanfiction and not RPs, I'd be tempted to say the pacing could have been a lot better, more drawn out conflict. Admittedly a bit of bad habit I've picked up is I can imagine some good scenes but get a bit impatient at the actual build up needed

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Did you know that until I stepped in, it had been over a year since somepony commented on your profile page? No worries though, I fixed that. Still follow you on Tumblr. :pinkiehappy:

1319659 cool that's how got my name too. When I was 9 I watched the avengers All day everyday. Backt he. I though loki was a monster so when I made my Account on robloxs a few years ago lokimonster just stuck

1319639 If it's the game show "Whammy: Press Your Luck", yes, that's where I got it from ^_^....I really liked gameshows when I was a kid >_>. Used "Whammyman5" on Neopets when I was younger and just kind of adopted "Whammy" as a common username online.

I have to ask where did you get the user name? I watch a show where a mascot named whammy showed up and I was thinking of that when I saw your user name

Oh hey, it's that Whammy character!:raritywink:

I followed you in from tumblr, but you'll see I'm quite active here. Have a great day!

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