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Still Alive, and Good News · 3:20am March 23rd

So I mentioned in a comment on "In Somepony's Shadow", I'm a graduate student who is now currently in the dissertation and teaching phase of my PhD program. Basically, I'm sort of an academic now. As you can imagine, doesn't exactly leave me with much in the way of spare brain power to do things. But, I never quite forgot about the story, and since some of my few other outlets for doing pony stuff have started fading as others move on from it, I needed something for me to get my Trixie

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Did you know that until I stepped in, it had been over a year since somepony commented on your profile page? No worries though, I fixed that. Still follow you on Tumblr. :pinkiehappy:

1319659 cool that's how got my name too. When I was 9 I watched the avengers All day everyday. Backt he. I though loki was a monster so when I made my Account on robloxs a few years ago lokimonster just stuck

1319639 If it's the game show "Whammy: Press Your Luck", yes, that's where I got it from ^_^....I really liked gameshows when I was a kid >_>. Used "Whammyman5" on Neopets when I was younger and just kind of adopted "Whammy" as a common username online.

I have to ask where did you get the user name? I watch a show where a mascot named whammy showed up and I was thinking of that when I saw your user name

Oh hey, it's that Whammy character!:raritywink:

I followed you in from tumblr, but you'll see I'm quite active here. Have a great day!

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