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After the events of Boast Buster, Trixie finds herself fleeing from the town of Ponyville. Feelings of anger and revenge have long left her mind. Instead, only despair and sadness are left. Out on the roads of Equestria, however, she soon runs into an odd acting stallion with a hourglass cutie mark who strikes up a conversation against her will. She soon finds herself stuck with a companion who soon proves himself a thrill-seeking lunatic...and that he is the only pony who has a chance of helping her regain her lost confidence.

First Story of the "Time Turner's Adventures" 'verse.

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Author's Notes: Well, here it is, the beginnings of my first story here on fimfiction.net. All the events here were inspired by events on a roleplay forum I run, though parts of this story may or may not be. I would like to thank all my prereaders who helped with editing the story as well as Hasbro and BBC for creating MLP: FiM and Doctor Who for the inspiration for the story.

With that in mind, however, this is not a Doctor Whooves story. The Time Turner present in this story is a normal pony, born and raised in Equestria. He still retains a Doctor-like personality, but as time goes on I hope to differentiate himself from the Doctor into his own unique character. Still, there will be a Doctor Who like tone I hope, with adventure and mystery. It'll just be more towards the MLP side of the spectrum of your typical Doctor Whooves story, with sci-fi replaced with magic for example. Expect some references to Doctor Who however....like the last line of the story there :scootangel:

Anyway, enjoy the story. :twilightsmile:

good story, very good, definitely amusing to see a pony act like the Doctor who isnt the Doctor

1143234 Yes, very amusing XD. Like I said in my notes, this all started off an RP where we explicitly said Doctor Whooves couldn't be THE Doctor due to the troubles of all the Doctor Who stuff onto a MLP forum would bring. Besides, plenty of Doctor Whooves stories out there that are very well done. Having him just being another pony should prove interesting, especially once more dangerous situations arise. In those moments we'll be able to see the difference between Time Turner and Doctor Whooves...like the fact he won't have a sonic screwdriver to save himself with :pinkiegasp:

1143359 I think you can even say it's absolutely....FANTASTIC!....Sorry, I just like the Ninth Doctor a lot, especially that catchphrase of his :pinkiehappy:

The fourth doctor is my favorite, "Would you like a jelly baby?":moustache:

this well crafted story came from an RP? wow, one heck of an RP

1143742 Well the thread it came from is a little rougher than this...and I played both people in it...XD. But yes, the inspiration for this and possibly other events in the story may come from other events on the RP.

And thank you for the "well crafted" statement :twilightsheepish:

you deserved it, this is an excellent story, plus all the Doctor Who/Whooves references make me grin and laugh

I don't care if he's not the doctor I'm still giving him a British accent (and you cant stop me MWHAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh:). Besides that I'm liking this story keep it up.


1147313 Well that's perfectly all right cause even though he's not the Doctor I still imagine him having a British accent of sorts :rainbowlaugh:

And here we begin the first major arc of the storyline. I considered adding it as a new story but figured I'd just do it as a series of chapters instead. So, for our first grand adventure we end up in the city of Canterlot:

:trixieshiftleft: I was promised something more exciting

Quiet Trixie.

...why are there no Time Turner smilies? Anyway, so we got ourselves a mysterious new cellist, a missing Octavia, oddly acting Fancy Pants, Fleur, and Time Turner (okay he might not be acting that oddly), and a suspicious Trixie. I'm expecting this whole arc to take about 3-4 chapters depending on the chapter lengths and what muse comes my way.

Looks like an interesting tale is about to form. I look forward to reading.

hypnotism!! That cheap bastard, that should have been octavia's performance!:twilightangry2: I'll kill that unicorn, after I say how nicely you've written this.:twilightsmile:

1161909 First off yes, thank you for saying how nicely this is. Second, what hypnotism? That's the best you can think of? Oh I'm sure there are plenty of other possible explanations for it ^_^. Or hey, maybe the guy really is that good and Fancy Pants and them just get real sleepy real fast :rainbowlaugh:

This stills looks like I'm reading a Doctor Whooves story but oh well the show must go on keep it up.

1166135 What I meant by the "not a Doctor Whooves story" was that Time Turner is not the Doctor. This means no Doctor Who elements like the TARDIS, Daleks, sonic screwdrivers, etc. will be present. All threats will be more Equestrian in nature, with magic sort of replacing technology when needed. It also means Time Turner, not having experienced things such as the Great Time War, will be more optimistic, a little more naive, and lacking that emotional baggage the Doctor has.

He said fantastic.

I don't care if he's not the doctor, THIS IS TRACKED!!

1193846 Two things:
1) I love your Trixie icon (and again, sad no happy Trixie icon :trixieshiftleft:)
2) Ninth Doctor is best Doctor *nods*

Well, here's a brief transition chapter to get things set up for the next chapter ^_^. Please note that there was some editing to Chapter 2 that gave Fleur some lines of conversation to get her involved more in the story. I felt bad having her just stand there like an accessory, especially since I got some brilliant ideas about....oh, what am I doing,almost giving you all spoilers :twilightblush:

:trixieshiftleft: That's his way of saying he is just making this up as he goes

Quiet Trixie. I have plans!...they're just flexible.

Don't let Trixie tell you what to do, flexible plans are the best kind of plans!

Anyhow, overall a nice chapter, left me craving for more, as per usual. Keep up the good work!
Random comment is random. I'll give you a moustache because I can. :moustache:

Almost giving spoilers whammy? What would River Song say?

1219598 I don't know, "Hello sweetie"?

Okay, so this is more of another transitional chapter before getting to the finale of the arc. But trust me, I had very good reasons for the interlude there with Mr. Lord Clock Keeper. However, I have been informed by Future Twilight From Next Tuesday to not say anything except "Spoilers."

So, uhm, here's a mustache to keep you happy: :moustache:


Spoilers, darling. Spoilers.

Never want to reveal the surprise too soon. I don't know if I've commented on either of the previous three chapters yet, but I have to say I'm enjoying this story quite a bit. And this Mezza Voce makes for a pretty decent villain. Using magic-infused-soundwaves to enchant people, somehow trapping the effects within his music albums, and plotting, supposedly, to take over the entirety of Canterlot's elite through the power of ROCK!

...wait, no, danged Vinyl! W U HAVE SUCH AWESOME RADIO PROGRAM?!

Anywho, this is bound to be an exciting finish to this first arch. It'd be funny and cool if either Octavia or Vinyl (or both) decided to tag along. Though to be fair, Time Turner/The Doctor never did have more than a few select companions at any one given time.

Sooo, Onwards and Forwards!

1252306 Well, not to hard to spoil what's going to happen ahead cause many times I'm not sure what's going to happen XD. Pretty much nothing is set in stone till I write it down and publish it here. Even then, I have modified a chapter before... But I can say that unfortunately Octavia and Vinyl will not be tagging along after this arc. I'll admit, I have trouble writing stuff for them even now...more Vinyl than Octavia. Don't know why really *shrug* But yeah, there are currently no plans to include other companions for the duration of Trixie's time with Time Turner.

Thank you for liking the story though ^_^.

Is this the guy your using for Clock Keeper, if it is you should know that in the Doctor Who universe he is a villain known as The Master.

1273085 Yep, that's the guy. And all I can say is this: :scootangel:

I assume this is the finale of this little adventure and not the story as a whole, right?

1324598 Oh yes, the finale of just this little arc, not the story as a whole. I should have made that clear. Actually, there should be an epilogue and some sneak previews of the next arc and a special Halloween story this week :twilightsmile:


Yay! I look forward to it. It's a silly little story for me, but I do enjoy it. I anxious to see what crazy adventures you've got in store.

You need to give Mr Turner more badass moments. Right now he feels like plucky comic relief.

1327008 I'll be honest, that is my biggest concern right now. I almost gave him a bigger role in this chapter and maybe I should have. However, due keep in mind that since he isn't the Doctor, he doesn't have the same experience or skills (or a sonic screwdriver) so he's not as well equipped for battling evil. Plus, in this case he just happened to have run into the wrong kind of enemy to deal with. My plans for the next few arcs will bring him enemies he is more capable of handling...or at least won't knock him out.

Author's Notes:
Oooooh, lots of goodies going on here. We get an epilogue that shows the aftermath of the Violino battle, Fancy Pants gets some loving from Fleur while also giving a moral superiority speech to Violino, Trixie and Time Turner get a place to spend the night...and we get ourselves set up for the next arc of the story everyone! And of course a little bit of a sneak peak into Time Turner's past too in a special "post preview" clip.

:trixieshiftright: Whammy almost forgot about the note and so had to throw that in at the last minute.

Quiet Trixie, always revealing my little missteps :twilightsheepish: . Anyway, I do have a few things I need to give some credit for:

* The name "Sleight O'Hooves" was given to me by the person who plays Soarin' on my RP Forum. So thank you for giving me a non-sucky original character name.

* To Doctor Whooves: The Series by Loyal2Luna for inspiring the format of the preview section as well as being one of the fic series that helped inspire this series over all.

*To another RPer from my site, who plays Octavia and Thunderlane, and also writes fanfiction here on FiMFiction, MaxKodan, who has had to deal with my nagging about the quality of this fic as well as helping to brainstorm what is to become the next arc of the series.

So then, I believe that covers everything ^_^. Except my failure to post up a preview for the fic I plan to write starring these two for Halloween. Uhm...I guess I can get my entire point across though with just one little word:


I enjoyed this story and cant wait to read the next episode. I wonder what The Master(that's what I'm calling Clock Keeper) is gonna do?:trixieshiftright:



Buddy, the Doctor does not need a sonic screwdriver or psychic paper to fight evil. He did just fine without them for eight incarnations. Other than that nitpick, proceed.

1329559 I would prefer you not since I am treating him as an OC, one who apparently I accidentally have channeled some Moriarty through according to my friend MaxKodan mentioned in the Author's Comments XD.

1330019 Well I was kind of joking about the screwdriver...but like I said, future chapters should have him being a little more proactive in his actions. Still, Time Turner =/= Doctor in this story so expecting him to be able to live up to a name like "The Oncoming Storm" might be expecting a little too much from him. But yeah, I'll try and ensure he isn't just a bumbling fool.

Author's Notes: And here we go, the second major arc of the story ^_^. Going for a little more drama, creating a backstory for Trixie of some sorts. I'm a little afraid I might be pushing the sad, depressed Trixie line a little to much, but it should lighten up a little more once things get going. By the end of the arc at least she will have her mental insecurities dealt with, mostly.

...and no comment from Trixie this time huzzah.

Anyway, next chapter should be a special treat; we're going to have a bit of a break from Trixie's point of view and spend some time in Time Turner's head. So next chapter is gonna be from his third-person limited Point of View :twilightsmile:

If something blows up, I humbly request for Time Turner to imitate the Dr Who Serial of a similar name. It'll be a perfect badass moment.

1401554 I...did not know there was a Doctor Who serial of a similar name XD...about circuses...craaaaaaaaap XD. Well, guess I should take a look at it. Maybe it'll give me some ideas.

1401649 Yeah, I looked it up already and plan on watching it. The coincidence though is quite funny in my mind :twilightblush:

I am silently rooting for an Ace appearance. That or some Nitro 9.

1402230 Yes, well, as this is series doesn't have Time Turner as the Doctor, there would not be Ace or anything like that. Sorry =P. On the bright side, watching the serial and it's giving me some ideas for things to add. Like creepy clown minions. Cause clowns make everything better!

:fluttercry: <---Fluttershy disagrees with me it seems.

I have a suggestion; why not put story arcs in the same chapter, condense the number of chapters? You could still do the parts, but then put them all in a single chapter, with intermissions breaking them up?

1402580 I break it up into parts like that two reasons:
1) Having a weekly goal of "I need to get another chapter up this week" helps fight my tendency to procrastinate.
2) Breaking it up into parts and just releasing it part by part makes it easier on me; makes the task less daunting by focusing on a smaller amount at once.

Not bad chapter really feel sorry for Trixie. quick question, how many chapters before the romance tag shows up hmm?:trixieshiftright:

1411236 I'm really not sure if I'll go the route of romance on this; I might just stick with it being a platonic relationship. You know, friendship and what not.


Repeat after me,

Shipppers *shakes head*

Also, Trixie reminds me of Donna.

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