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a guy who doesn't read fan fiction, but is more than happy to write them... for some reason...


so... those breezies... · 7:03pm Mar 1st, 2014

i... may have to write another fanfiction, since i've been considering expanding on Flint Heart (she's in the second sepia tock somewhere) since i first came up with her name. i never really got anywhere with the concept because, despite chrysalis being a good substitute for the elf queen (in my opinion anyways), there was still one major element missing.

but then the breezies turned out to be bleedin' feegles.

dangit, now i feel like i have to write this.

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Hi Canvas! How are you? :pinkiehappy: No comments here in a while.

Comment posted by Obsidian Raindrop deleted Feb 11th, 2013

i honestly don't care if i'm given recognition. i hope to make a living from writing, and i'd rather be known for my own material (and get paid for it).

mostly, i just want some normal interpretations of doctor whoof floating around. i love both shows, and i love the idea of doctor whoof, but it shouldn't be the only characterization.

You deserve way more recognition than you have. The Sepia Tock stories are great!

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