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Sepia Tock, Ponyville's clockmaker, is a little antisocial. A certain pony with a Blue Box aims to fix that.

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That was interesting.

#2 · Dec 25th, 2011 · · ·

Oh lookie. :D A mind screw. I was wondering when another one of those would stumble across my path. .... Love it! :D

Not bad, there. it got a bit confusing at the end, though. Whooves is future Sepia?

87610 Or future Sepia simply acted as the Doctor to get the point across to his present self. It's a possibility, but I'll leave it for the author to clarify one way or another... or not. :derpytongue2:

Loved it!

How far in the future was future-Sepia coming from?

he's from *cough hack wheeze* time periods in the future.
i don't know, does it really matter?


Well, I was mostly wondering whether it was before or after Sepia got "the missus and the kids".

well, in that case, my guess would be either 'before' or 'shortly after gaining a missus'.
though, to be fair, i don't really consider wingless pegasus to be part of the sepia tock series, it's merely a weird idea i had and wanted to get down.


Oh. I was rather hoping that Wingless Pegasus was canonical, mostly because it shows that the Hearth Warming Carol lessons that future-Sepia was trying to get through actually worked, and apparently worked quite well.

XD nice. I like how genre-savvy Sepia is.

Comment posted by Page Turner deleted Dec 18th, 2012

I'm starting to think Dr. Whooves is somehow Sepia Tock from this created somehow and he's gone back in time to make sure he continues to exist or something whacked up like that.

Sepia is now past whooves. :twilightoops:

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