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Captain Scrappie

This shit is so pretentious I got a fucking film school degree.


I lived, Bitch. · 5:31pm May 23rd, 2018

I know no one cares about me but new story soon.


My Latest Piles of Words/INSANITY

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1479177 I was just saying so that everyone knows he's not dead, just on hiatus. Not sure about his story though. As I've learned myself in the past, if you leave a story too long without updating, you lose interest. So the story could be dead, but let's hope not.

Oh I know, just making a little joke.

1473238 He's having a difficult time with life at the moment, most of us have been there. He needs to work things out himself, he will be back eventually. We shouldn't worry about that, wish him luck and wait patiently.

He might be dead, it's to early to tell.

Hi Captain! :pinkiehappy: How are you?

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