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This shit is so pretentious I got a fucking film school degree.


Rainbow coloured gas plunged the world into chaos, those touched by it had themselves turned into ponies and had the compulsion to hug those who were human, transmitting this pony virus, and effectively tearing North America apart. Celestia was hailed as a hero to pony kind when this happened, bringing peace and prosperity, bringing order to chaos. However her rule over New Equestria made it so that the truth behind these events would stay hidden. A lone reporter from the United Kingdom has traveled to the No Mans Land between what remains of Canada and New Equestria, to report on what happened fifteen years after the fact. The hunt for answers brings her to Northern Ontario Canada, where she meets someone who was thought missing and another who was thought dead.

Her hunt for the truth begins now, within journals and her experiences with the two in No Mans Land, she will find what truly made the world what it is, for better or for worse.

The truth must be revealed.

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so....this is a conversion bureau story or something other than that u have a follower

Nice story, hope to see more of it soon. Let me know if you need help editing or anything else.

interesting to see where this goes =o

You've caught my attention.

i hope this story doesn't end there...

pretty sure it was tuesday

"So I was on my way to get my doughnuts and fried chicken, saw the rainbow gas in the sky, and a sign that said ' Evactuation'...

"Evactation? F*ck, I ALREADY DID MY TAXES!"

*Loads a snicker bar into an M1911* Runs to front door.

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