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Applejack unearths a large prehistoric metal machine, unlike she's ever seen, the long protruding snout and dense body definitely intimadating. She doesn't know what this thing is, except for the word writen across the side. Churchill.

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Huh, ponies discovering an old bit of Terran flotsam. This could be interesting.

Could use some polish, but I like the idea!

Was written at like, 3:30 in the morning, so I'll definitely be polishing it

Admittedly, I was hoping for an actual Panzer, but a Sherman works all the same.

I choose a Churchill because it was the tank most people would likely know, sorry

Churchill =/= Sherman.

You sure? Because the mini-description referred to it as a British Sherman.

This seems quite good, the ponies should have an interesting reaction to such a big war

Well, either way, it would have been easier for me to write the journal story in English than German or Russian

The Sherman shown there is the 75mm version, right?

Americans spoke English, but kudos for picking a little-known design.

Well, then who cares, it's a lesser known tank, that means... absolutely nothing...

Most writers go for the ones you see in the movies, like Shermans.

Yeah, see, I'm not like most writers... as I don't watch movies... I just chose the Churchill cause I thought it was more well known, and because I have a small model Churchill that I got from a family member...

Nice! I've got most of the British tank designs represented in 1:72 form, including a Valentine I scratchbuilt.

But atleast didn't write about a bob semple

Cool, I'm not the biggest collector of tanks, as I mostly collect old Diecast Cars, but the tank was a gift from my great grandfather, who was a huge tank memorbilia collector

Yeah. I know a guy who has a real Sherman.

It was a tank designed by New Zealand... long story short, it was an armored tractor... It was corrugated iron on a tractor hull

I think I've seen video of that.

Again, love the way you’re taking this! Glad to see you included postcards with the classic soldier captions. Too bad the crew didn’t see the end of the war

Maybe they did, we don't know their story yet

Fair, I’m just assuming at this point

Sweet, I can't wait to see what happens next, I would just LOVE to know how a WW2 Tank ended up in Equestria in the first place with one of it's crew's skeleton too.

So the most challenging part of this story so far is describing the interior of the Churchill, because it's very cramped for a human, but ponies are most likely smaller than us, so describing it through their eyes

*sees the title*

🎤Death in the shape of a Panzer Batallion!
Insect of terror, don't run, face your fate like a man!

🎤Panzers on Russian soil a thunder in the East!
One million men at war, the Soviet wrath unleashed!

Since most people would've called it a "cowboy hat", I like how you called AJ's hat by its proper designation (the"Stetson" hat). Very nice touch.

Huh, unless my memory has completely failed me, this is a somewhat different WW2. Interesting.

Kosaken hej hej hej hebt die Gläser (hej hej)
Natascha ha ha ha du bist schön (ha ha)
Towarisch hej hej hej auf das Leben (hej hej)
Auf Dein Wohl Bruder hej Bruder ho (hej)

Why did you cancel this is a good story?

Poland would be scared if they saw Germanany singing about Russia

Just passing by to say, you’re doing a great job with this story, keep it up man!!! 👍👍👍

It doesn't look canceled to me...

Ooooohhhh… good, because I agree that it's a good story.

Huh, this is definitely turning into a mystery, the mind boggles at these twists in history.

It reminds me of Fatherland 1999 where Germany won but needed America to help fight the war in Russia which was still going. Although I wonder which german tank he has I would assume a Tiger or Tiger Royal but not enough detail to go on.

Never even heard of Fatherland 1994, but I might go watch it

Its a film about a german in an alternate timeline where noone knows of the Holocaust and they search for rumors of the jewish death camps after seeing a jew drowned in a river and the Gestapo is hot on their heels

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