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A long time ago, in a chat room far, far way, three less-than-sane members of society got together to share a few laughs and discuss ponies.

This idea became something more: the Mentally Deficient Authors.

We're a group that really just likes to kick back and crack jokes, talk about fanfiction, make horrible pop culture references, and discuss philosophical conundrums in the comfortable glow of our computer screen. Our members may not be at their sanest, but we're loyal and headstrong.

If you're wondering 'what can this group do for me,' we have a fairly active forum with all sorts of crazy threads, and members who will edit and preread for you if you're too lazy to try to find one yourself! Everyone is accepted as well, so long as you are somewhat less than sane, and carry yourself with a modicum of respect.

So what's stopping you? I'll tell you what: absolutely bugger-all. Now come on in and join! Sit by our metaphorical campfire, crack open a cool drink, and join the discussions. Welcome to the MDA; leave your sanity at the door.

Please rise for the group anthem. Or don't. I know I'm not standing up.

Our Mascot.

"I've kept them innocent from me... hey, it's not like I go around raping ponies or something."
~Dawnforge, Master of Rants; Consumer of Sugar-free Souls MDA Co-Founder.

"I have decided that scootaloo should be getting a blowjob while driving."
-Starlitomega, just some guy.

Try not to die!

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I have a new story.

EBrønd Hesteånd
Fluttershy discovers a creepy horror within the Everfree, and promptly decides to adopt it...
Jinxed · 8.5k words  ·  53  1 · 1.5k views

If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
Rainb0w Dashie · 30k words  ·  43  7 · 1.3k views

I spotted this group and decided to take a little gander.
I am not disappointed

On the one hand, I'd describe myself as being mildly eccentric (courtesy of my HFA). On the other hand, I also display symptoms of malignant narcissism and sociopathy, I have a mind-control/possession/mind-rape fetish, I frequently pick the skin of my feet and eat it, I also pick my nose and eat the boogers, and I occasionally practice black magic spells (guess what they are for) so in other words, count me in.

BTW, when I first heard of this group, I thought it was referring to people that are dull as heck. But after reading the description, especially the "to kick back and crack jokes, talk about fanfiction, make horrible pop culture references, and discuss philosophical conundrums in the comfortable glow of our computer screen" part, something tells me that by mentally deficient, you mean unstable (although, as I said before, I'm just mildly eccentric).

PS: Catchy anthem :twilightsmile:

I have entirely lost my sanity and I've lost a lot of other things as well. My soul, my purity, and my English notebook.

When I first clicked on a link to this page, I had no cancer. 0 cancer.

Then I clicked on it. Now I have all the cancer,

Well i'm an utter Narcissistic, High-Functioning Sociopath, Megalomaniac, With a healthy case of Egocentricity, Paranoia, Cynicism and Nihilism and a Messiah Complex, Do i qualify?

I question my existence and my writing skill every 0.5 seconds. There's also a voice in my head that says to kill everyone, and sometimes I write stab when I type a sentence.
Oh, and I have a numerous amount of diseases, which in turn has led to many mental conditions. Such as, I might be insane, I might be fucking insane, and I might be a serial murderer, but I don't know about it.

oh and sometimes i write crackfics that are extremely meta.

Comment posted by Tide Hunter deleted Oct 27th, 2018

fellow Brony's
Sir Well's and Ill Borne

I will chuck this group a look.

This group looks interesting so I'll join. The Rainbow Dash in the banner looks like something I would draw.


The Anthem won me over.


Your theme song sold me. I'm in.

Have a dumbfic written by me.

cant help but why do i feel attracted to the Mascot

ok I just join and hope when can be great web friends when im happy I does this

Well, that anthem and yer mascot sold it for me. Here's ta living dangerously on the line between genius and insanity, y'all! :pinkiecrazy:

I'm mentally challenged and a bright yellow citrus fruit.
Y'all better be ready.

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