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Wassup bois? I'm Fimfiction's resident psycho and lover of Stellaris. Hit me up for anything!

Hi. This is me and my closest secrets.

One: I may or may not be pan. IDFK.
Two: I have a soft spot for stupid comedy, like Piemations' stuff.
Three: I chopped the tip of my finger off dicing onions. Grew back, but it hurt like hell.
Four: I have Asperger's Syndrome. Google it.
Five: I've always harbored an absolute hatred for the color orange. Don't know why.
Extra required best pone decision: Twilight. Easy.

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Thanks for kindly adding ‘A Tender Touch Of Snow’ to your faves and commenting.
It means a lot that you read this story, have a great New Year.

All good things,

Comment posted by un106ble deleted Sep 6th, 2018
Comment posted by un106ble deleted Sep 6th, 2018
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