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Hope you all enjoy! It's an amazing project that Dusky has been working relentlessly on, and I'm happy to have been a part of this beautiful production. Of course, feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Dusky deserves whatever good comes to him from this story, and I'm more proud of him than can be imagined. All of his late nights and early mornings, diminished hopes and reignited fires have all contributed to this work of art. So, without further ado, enjoy! :moustache:

Faints from both nosebleed as well as blood rushing to fast to a major boner. "Hot damn this was good! Please keep it up. I need chapter two already!"

Thanks Belle :D next chapter arrives 23rd Dec.

I only skimmed this, but what I saw looks promising. Just one quibble on the archaic English, though. "Thy/Thine" is the correct second-person possessive form, so in this sentence:

”Thou does know we are but a shout away from calling all thy guard to this room if thou does not announce thou intentions, stranger,”

The last "thou" should be "thine."

Thanks for the hot tip! I’ll correct it.... nnnnnnow!
No, wait... Now!
... Now!

Hot damn this was hot! Is it bad that I always saw Cadence like this? Nah. Keep up the beautiful epic work! Can hardly wait to see the rest of this story!

Thanks Belle! Glad you enjoyed this chapter! It was fun to write Cadence x Sunburst

“ Sunshine, Sunshine, Ladybugs awake! Stomp y -“

It's "Clap your hooves", not stomp.

Yeah yeah yeah, I fixed it...
*Mumble grumble* thanks for pointing it out...

Blushes. Awe I made it into the story! I am so honored! Keep up the great writing Dusky!

I’ll only stop when good people like you stop reading :3 <3 thanks Belle!

Ah, I see my Nickname snuck it's way into the Manehattan letter. Never knew I was in the Class

You certainly are now :3 :P

Why is Cadance betraying her husband?

It's all explained in chapter four :)

Comment posted by Redlord321 deleted Dec 28th, 2018

Nah too much pesdo adultery and incest for my taste.

Okay, thanks for your feedback, I’ll take it on board for the future.
All good things,

Decent piece of pr0n. Added to the read-on-a-rainy-day folder.

Comment posted by DragonPony deleted Dec 28th, 2018

This was great and I think Spike is a great fit for this story. I think that Twi isn't giving the REAL Spike enough credit honestly. She HAS to remember the age gap between them isn't that big. He just need a reason to grow. She can give him that reason. I really REALLY hope we get a moment of her confessing her feelings to him and him returning them. I think if they were intimate he would grow to be a match for his mate. I can see it being epic and even more so if he brought Moondancer in as well. Spike having both of the cutest nerd ponies in the series with him lol.

OH MY CELESTIA! THIS WAS SO BLOODY HOT> BLOODY WELL DONE MATE! Keep up the epic work! 3000 out of 10!

I couldn't find the adultery as it felt more like roleplay.

So was this Spike’s consiousnes or was this simply what Twilight percieves him to be based on her memories and interactions with him? If its the latter, that’s kind lf dangerous territory for Twilight to be wandering into declaring her love for a fake instead of just using the clones as wank material like Cadence does. Fake Spike’s gonna be gone by next chapter but I’m guessing Twilight’s feelings won’t. She could try the clones again but it still won’t be the real thing. Thus, she has her romantic clones and the real Spike, oblivious to this whole thing, growing up in his own way and maybe not in the exact same mold as Twilight sees him doing as she expresses in her clones. Of course, she could try grooming him to see more in her than he does now and to be romantically attracted to her but that would open a door to even more issues (and its kinda creepy).

Wow. I really went on rambling about a clop chapter. Sorry. :pinkiesad2: I guess it was good overall but this chapter seemed like it really deviated from the main story. I think I see maybe where you want be going with the last chapter but l thought you could have done a little more foreshadowing than the last line of the chapter. This felt like more of a standalone clop chapter than integral part of the story. Not a bad chapter, mind you, just a little detatched from the others.

These are some excellent points and while I had thought of a few of these there’s others that had passed me by. I do think this could set Twilight in dangerous territory in the future with her relationship with Spike, and she will need to learn a few hardships of her own. It’s pretty irresponsible of Cadence but that was done consciously, I do not believe ponies like people are always top of their field and she must have made blunders with love to get where she is today. Hopefully I didn’t take her too far out of character.
It’s cool that something I wrote put so many thoughts and feelings in your head though. I mightt have done this partly for people to get off to but I also like my writing to make people think and wonder and guess what will happen next. Thank you for enjoying it, thinking about it and having the time and effort to tell me whst you thought. It’s appreciated, that’s why I’m watching you :3 thanks again,
All good things,

This was a enjoyable read for sure. I would honestly really love to see a follow up story with Spike and Twilight. Maybe jump a few years where Spike is a teenager and he start to develop feelings for Twilight. And thy must come to terms with their feelings as well as how a princess and a dragon being together could change things with their friends and all of Equestria

OH MY CELESTIA! This was such a great story. It had me smiling the whole way through! Keep writing the Gospel there Dusky!

Will there be a sequel about twilight and spike?

I’m glad you enjoyed the story! I’ve had and heard some interesting ideas from you guys about how a future story regarding Spike x Twilight, if I get enough interest in the idea then I’ll look into it.
Thank you again!
All good things,

Thanks for supporting this tale from start to finish, Belle :D I’m glad you enjoyed it, hope there’s more stories to come that will whet your appetite.
All good things,

If I get enough interest for the idea then yes, a Twilight x Spike fic will come along as a sequel.
Thank you for your question and favouriting,
All good things,

Wow, this is precious. The story got me hooked, I took my time reading because its one of those stories that you must read slowly in order to truly enjoy. Heck, I was even working, yet reading this. Such a piece of fine art. Truly wonderful. I am also aboard the train for Twilight x Spike. Sounds very promising.
Once more, great work. Keep it up.
Thank you for this.

Really kind comments, thank you!

My next decision will be to do a quick clopshot off the back of this regarding one of the ponies who missed out on some of the fun...


All good things,

He was not corrected in his belief, as at that moment hooves scuffed down the stairs and into the library. Carried by them was the most despondent lilac-purple princess there had ever been. Although she had stopped crying, her cheeks still carried the residue lines of her tears, her mane was slightly bedraggled and her eyes were cast to the floor. She tried to say something, but her voice did not cooperate with her.

Residual lines not residue

Thanks for that spot, will correct

If ever there was a story to touch my heart in a way few ever have... if ever there was a story to leave me experiencing a contemplative thoughtfulness that has left me lingering on the subject for days, perhaps even weeks... if ever there was a story to leave the resounding impact of the emotions of joy, sorrow, laughter, melancholy, and most importantly of all, love...

...It was this story.

Well done, Scara--this is a masterpiece. And don't you ever forget it.

Holy hell mate bloody good story :D a good read and story

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