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Pip is done so now what · 3:50pm Nov 11th, 2018

Ok people. As I said, I am moving on from Pip's and Succubus' adventures so I can do other things. First of all, I'll be working on my next story for the Clocktower Society. I'll also finally get to do my Spike, Ember, and Sweetie srory.

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I thought about an against the fall, but other than being the occional guilty pleasure I have no real interest in it

Read a few of your stories ever thought a about doing a fall of Equestria story?

No idea. You might have better luck asking Very Sleepy or Onewithoutaname.

Alright is it ok for you to tell me when you are to make the story

Maybe, but like I said I'm backed up with what I'm doing right now

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