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Attention All Writers!

Want to Write for Clocktower Society?
You are very welcome to. The only requirement is that you abide by the Society's standards of safe, sane and consensual kink. The rest is up to you! There is no canon, which means you are not bound by what anyone else has written, even my works. Safe, sane consensuality is all that matters.

Joining the CTS Writer's Network
If you're keen to get all the benefits of being part of the Society's writer's network including blog post announcements to CTS readers announcing your work across Fimfiction, the CTS tumblr and Derpibooru, as well as personalized cover art and possibly insert art by yours truly, all you have to do is contact me or come find us on the CTS Community Discord Server. Your story will have to pass editing and proofreading checks and may have to undergo more work, but we'll certainly do our best to help you get it ready for a full CTS network release!

Disclaimer: While we will never reject personal publications, we reserve the right to reject applications to the Society's Writer's Network. The only real reason we'd ever reject a story is if the story violates the safe, sane and consensual policy of CTS or is of unreadable quality.

Welcome to the Clocktower Collection

What is the Clocktower Society?
The Society is a community of kink enthusiasts with an interest in domination and submission with emphasis on safe, sane and consensual practice.

Getting Started
Looking to get started in the Clocktower Society universe? Look no further! Welcome to your one-stop-shop for the Clocktower Society in all its kinky glory!

To best enjoy Clocktower Society, it is highly recommended that you start with the main story and its lore chapters that will help you discover the Society and its inner workings through the eyes of Twilight Sparkle herself.

The Clocktower Collection
The Clocktower Society is host to an entire living breathing universe built together by its many wonderful authors. Simply click on one to begin your journey of discovery. Happy reading!

Clocktower Serials

The Songbird Legends by Wendy Crescent

The Hunter Odyssey by Brony-Wan-Kenobi

The Luna Saga by Seraphem

The Tempest Series by Shrinky Frod

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Hey there. Haven't seen you post in a while. Hope all is well.

You put Blossomforth in a clopfic? I can see us two will get along well.

Thanks for the follow!

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