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Writer of kinky horse words, and less kinky comments that can be longer than some entire fics.

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You ever see The Handmaiden?

8217455 No I have not.

1800 words to describe one blowjob (with foreplay) ... clearly we have a lot to learn. :rainbowlaugh:

Luna’s demonstration was most...educational. I shall study her teachings in depth.

One does not need to be able to identify the species of the Master you are serving simply by smell or taste alone to give worship to your own master’s cock.

Really?! After all my time spent studying this, you’re telling me it was for nothing?! Gee, thanks, teach.

“Remember, this is about worshipping your Master’s cock, praising it, needing it. Not merely tending to it, nor simply being a good sub and getting him off. Cock worship is about more than simply being able to orally pleasure your master, more than simply tending to his physical needs. It is about showing him how much you crave doing so. It is about having a deep, burning need within you, one which can only be sated with the taste, the feel of your master’s stallionhood within your mouth. His cock should be the most important thing in existence to you, nothing else mattering.”

Teach, I think that thing’s big enough without you stroking its ego further.

She lowered her head again, resting her cheek gently on the side of her master’s cock. Letting out a small cry of joy as she felt the burning warmth of his flesh against her body, she gently nuzzled against it, her eyes closed in pure bliss as she maneuvered around the throbbing, potent staff.

Oh yes, teach me, teach me more! Teach me everything!


Really?! After all my time spent studying this, you’re telling me it was for nothing?! Gee, thanks, teach.

“Neigh, it is quite the feat and can prove must useful for taking your ability to it’s limit. So it was not for naught. But neither must one be quite that skilled to properly tend to your Master.”

Teach, I think that thing’s big enough without you stroking its ego further.

“Your Master’s shaft can never be to big. If it appears so, then simply call on the aid of your friends to assist you in pleasing him.”

Oh yes, teach me, teach me more! Teach me everything!

“Then pay attention my eager little pony. For there shall be more lessons to follow.”

:twilightsmile: Glad you liked it.

Nearly every hoof shoot up into the air.

Hahaha, that lucky horndog.

This was a great story, I hope you get featured.:heart:

Thanks Glad you enjoyed it. And it was featured... for about a minute.. but still sitting in the top ten popular stories for a good few hours was more then I ever anticipated for my first fic, so this has been amazing, thank for the comment and should be more Luna CTS fun coming soon-ish.

I can really appreciate the effort and detail you put into this. But after a bit of reading, it’s just not for me. No need to downvote though.

8217848 Well thank you very much. Yes, not going to be for everyone but, thank you for getting that and simply deciding to walk away. This makes Luna happy



I thoroughly enjoyed this educational story; but what really stood out for me was the Den Mother:eeyup:

8217905Thank you, major props for that goes to Wendy, as Starsong is her character and she’s the one that did most of the work fleshing out the Den Mothers in the CTS lore.

8217522 If you have an Amazon Prime account (if not, get a free trial), watch that shit. It’s totally related.

it is still featured.

Hot and Heartfelt!

This was interesting to say the least. I was a little weirded out at first. But, I opened up to it. I guess I have to read the main fic now. What have you done to me?

8218561 I know! Still freaking out over it getting there, let alone staying there so long!

8218819 Introduced you to an amazing world of kinky, but always consensual, pony sex? Glad the story won you over, and enjoy the rest of CTS.

One of the best descriptions of oral sex I’ve read. It encompassed all the senses and the emotional content of both participants and it brought some badly needed drama to the entire CTS concept.

You knocked it out of the park on your first try. I await your next offering with anticipation.

I felt like there was a lot of redundant prose in this story. There were moments where you described the same thing two or three different ways, and had you rearranged the sentence structure and reworded some things, could have trimmed a lot of the fat off of this to make it shorter and more concise. That aside, there was still some stray punctuation that could be cleaned up.

I love Luna AND blowjobs, so I was excited to see this pop up. I just... don't think you did either of those things enough justice. I'm honestly torn on whether or not to favourite and upvote.

okay, two questions.

1) Why did I not know about this Society world?

2) Where can i find more of it? O.o this was amazing!

8219138 As for (2), here is the main story for the ‘verse:

[Adult story embed hidden]

Officially recognized sides stories (not all in strict continuity) are in the “Clocktower Equestria East” and “Clocktower Equestria West” folders of this group:

[Adult group embed hidden]

Very good. I do have a few issues with this story, but neither of them are major. The first might be a little nit picky, but Luna hasn't used old Equestrian since season two. I don't mind it when authors use it when the story takes place when Twilight was still a unicorn, but other than that it's just a little eye rolling.

The second has to do with the City. Unless it was Predator Night, that shouldn't of happened. They should be able to go after the subs they themselves brought, unless the Dom gave them permission ahead of time and made sure the sub was ok with that.

Maybe I need to talk to Manifest and flesh out the rules a bit more.

Anyways, still a good story. Loved how Luna got into the mindset as well as the rest of the lecture.

Send me a PM if you ever want to use any of my characters and stuff

i am going to take an stab in the dark and say that Celestia is the Den Matriarch tho it was said in this story “ Princess Celestia isn’t a member even though we all know she supports the Society” anyway. this would surprise me... this story was deep as in the depth of the back story given that we do know that Cadance is an member... tho lots more questions will remain

8219633 Nope Cadance is the Den Matriarch. The single highest Den Mother in the entire CTS world wide organization. (Also if you’ve read the latest CTS chapters to get what this means, Cadance is one of Luna’s Society Mentors.) Celestia, as hinted at, does secretly participate in the Society under a disguise while ‘officially’ simply being a supporter of the Society.

And thank you, yeah there is a lot of backstory to this that I plan to dive into in other stories.

8219463 At this point, it just doesn't feel like Luna without it, even if in show she seems to have kicked the habit. Do try to keep it to just when she gets particularly emotional she slips into it. Plus the idea of her giving herself away like that, and nopony caring was to perfect to pass up.

As to The City, yeah that was why your description of it threw me so much, that was not how it was described to me by Mani or the rest, or how it came off in the brief bit about it in the latest CTS chapter. The basic idea of being the Non-con play hub yes, but nothing about needing to pre-choose your subs and what not. Like i said, I think the ideas you had got split between The City and The Hunting Grounds at some point.

And will do.

8219307:pinkiesick: Oh sweet Epona no.....

8219138 Well as to one, I asked myself the same question when I first found it. As to two, Tropo already covered it. Glad you liked it and the fic was good enough to get your interested.

8219123 Fair enough, yeah likely could have trimmed down some stuff and made it shorter, but personally I love stories that take their time and don’t just rush through, so likely more a personal preference choice. The Punctuation.... I admit, that is one thing I know I am not that great with, and when your two editors both have differing ideas on how to use it and what should be where, it gets even more confusing.

And to be fair, it’s more about Cock Worship in general then just giving a blow job, that comes in the (possible) future story, Luna’s Guide to Deepthroating.

8218947 derpicdn.net/img/2017/3/22/1393821/large.png

Thank you so much, glad you liked it.

8219719 Ah yay! The basic idea, yeah dark but, can see the point to just going with it for the absurdity and the kink aspect. Dark and not for me but, meh. But it just takes things WAY to far and pushes things into so Grimdark for the sake of Grimdark it’s stupid territory.

ALL HAIL CTS! Long may the rule of consensual kink last!

Well, I was the one who came up with the idea of The City so I think what happened was ideas came up for the Hunting Grounds during the same time. Nothing I can do about it.

Thank you^^ Ill be sure to check them out^^ :twilightsmile:

Very much so^^ Luna is retty much my fav sub ever and this story is pretty damn well written too^^ With a combination like that, how can you go wrong?^^ Only thing that could possibly make this any better would be if this was somehow hypnosis themed but even without it this is the best story I’ve read on here in a while^^ I’ll give it five mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

8219845 I am very glad you liked it that much, and hopefully any more stories with her will be just as good.

10/10 didn't even know I was following you

Lovely, though i thought Luna has a regular pipsub not the new sentient version like Twilight.

Also some errors but didnt bother copying them/breaking from the reading so sadly cant point them out, maybe ill come back later to do it but meh.

One i found easily enough without having to go throught the story again:

She turned back to the assembled class. Most had gotten back in their seats, though several

were still standing, and few of the mares were still were in positions to adore their stallion’s cocks.

Oh will fix that,

And she doesn't have the new version. The new version's big feature is the kindlesprite that can come out of the badge and interact with it's owner, doing minor tasks and the like. All of the PipSubs had interactive ability, Twi's was just the first one to have the visible avatar.

Wait rereading that.... oh, crud, it was 'speech enabled' that was a big feature. I just focused on the Sprite aspect. Ummm... Luna got some upgrades to hers? :twilightoops: Though it's still not 'sentient', more like a Mass Effect VI versus the more AI like newer versions.

yeah i mostly meant because of the "it can speak" thing since well talking to the thingy was a big ting apparently from my understanding. :P

8221567 Yeah, in my defense though, Mani didn't catch that either. :derpytongue2:

I missed that Speech Enabled thing being a huge deal and was more focused on the Kindelsprite aspect and it being a full magical AI. Bit to late to fix all that... just chalk it up to Luna doing some custom modifications on her own after examining Twilight's I guess.

Such costume modifications thought imply that a powerful enough unicorn can do some pretty amazing things with your normal pipsub. Imagine all the wonderful/terrible things you could do with it. :trollestia:

But eh, it wasnt explained is such details so anything is still on the table, just in my mind it seems like the Kindelsprite  thingy is some kind of spirit bound to the token while the regular token is some kind of magical enchantment.

Hm... any connection to Sex Ed: Pony Style?

I'll probably read this sooner or later regardless, I'm just curious.

8221840 Other then being a HUGE fan of that fic as well, no. No actual connection.

I hope so too and I am almost sure they will^^

Interesting first choice of story, Seraphem. :raritywink:

I personally don't find Clocktower stuff to be my thing, but the storytelling was quite good. It almost felt like a meta fic when Luna started talking about method versus reason, haha.

8226496 Glad you enjoyed it still. But yeah, like the notes said, mostly a case of Mani and the others in the Society Discord pushing me to do this after I had an idea, and next thing I know.. boom.. I have a story to publish.

Luna teaches a group of eager mares the proper way to worship their masters' cocks.

It should be of note friends and neighbors there really is no real wrong way to do it. Honestly, he's a dude, so even if your cock the whole thing up, he'll still be thrilled its happening.

Also, stallions don't grab your head to establish dominance, they do so to stop themselves from clapping:rainbowkiss:

Seriously, inspired.
I actually felt like I was there watching...
And Luna's reaction at the end before dismissing class... The hiding... I want more submissive Luna now!


8568571 Well, got two more stories of her, and more on the way!


I have reviewed your story as a part of the Reviewer Café! As always, I thank you for the time, effort, and hard work that you put into this story. I did enjoy it overall, and I hope that you find my review on it to be at least somewhat helpful. :twilightsmile:


Mmm... Swinging back around to this story is always fun. Such good writing and story telling, and such a wonderful blowjob scene too. There really isn't anything quite like letting go and doing what you love, LN-1001 sure proved that.

:twilightsmile: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy it that much.

This was great, and educational. I feel like I should not be surprised by that.

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