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Have a downvote.

I think it's fair that I return the favor.

Thank you! I'm so grateful to know that something about this story provoked sufficient emotional response that you actually felt obligated to *tell* me you were downvoting me! :pinkiehappy:

If you don't mind saying, what part is it? The part where there's pornography in the story, one of kinks, or that I clearly labelled the story up front so that people could make an informed decision of whether or not to consume it, but you chose poorly? :raritydespair:

Or were you just thoroughly offended by the fact that I don't write EqG/Humanized at all times, thereby not personally catering to your dislike of hooves? :pinkiesick:

Just curious. I mean, emotional response *is* the overall goal of writing, so I'd like to know what I'm doing right, or if you're just this desperate for attention that you feel obligated to announce your displeasure? :twilightsmile:

I have no problem with hooves at all.

I just think the entire subject of this story is disgusting. I dunno why but stories like this one make me irrationally angry. So I figured I’d just downvote you. It’d be rude to call you names after all.

So... the porn, or one of the kinks that I clearly delineated in the long description that should have warned you ahead of time that this was a story you wouldn't enjoy?

Unless I missed something?

Or you just didn't bother to read it, knowing you wouldn't like it, but considered that sufficient reason to *announce* your downvote, unlike the half-dozen others with it?

Don't like, don't read, don't comment. Commenting something like that is rude, because if you don't like what someone's written, there's a "back" button in most browsers that will allow you to act like an adult and navigate away from something that makes you "irrationally angry" without having to think about it any more.
Leave it for people who like it and go on with your life instead of shouting to the world "Hey! I don't like this so I'm downvoting it! Just so you know! You got a downvote from me!" because really, no one cares, and it's rude.

Also, this was a wonderfully written story! Painplay isn't my thing, but it still kept me engaged until the end, and I wish there were more Capper stories here! Thank you so much for writing this, and I look forward to reading more from you!

Aww, thank you!

Yeah, Capper gets little love. Mostly, I figure, because he suffers the taint of furry. :facehoof:

But don't worry - I'm sure there will be more from these two as time goes by. They're a pair of damaged switches who just might be able to fix each other over time.

I can't find the source of the cover picture.

That's because I, being a dumbass genius, forgot to link it.

Will fix after sleep times.

Lovely, thank you very much

soo.. umm.. will there be more?

Let's say that Capper and Tempest are currently discussing potential visits to less rough and tumble areas in the Clocktower. Not that they won't go back to the rough play locations sometimes. ;)

more in general is good to me

Still plan to fix. Thought I already had. Stupid brain.

Holy crap! I hope you aren't done with this story, I loved it. I hadn't really thought of how Capper would fit into the society, can't wait to see how you write it out. If This story continues on this high note, it's going to end up being my favorite stories of the clocktower society.
Keep up the good work!

If you look up "Taming a Tempest," you may be interested! ;)


I normally don't really go into this stuff, but I have a massive soft spot for anything involving Tempest. If you're interested, I actually wrote a 30K word clop story of my own about her.

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