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But when I’m playing the pup, I get to be a bit bumbling, just have fun without worrying about what everybody thinks, except for whoever’s holding my leash. The cat gets pampered, but the pup just gets to enjoy life. Everything’s taken care of, I know I don’t have to worry where my next meal’s coming from, somebody’s going to protect me. I won’t be eating kibble unless I screw something up. It’s safe. That’s what I like about it, anyway.

Hmm. This is pet play. :heart:

Thanks! I wanted to sort of cover a lot of different angles on it, particularly the ones that would appeal most to a magically disabled unicorn and a cat who spent most of his life making Aladdin like like the middle class.

Why does Aftercare necessitate a content Warning?

Because some people just *hate* when their happy-fun-kink gets interrupted with icky talk about feelings and emotions and "hey, you okay?"

Hmm... seems like it could maybe use more on how they met or came to the Society. Or is that not usual?

Oh - so it does relate to that one. Didn't seem like it would...

It does, in that comes after - they aren't *always* hard-core max-level kink. :-P

So the other one is roleplay or something? I didn't quite pick up on that.

The other one is role-played non-con with some serious beating as part of it.

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