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Two wrongs don’t make a right. A saying that pre-dates even the Princesses of Equestria.

A saying that’s about to get a lot more meaningful for a Wonderbolt who didn’t realize she was a couple’s second mistake.

We all have to deal with the fallout of what’s happened to us in the past, but maybe that’s what gives us a chance for a better future?

Triggers: Past Infidelity, Emotional Fallout, Open Relationships, M/F

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Berry Punch has been starting to think that maybe Pinkie’s helping her out for more reasons than just wanting a drinking buddy.

She’s right, of course. She’s just very, very wrong about what those reasons are….

Written for the More Most Dangerous Game Competition; cover art cropped from original (click Source - original is SFW.)

Story reworked? Cupcakes.

Trigger warning: This story is built off the basic framework of Cupcakes, and written by somebody who read that story and laughed. Grimdark as :yay:, but the gore is minimized (hence the Teen rating). However, if you want specific search terms to watch out for….

Alcohol abuse
Physical and Psychological Torture
Group Cannibalism

You have been warned. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Pre-read by Daniel-Gleebits!

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(Very loosely) based on the true story of a poly acquaintance of mine trying to find a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for herself and her two mates.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are going out to enjoy their first Hearts and Hooves Day as a triad. Twilight has everything planned down to the dot, from when they’ll arrive at the restaurant in Canterlot to exactly how many rose petals will be on the cloud-bed at her room in the palace when they get home (forty five, and only true rose petals, no stamens – three roses for each of them, one red, one yellow, one dyed blue.)

Then she finds out about one technicality that never even crossed her mind. La Romanetique, Canterlot’s premier high-class dining establishment, only serves couples on Hearts and Hooves Day.

The earth shall tremble. The heavens shall fall. Tartarus itself shall disgorge its most feared inmates… but Princess Twilight Sparkle and her marefriends shall dine tonight!

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Set in the MLP Comic-verse, as well as the Triple-D (The Diva, the Dray, and the Divebomber) universe.

Hayseed Turniptruck has just been told that Rarity's got a fiance. While that might not be quite true, the truth is even more disheartening!

Fortunately, his good friends Fancy and Fleur are there to help pick him up and dust himself off... no strings attached.

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Princess Luna asked a simple question, or so she thought.

"Why did you ask me out?"

Of course, Rainbow Dash rarely has simple answers. She has awesome ones.

Written in response to SMP #106: "Rainbow Dash finally gets with somepony she's always looked up to."

Though I'm not entirely sure how it is that I wrote a clean SMP response....

(No real edit, just found out the appropriate Source for my cover image and wanted to fix that up!

Source for uncropped version.)

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Pinkie's on her way back from Canterlot with all the others after Discord's defeat - and she suddenly realizes that there's something very, very important she needs to fix when she gets home.

Assuming she still has one, that is.

Starring: Pinkie Pie and the Cake Family

(Rated Teen for languages and ponies in alternative relationships.)

Chapters (3)
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