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Princess Twilight Sparkle was a key ally to the reformed changelings. Security, trade, somecreature to vouch for the reality of their reform - without her, Thorax would likely have been deposed, and the hive conquered, long ago.

But that didn’t mean Thorax thought he could rely on just her allegiance to carry the changelings forward. He’d forged an alliance with the dragons since then, and was working on breaking down the distrust of the griffons and hippogriffs. Which left just one group to open up to.

The yaks.

Fortunately, Thorax thought he had a pretty good read on how to handle them. He just hoped he was right about Rutherford being a better diplomat than anypony gave him credit for.

CW: International trade and politics, copious headcanon/world building nerdery

Story originally written for the May 2022 Pairings Contest, we'll see if it posts in time! This is what happens when I get an idea the weekend before the deadline but still have to work.


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The night after magic returned was… interesting! That was a good word for it, interesting. Once everypony had finished being awestruck by working wings and glowing horns, Maretime Bay had to handle the logistical issue of housing several visiting dignitaries, guards, and tourists from their once-mortal-enemies (who, it turned out, had just not really given a flying feather about them).

Well, Zipp and Pipp volunteer for… alternate arrangements.

Which Queen Haven promptly regrets finding out about in the morning.

CW: Possible forced adoption, FMF relationship and off-screen threesome, Haven family drama, and possible (okay, probable) incestuous relationship that defies a cursory understanding of genetics.

Story written for No Shame November - link excluded because *technically* this is a clean fic? 

Look, I promised y’all something fluffier than Spryllis, so here you go! Sorry to deny you the evening’s festivities, but those may turn up in a side piece at some point.

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Limestone Pie. The family grumpy gus. The ruthless dictatrix of the Pie family rock farm.

Hard as rock, because that’s what the job needs.

But once in a while, the facade cracks, and shows the real mare beneath the stone.

CW: Pie family angst, depression, suicidal ideation, dissociative episodes

Cover art by the exceptionally patient and understanding Snow Quill.

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Ladybugs. Cute, harmless, helpful for protecting crops.

And a source of dread for the Princess of Friendship, all thanks to her brother’s foalhood pranks and hoaxes.

Or is that all there is to it?

Content Warning: Sleep deprived ravings of a madman

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Tempest Shadow has her orders - she has been assigned as the personal bodyguard of Princess Twilight at the Princess’ first Grand Galloping Gala. Of course, given the requirements of the position, Tempest is reasonably certain that the only reason she was given the job is because the Princess is engaged in one of her covert friendship lessons.

Still, she has to get a proper gown, and a plus-one. Fortunately, Rarity has a referral for where she can get both… if Tempest realizes what her options are.

Originally written for The May Original Pairing Contest 2020 Cover art by Snow Quill!

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Rarity has had questions for Applejack for months now, but there's never been a good time to ask them.

Well, not until tonight! With the Map having sent them to Manehattan, and their mission not finished until the last train had left for Ponyville, Rarity has a captive audience for several hours - and just the idea of how to get the information she wants!

Set post-S5E16, "Made in Manehattan"
CW: F/F Relationships, Breakups, and most depraved of all Snuggling

Story commissioned for CortlandRhubarb; if you'd like a commission, or just want to support my work, please PM me, or go support me through ko-fi or patreon!

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Two wrongs don’t make a right. A saying that pre-dates even the Princesses of Equestria.

A saying that’s about to get a lot more meaningful for a Wonderbolt who didn’t realize she was a couple’s second mistake.

We all have to deal with the fallout of what’s happened to us in the past, but maybe that’s what gives us a chance for a better future?

Triggers: Past Infidelity, Emotional Fallout, Open Relationships, M/F

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Berry Punch has been starting to think that maybe Pinkie’s helping her out for more reasons than just wanting a drinking buddy.

She’s right, of course. She’s just very, very wrong about what those reasons are….

Written for the More Most Dangerous Game Competition; cover art cropped from original (click Source - original is SFW.)

Story reworked? Cupcakes.

Trigger warning: This story is built off the basic framework of Cupcakes, and written by somebody who read that story and laughed. Grimdark as :yay:, but the gore is minimized (hence the Teen rating). However, if you want specific search terms to watch out for….

Alcohol abuse
Physical and Psychological Torture
Group Cannibalism

You have been warned. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Pre-read by Daniel-Gleebits!

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(Very loosely) based on the true story of a poly acquaintance of mine trying to find a restaurant on Valentine’s Day for herself and her two mates.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy are going out to enjoy their first Hearts and Hooves Day as a triad. Twilight has everything planned down to the dot, from when they’ll arrive at the restaurant in Canterlot to exactly how many rose petals will be on the cloud-bed at her room in the palace when they get home (forty five, and only true rose petals, no stamens – three roses for each of them, one red, one yellow, one dyed blue.)

Then she finds out about one technicality that never even crossed her mind. La Romanetique, Canterlot’s premier high-class dining establishment, only serves couples on Hearts and Hooves Day.

The earth shall tremble. The heavens shall fall. Tartarus itself shall disgorge its most feared inmates… but Princess Twilight Sparkle and her marefriends shall dine tonight!

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Set in the MLP Comic-verse, as well as the Triple-D (The Diva, the Dray, and the Divebomber) universe.

Hayseed Turniptruck has just been told that Rarity's got a fiance. While that might not be quite true, the truth is even more disheartening!

Fortunately, his good friends Fancy and Fleur are there to help pick him up and dust himself off... no strings attached.

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