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Tempest Shadow has her orders - she has been assigned as the personal bodyguard of Princess Twilight at the Princess’ first Grand Galloping Gala. Of course, given the requirements of the position, Tempest is reasonably certain that the only reason she was given the job is because the Princess is engaged in one of her covert friendship lessons.

Still, she has to get a proper gown, and a plus-one. Fortunately, Rarity has a referral for where she can get both… if Tempest realizes what her options are.

Originally written for The May Original Pairing Contest 2020 Cover art by Snow Quill!

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 27 )

...My attention has been drawn. There's not enough Kerfuffle, she's so cute...

Intriguing, best of luck in the contest!

...Y'may need to fix your italics code there...

Sooo, the two ponies that are physically disabled. I’ve kinda wanted a story with them both in it.

If I do anything more with them, that will probably come up. But it's something that's fairly rare in Equestria from what we've seen, and that has defined most of Tempest's life due to her efforts to undo it - being with somebody who has learned to live with it matter-of-factly the way Kerfuffle seems to have would probably be a good thing for her.

Hmm... Interesting interpretation of her name actually being relevant to her backstory. With that in mind, I can see her and Berrytwist getting along. Not in a ship way, though, can't see that ship...

Yeah, I'll admit that I prefer Tempest with Capper, but that's clear from reading other stories of mine - and why I didn't list this as a romance. They might be able to work as a pairing given some time, but they wouldn't be a couple right off the bat at least.

This was a neat exploration of Kerfuffle's character, and she bounced off of Tempest nicely. There were a few issues with the punctuation, though.

This was sweet. I would like to see more, it's very good and you have my attention.

I could tell that this needs a Comedy tag just from reading the description. Now that I've read the whole thing... It definitely needs a Comedy tag.

Interesting. Nothing spectacular but you've got some talent!

I specifically use "missing a limb" to exclude that one Make-A-Wish thing. And then explain that if anything it's underselling unicorn horns, as those basically replace both arms and then some.

Ah. Short and Sweet. Great Story!

Nice. :)

And a nice story too, I thought!

Thank you - any points on where you'd have expanded or changed things, I'm open to constructive crit all the time :)

This was fun! You have officially established my Kerfuffle headcanon. Also, I now want to see these two go on diplomatic adventures protecting Twilight.

Not really. I feel like something's missing but I can't put my finger on exactly what's missing. Sorry!

this was a very cute and adorable, enjoyable read. thank you

Welp... I ship it.

A bit of modification to her artificial leg, and Kerfluffle's threat level goes way up.

Wow I didn't know Kerfuffle is a fighter cool

That was a pretty interesting story It's pretty great that fizzy pop and Kerfuffle got along with each other

Well, this was a small enjoyable story. Helps that’s these two were both done in movie animation.

Such a contrast, but an interesting one nonetheless. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this!

I am now imagining Kerfuffle cosplaying as Rose McGowan from Plant Terror.

I can see Kerfuffle with a gun leg like the Scotsman (probably crossbow leg so it fits their tech level)

*hopeful tone*

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