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I've noticed with the actual number of people on this site and the different array of groups to join as well. Then a big question arose 'Why is a lot of great stories on this sight never making it past a few groups with only four comments?'. So, Ta Da, The Network was born, a group dedicated to the reading and submission of stories to different groups. You can also promote anything here as well and not get bashed for it. Our team of networkers will be reading the majority of the stories that enter this group and will their best to network stories it through different groups. But all I ask in return is that anypony who joins the group and reads stories here, help us network and post stories throughout the site.

Also, if you really want good feedback on your story you should really check out this group here. They are extremely efficient and also provide a great way for your story to get a little bit of attention if it is really good or if you're really looking to improve your writing.

General Rules
1.)Be respectful and yada yada
2.)If unsure on a group to submit a story to, then don't do it or message the author
3.)Promoting is welcomed and very well encouraged
4.)you can upload your story to any folder that applies
5.)If you're specifically looking to be networked, add any story to (looking to be networked) folder
6.)Don't be afraid to add stories to groups

Here is something that saddened me...

I don't really advertise because I know I'd get downvoted unfairly.

Hey, Always remember this group is dedicated to help and support for authors who want some exposure, so don't be afraid to get out there and work to get those views for your stories. There are those out there who think promoting and sharing stories on the sight is a taboo. And for the most part it is, but not all writers can get acknowledged for their merit alone, I'm one of them. So, don't be afraid to submit stories and think just because you want some help it isn't good or you'll get down voted unfairly here. We are here to provide support and structure to write on. We all can be great writers and don't let negativity hold you down, use it to become better!


Get hyped and write great stories my friends!

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I just put a story in the comedy folder. Everpony STILL Hates Dash is what it's called. Being a filly means being flat broke. Having a bully razz you daily means being miserable. Having Dash's temper means risking getting expelled from Junior Speedsters Flight Camp. What can Rainbow do to get the best of Hoops and get some coin? Read and find out.

Have submitted the following stories to this group:

Cameo's Adventures
by CutieMarkCrusaders

In the first story, we meet a unicorn with a blank flank. That's all it takes to change the world. Then something magical happens, as in the second story, she has many new adventures in the new world she sees.

These stories are in desperate need of a larger audience than the one it was allotted, hence their inclusion in this and several other FIMFiction groups.

™®© 2015 Jesse Coffey Productions, Inc., Tucson, Ariz., 85719. All rights reserved. JCP, JCP Logo, ®™ of JCP, Inc.

A baby ghost floats through the Crystal Empire. What happened to that poor pony? Read Stillborn to find out.

345263 Supposedly he told me I submitted my story to the "wrong" tags, even though I submitted it to Teen, and as far as I'm aware, it is Teen, because I bucking wrote it.
Thank God I blocked him.

345000 Nice to see he got what he deserved. If that ain't an abuse of power I don't know what is.

344999 Don't I know it? The admin of the Twilight Sparkle group not only denied my story, but insulted it and wrote a blog about it. No surprise he sent some to give more dislikes the following week. He was banned for like a week.
And thank you for your warm welcome.

344998 Hey I remember things like that, not everybody on this site is pricks.:twilightsmile:

And thanks for joining

344997 D'aww, and here I thought I'd go unnoticed. Welp, thanks for the spotlight of the day.

344992 Oh, hey there and maybe...:moustache:

That reminds me of a similar one I said. Is this my quote?

Like what Creations Sake said, from what I gathered this was a place to post your story or stories you liked so others could find and read them too if they desired too.

Then if they desired the members would post to appropriate groups they also happened to be members of if the story fit that groups guidelines.

I joined because Creations Sake asked me to in a reply to one of my comments some where. Also at the time I had no idea where would be suitable to even post my story. Still don't, but it is a few places that fit now. :twilightsmile:

I like the idea of this group on that basis. Kind of sucks to have a story no one can find. From the 5th to the 29th of this month, I am pretty sure no one was finding my story after it left the New stories list. Lack of followers for being newer means few people can find it through that way. It was only finally put in one place a few hours before Creations Sake's invite to here.

The feature box abuse some other group did, that I do not condone... at all. Not what I feel Creations Sake wants either. I hope that any who join here are not trying for that either.

Alright, that also might be a reason why you have gotten a few haters, because of this misunderstanding

342744 After reviewing that a little more, I kinda saw where you were a bit worried. But let this be the quote to remember.

There is a BIG difference between a group whose aims are, "If even one person finds this story, reads it and enjoys it, then we've done our job," and "Let's take advantage of site coding and layout to generate hits for a story". The latter can be abused to reflect a popular opinion that does not exist, the former CAN be abused but is a much milder take on the getting-the-word-out concept.

Were just sharing stories, not pushing them up or trying to cheat the system or anything.

342741 Hmm, well I don't intend on doing anything like that and I doubt I really could. Like I said before this group is for those who want to read stories and would like to see them get added to more groups or even receive a little bit of feedback.:twilightsmile:

But thanks for showing me that, I'll make sure that line never gets crossed.:pinkiesmile:

in one of the site talks about another group that was kind of like this one...Featured box abuse It feels almost like the same premise as the group that was deleted...

342734 Yea, apparently wanting to help network stories and such is a sin on this sight. I was like yea ok.:twilightsmile: I hear ya, but I'm not stopping for that.:moustache:

342724 A whole page? Good lord, I wanna see this now.

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