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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury


It's hard enough just dealing with Junior Speedsters Flight Camp. When Rainbow Dash also struggles with an empty bit-purse and a bothersome bully named Hoops, it's almost too much to take. Can Gilda, who films nearly everything Dash does, help with either of Rainbow's problems? Or is Dashie doomed to be expelled without even two bits to rub together?
This is a sequel to Everypony Hates Dash

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I liked that story:twilightsmile:

Very cute. Hope it gets more attention, it deserves it.

8143868 (SQEEE):pinkiehappy:Thanks very much! I'm putting this story in as many groups (that will accept it) as possible. I'll be putting in on my Deviantart site soon, so that'll generate even more buzz.

Liked and followed.

Thanks! It's nice to know this story can still entertain people.:rainbowkiss:

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