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"Friendship is an island that you retreat to. And you fall on the floor and laugh at all the ninnies who don't have enough brains to have your good taste." --Ray Bradbury


Discord's Reformation Clinic has Queen Chrysalis as it's first patient. She's trapped in his private world until she learns to turn over a new leaf.
Can a loony amateur psychiatrist reform a power-hungry lunatic?
Probably not, but it'll be fun to watch him try.
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I liked everything about this. Even the end bit with the equestrian leather. There's so much wrong with that sentence and its hilarious.

Double meanings everywhere.

Huh. First time I've been this early to a story.

Oh well. Nonetheless, it's pretty good.

Nothing wrong with being early. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I can tell by your cool avatar that you're into this pairing. I'm glad you like my story.:twilightsheepish:

First, thank you for having Chrysalys tell Discord he "never had any kind of real struggle." The first thing I'd say to pre-"redemption" Discord and the cheap, thinly-disguised self-insert he shares a voice actor with upon meeting them would be that they never earned anything.

Which would end up with my mind raped beyond repairs in the first case and all of humanity wiped out in a temper tantrum in the second, I guess, but whatever.

But enough of that. The narration was simply wonderful - no, delicious. To the point I actually did come back to the story to finish it when the lazy-eyed Queen of Tiring Ubiquity popped up instead of closing the tab in disgust.

I didn't find any typo or mistake, so right to the lines I liked:

“Ooh, would you please just stop talking to yourself already!” wailed Chrysalis as she miraculously came back from the great beyond (almost as if she were faking her death).

Discord stroked his chin-beard. After a few minutes, he stuck it back on his chin.

Never you mind who I have a Dakimakura pillow collection of.

The leader of lunacy rubbed two hands together. Then he threw them over his shoulder and rubbed his own hands together instead.

the draconequus unscrewed his tongue and put it in a nearby jar to keep it from getting a bad taste from saying the o-word

Discord’s jaw hit the floor, then bounced straight up and slammed into his face, making him wince.

“Do you practice being insane or does it come naturally to you?”

“Yes and yes.”

“Hmm. I just had a thought, Chrysalis.”

“Set it free, then. Don’t burden me with it.”

"“I recently saw him drinking tea and have honeysuckle sandwiches with Spike. I didn’t see him inhale anypony’s love. Just Spike’s lunch money.”

Chrysalis burped like a rusty foghorn.

“Never turn down free food, kiddo,” chided Discord, waggling a disapproving finger at his stubborn patient. “Even I know that.”

And now the lines I want to comment on;

She grinned evilly, which was the only grin she knew.

It sounds funny, of course, but it's also a very clever bit of characterization that could actually be found in a more serious redemption story for Chrysalys (or even just a story featuring her that wants more depth than 'for the evulz' or 'for da powah').

“Now how did I know that just twenty-two minutes of talking wouldn’t be enough to reform her?”

Geez, what could this possibly be a reference to? :trollestia:

“I want to kick your butt.”

“Join the club.”

Ah, actually makes me (very slightly) less annoyed at mister Discord in Equestrian Leather Pants here.

Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback. Yeah, it took a while to get the lines working right and getting the typos out of the way. Having hurricane Irma gum up the works for a while didn't help my writing process, either. (I live in Florida.)
I'm very glad you liked my story.:pinkiehappy:

You're welcome and thank you for replying to my comment.

Heh, that was funny. At least it's not that bad for her.

If she's constantly pregnant... No wonder she's so cranky.

... So, unless she actually does get reformed, the changelings are done for. Well, at least the skittle moose will die off.

I'm glad you liked my story. Thanks for the comments and the fave!
Skittle Moose . . .Hee!:pinkiehappy:

Luna sighed, rolled her eyes and replied, “Join the club. Now turn into my sister, please.”

I want that story xD

I was wondering when someone was going to comment on that joke. Sadly, I have no more story ideas for my changeling therapist.

Maybe he starts to follow her around?
Replacing the sister. Like EXTREME therapy!?
Caging Celestia to give her a better understanding of moon prison?
(for them to connect)

Srly only once was the question tackled why she didn't bring her back earlier... in a comic... Yet even then brushed aside!

Luna must feel misunderstood

Discord is so.... reasonable?

More chapters! Need more!

I'm glad you like the story, but this is the only chapter I have planned.

Fluttershy blinked and looked around her cottage. “Hmm, that’s odd,” she remarked. “I suddenly have the urge to kick Chrysalis’s posterior.”

Angel Bunny lit his cigar and said, “Join the club.”

He lit his what now??

This fic was sooooo funny.

Can I have more?

I don't have any more ideas for these two, but I have written other comedies. I'm very glad you liked this one. Thanks for the fave on this story, too.

I could easily give you ideas

If you have some ideas, I'll consider them. Even though my sequels never get the same numbers that the originals get, I might do one for this story if the sequel ideas intrigue me.

How about Chrysalis has to go serve in a maid cafe but is like bossy n shit like this...

I've been pondering having the Storm King's severed head (because it broke loose in the movie) revived and taken to Discord's clinic. I would called the story (or at least the chapter) "Discord's head case".

Lololol that'd be hilarious. Something similar could be done with Sombra.

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