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Chrysalis kidnapped a dozen ponies, threatened Equestria, was betrayed by her own kind, and has now vowed vengeance on Starlight Glimmer before leaping from the ruins of her castle and flying off. She is definitely going to get away.



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@Fire Gazer the Alchemist...

Amusing HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) read, have a few well-earned chuckles and a Like. :ajsmug:

Also, you’re really big now, so…

Governments in and around Equestria do seem to be based on a height-based caste, like Invader Zim.


I noticed that too

Oh Celestia forbid another friendship lesson-related redemption. :facehoof:

However, it does make me curious as to what Chrysalis' butterfly/moth changling form would look like.

:rainbowlaugh: Yeah, this is a pretty fantastic commentary on the end of the episode. Personally, when they had been watching her fly off at the end there, I was expecting a gigantic flyswatter to descend out of nowhere and smack her, courtesy of Discord.

Speaking of, only suggestion I would make for this story would be for Discord using a fishing rod to reel Chrysalis back in instead of just pure magic. Discord is a showy creature, if nothing else.

7664783 Thanks, I aim to produce chuckles :twilightsmile:

I kinda want to write a whole fanfic on why that is since it's so prevalent in the show. Just need a good punchline at this point.

Well now I'm curious too. But, considering the show, we'll probably see it sooner or later.
...Probably later.

I'd have to agree with you there. I always feel like I'm not creative enough when I'm writing for Discord and either possibilities would've been funny.

7664796 The biggest d**k gets to be in charge. That's how it works here in Britain.

7664877 I think there's artwork showing that actually.


A nice little friendship lesson will do well eh?

7664963 As well as that shot of "Duchess Chrysalis" from the good king Sombra arc in the comics...

7665046 The ONLY time I ever liked Chrysalis.

Wouldve been hilarious if Discord had done a Crocodile Dundee. Tossed a chunk of rock at her so when it hit, not only did it stun her, but turned her into a large Fluffle Cupcake as well.

Of course, he would be wearing the full costume, then Pinkie couldve replied. holding another rock, thats not a cupcake, pointing at Fluffle Chrysalis, now Thats a cupcake. :pinkiecrazy:

I personally interpreted Discord not being showy there as him showing restraint. As in, "if Fluttershy hadn't been watching, I'd have left you a smear on the wasteland" restraint.

However, I'm a bit confused. Why did Twilight's suggestion of 'Friendship Lesson' lead to Starlight being scared and telling Chrysalis to run?

7665287 Yes. It's a nod to how nervous/scared she can get when it comes to doing friendship lessons

Well to be fair, reformation in Equestria isn't really voluntary. I think people forget that Twilight was planning on using a Reformation spell to forcefully reform Discord (before he ate the pages). It's not like they lack episodes showing full mind control magic not only being possible but easy (Want-It-Need-It, Love Potion, Starlight's spell in Every Little Thing She Does, ect...). MLP is a scary scary show when you think about it.

I'm just going to go ahead and say that this could very easily be canon, and it wouldn't change anything.

So, yeah. Headcanon readily accepted, and fic bookmarked as forum weapon.

I wonder why no one did anything...

I can see this one happening.

I liked parallels with Starlight's introduction episodes too.

7665079 Chrysalis was supposed to be unlikeable, Hasbro designed her to be unlikeable, but she on her debut admitted to having a fairly good reason despite how misguided her attempts were...

Did you really thing her rejecting Starlights offer of friendship was a dick move? I have news for you morons...


Ah, someone thinking what I was thinking about Chrissy running away while swearing vengeance. Although mine involved more mental Samuel Jackson...

"“There is no revenge you could ever conceive of that will come close to-"

*Chrysalis gets cut off mid declaration.*
"I've had it with these motherbucking villains! Swearing motherbucking revenge. ENOUGH! IS ENOUGH!"

I think thorax should be called prince thorax. It makes sense with the theme of rulers.

With the exception of King Guto and King Sombra, but they're both dead, so...

I like the explanation for Celestia not stopping her due to being weak from her cocoon-state, as well as Twilight not realising they could use magic again now the throne was gone. Wish they'd put something like that in the show to explain it, followed by them planning to search for and capture her. Nice writing too!

7665566 I actually expected Chrysalis not to accept friendship. I also know Thorax will have an episode in season 7, and that the singer Sia (see video included with this comment) will have her own pony character named Songbird Serenade (see below music video provided) in the My Little Pony movie coming in 2017, along with making an official song just for the movie itself.


There's a bit about season 7 and other MLP stuff I know of. I also know someone who's getting a Follow just for replying to me. Hint hint, it's you.

7665397 Because she had nothing left. She wasn't a threat. She's lost her entire hive to friendship, with only the possible few changelings that were pretending to be the captured ponies still on her side.

7665804 Just for replying to you? But a lot of people reply to you...:derpyderp2:

7665848 And I appreciate every comment. Even the ones who are cruel to me.

Besides, I like to make new friends who might talk to me in the future. Hint hint? XD :)

7665875 I'll keep that comment in mind when looking for editing advice...since that seems to be a problem for all the fics I end up writing...


If you look closely shortly after Chrysalis emerges from the rubble, you'll see that every unicorn and alicorn, except for Shining Armor, has her horn charged up and ready to fire.

Starlight looked back at her newest mortal enemy before turning back to Twilight. “Uh, so what should I do?”

“Die,” Chrysalis spat.

For the first time ever, I agree with Chrysalis. :trollestia:

7665566 No no no, I'll be the one doing that with the genetically-engineered technorganic ponifying nanoprobes I bought from Borg Bioproducts, Inc.! :pinkiecrazy:

7666135 Shining Armor hesitating? Could it be?...The reason the Captain of the Royal Guard didn't notice until it was too late was the fact he actually liked it when Chryssie was fucking him!!??

To be fair, the reforming spell was only their third resort (first resort was Fluttershy reforming him, and second resort was turning him back to stone with the elements), so it's not like it's the first thing they went for. It's not like it's any more harmful to the identity than just killing them, which we do in real life all the time (as both a punishment and as a way to remove a threat).

7665287 Post Traumatic Lession Disorder.


Run!!! Chrysalis!!! Run as fast and as far as you can!!! Don't let them reform you to become that colorful thing! You are only true black Changeling we have now!!!! :flutterrage:

I don't get the end.

Starlight glimmer has shown a tendency to experience severe bouts of social anxiety whenever she has to learn a friendship lesson. The more important the lesson seams to be, the worse her anxiety attack is.

And now she's been asked to reform a villain who, if not worse than, is at least on par with her old self. :twilightoops:

Although honestly, if it weren't for the whole "nearly destroying Equestria via a Time spell" thing that Starlight did, Chrysalis would have the lead on being more "eviler." However, I still think Starlight is the better planner of the two, even if her little village was doomed to fail if the resident had never gotten their cutie marks back...

I mean, come on! Sure, Queen Chrysalis had all five princesses, Shining Armor, and the Exalts of Harmony replaced, but with the way her infiltrators were behaving the "Generations of love" that everypony felt for them would have dried up within half a year at most. :facehoof:

I'm pretty sure she can lay more eggs and spawn a new generation of evil minions. She might have to weed out any outliers that want to experience friendship instead of feeding on it though...

7666135 Oh yeah good point! Ah that's a shame :( Wonder why they decided to let her go.

That must be why Celestia and Luna had such a hard time ending Discord's rule. And why Sombra always stands on a crystal spire (when he isn't a big fwuffy cloud of evil).
Also, obviously that means the real secret of the Elements Of Harmony's power is that they make you float up until you're higher up than your enemy.
(And I just realized, it always explains why Spike is the doormat in most episodes.)

A punchline could be Iron Will as mayor of Manehattan.

Indeed, so much magic in one place and they just let the queen get away.
Oh well, Discord kinda-sorta saved the day.

But that last part... :rainbowlaugh:

7667004 I think you forgot all the infiltrator changelings that where still in Equestria at the time.

This is amazing :rainbowlaugh:


They were looking right passed Starlight.



Ahhh, that really hit the spot for me. Thank you. I needed this. It's well-written, wonderfully in-character, and it's genuinely funny. Instant favorite and thumbs-up, well done.

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