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This story is a sequel to I'd Do Her

Note: Reading the prequel first is highly recommended.

With her dare complete, Rainbow Dash decides to get even with Applejack, but her plan... backfires a little.

Pre-read by: Timaeus | Abbeybunny13 | SapphireColors

Proof-read by: Majora

Reading by LandonWho

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 360 )
Comment posted by jazzie366 FLUFFKIN deleted Mar 9th, 2015

This'll get interesting.

A stellar start to a much-anticipated sequel. Tagline for this story: Rainbow gets her Comeuppance.

I think I know what's going to happen but I'll keep it to myself for the time being

DAhahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHH AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!! *Thunderbolts in the background* YES! YES!! YES!!!

5710109 In reference to that last bit about Rainbow, she wasn't.:facehoof:

“I cannot believe you!” Rarity interrupted. Rainbow took a step back from the force of her voice. “Do you have even the faintest inkling of what you’ve done to poor Applejack?”

Well, she just 'helped' her make the first move.
Sure, it was a bit awkward, but she made the TwiJack real none less. :rainbowdetermined2:
And for that, she deserves all our gratitude. We should erect a statue in her honor for starting what will obviously become a beautiful relationship !

...Or you know, a simple thank you would do !

Her eyes resembled peas, shrunk and withered in the dead centers of her eyes.


I still wonder what Applejack will dare Rainbow to do.

Am I the only one who thinks Twilight will find AJ first, confess matching feelings, followed by a deep make out session, mentions of the dares...and then followed by Twilight and AJ trolling Dash and Rarity as they try to 'help fix things'?

Cause I think that would be hilarious!

5709964 Your comment is irrelevant.

-Sanity is overrated

5710260 Surprised to get a response at all.
Meh, I just had to comment that for IDK reasons.

Great job. I'm interested to see how this will turn out for AJ.

I think I am speaking for a least 1/6 of bronies everywhere when I say, I would kiss her.:twilightblush:

5710279 Think we could get together and figure out a way to get Dash an actually working brain?


This fic seems like, massive downscaling on the roads to a relationship. xD

First is, "I'd do her" which is pretty much the farthest you can go

"I'd Kiss her" is a step backwards

so what's next? "I'd hug her" or "I'd snuggle her" or something? :P

Good thing Spike's at the Crystal Empire or seeing this will raise a lot of questions.

OMG, I was waiting for it! And it looks like it's gonna be even better than I'd do her :rainbowkiss: If it's even possible!

I love your characterization. It's almost like watching new episode, characters just feel so right.

Poor Applejack...


Well, that was amusing as hell. Now to see how the chaos unfolds and if Rarity and Rainbow wind up together at the end of this as well as AJ and Twilight (because we all know that ship is going to happen one way or another at this point).

5710324 Her brain works great, the problem is that she doesn't use it when she really should. :facehoof:

5710258 i really want to see this now.


And thanks to this new telescope it will be the first one I’ll be able to really enjoy since… well, you know.”
“Ah, yes…”

I was not ready... for such a feels trip... :applecry:

5709964 Nobody cares, Krillin.

to be honest, this could have just been the next chapter in the previous story, but whatever, it was still hilarious

...pretty sure people get banned for that...

Goddamnit, Rainbow.

5710519 Get banned for what? Commenting?

5710424 Well put.:twilightsmile:

5710462 I believe 5710424 said it far better than I ever could have.

5710248 dare her to get to third base with Rarity? Spend a whole day with Pinkie's personality? Spend a night in AJ's sex dun-- I mean, scary apple cellar that is totally an apple cellar and nothing else?


I mean, scary apple cellar that is totally an apple cellar and nothing else?

"Ah dare ya ta watch me and Twilight drink all the apple cider Ah have stashed in mah cellar."

Rainbow would die.
Edit: besides, how could she prove that she got to third base with Rares? Rarity wouldn't let her kiss and tell...


firsting the act of saying first like an irritating little rascal that knighty and most authors hate

tempted to say fisting, but I'm a bit more classier than that

5710768 Well it's not against the rules and I don't mean to piss anyone off. I just do it for the meme some times.


that's why I posed it as a question I know it used to be bannable, not sure if it is, can someone clarify this for me?

(I bet someone will, people here are awesome like that)

5710787 Well, I've done it for a long time now, mods even seen me do it.
Not to mention Regidar does it every once in awhile.
Either way, I have a right to freely speak what I want to, I just can't attack other users or anything like that.

5710787 Just checked the rules.
It's apparently frowned upon but not a bannable offense.

5710787 Just came to read, found this little argument:raritywink:

Oh yeah, story was good and I hope for a speedy update.

5710872 Yeah, I lost my shit in this story as I did in the last as well.

5710878 You did?:pinkiehappy: N-not that I care.:rainbowderp:

Quietly goes to check prequel



As alway's the element of jerkiness is a jerk...

Also twijack

Oh sure, AJ dares RD to do something embarrassing and it's fine, but when it's the other way around everone's get's all uppity!

5710333 Yeah, I was thinking about that.

Applejack dares Rainbow Dash to sleep with Rarity in a one-night stand, basically sucker punching their friendship in the foundations.

Rainbow Dash dares Applejack to kiss Twilight--sure, she has the crush, but a kiss is a lot less relationship-risky than sex (and finding out it was over a dare less wrath-inducing).

Still, while Applejack's ordeal is more emotionally involved than Rainbow Dash's (at least until the post-revelation-it-was-just-a-dare comes out (although Rarity's foreknowledge thankfully prevented that in I'd Do Her)), but when it comes down to it she decided her crush (the emotion, not the pony) wasn't as important as her pride.

Just a li'l awkward indeed...

Oh Dash, when are ya gonna learn? Romance initiation is a torment for the emotionally invested. (Also, what is it with it getting started by dares or tricks? At least AJ was straight-up about it. And she actually went through with it.)

Holy cow, you actually made it. I wasn't sure if you were going to make a sequel, but you did it.

Okay. I'm following this now. You have intrigued me.

Insta-favorite, I've been waiting to see this for a while :D.

Rainbow do you know what it's like to have a crush?:duck:
Well duh, Look at Spike while your talkin:rainbowhuh:
:raritystarry: Oh dear, My precious scales?
:moustache: folds his arms and looks ( look out 4th wall ):facehoof:

That new telescope is busted now from getting dropped on the ground, isn't it? :raritydespair:

Yusss!!!! I LOVED "I'd Do Her" and I'm SO PSYCHED that a sequel came out!!!!! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Well, even less than 1/6 because at least half of the fandom aren't attracted to ponies from the show. XD

As for me, I would kiss her, too... :twilightblush:

I actually love both Twilight and Rarity, so I would kiss them both XD

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