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We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.

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Ladies and gentlemen, all aboard the NITPICK TRAAAAAAAAAIN!

seeing as how you didn’t pay my in full yet.


That’s now how language works.


everyone except for a sanct few in this city


Also, the story as a whole feels kind of short and pointless. It's a funny kind of pointless, but pointless regardless.

Simple and humorous. Good work.

Don't hold your breath Chrysalis, Celestia probably has millions of bits needed for all of the antics in Equestria every week. I'd just masquerade as someone else and bug her till she gives in.

Majin Syeekoh

7048001 Well, I had fun writing it and it seems you had fun reading it.

That's what counts in the end, isn't it?

Chrysalis: Hey, Celly.

Celestia: Chrys R. I've been looking for you.

Chrysalis: Yeah. Sure you have. So you have my money right?

Celestia: It's... It's coming. Just give me five minutes.

awesome to the best of it, will chryssi ever get her money

Majin Syeekoh

7048050 Who knows. That Celestia's a sly dog.

I have to agree with Chrysalis. Even if that is a recognized word, it shouldn't be. Puns and portmanteaus have their place, and that place isn't "everywhere."

Still, I have to cede a point to Celestia. Causing massive collateral damage in your client's home is rarely if ever advisable.

In all, an enjoyable bit of fun.

7048060 You know, that explains a LOT of how Equestria is in this days. Millennial crisis? Just a bunch of mistreated artists coming to get their paychecks. Little purple smart? Just her new potential bouncer/knee breaker. And the elements of what, Tax Evasion? Really, this is golden XD

I demand a sequel! Hipster changelings doing an Occupy Canterlot movement!

Majin Syeekoh

7048100 That sounds tempting, but then I'd have to do some research into politics and that kind of gets messy.

I'll put it on the back burner, though.

Celestia is totally in the right there. Performance art of that caliber is totally a breach of contract! Entitling Celestia to impose penalties.

7048133 Yup! .. Not to mention to pay off the damages. <-<~


i dunno, lets say you hire a body guard, and said guard destroys your car protecting your life, are you gonna stipulate a fine onto said guard for doing their job?

7048060 yes, yes she is

Short and hilarious. Have my like :)


Well, it definitely deserves the Random tag.:twilightoops:

wlam #20 · Mar 20th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Chrysalis grunted and trotted towards Celestia. “Your honor is worthless, seeing as how you didn’t pay me in full yet.” Chrysalis sat down and pressed her hooves into her eyes. “You can’t just take a perfectly serviceable word, cram a pony or horse pun in there, and declare it an Equestrian word. That’s not how language works.”

THANK you!

Why does chystalis need money again?

Majin Syeekoh

7048552 That's not the point; It's the principle behind the matter.

Please elaborate.
I obviously missed the meaning of the story.

Majin Syeekoh

7048572 Celestia agreed to pay Chrysalis for the Canterlot Wedding performance. Celestia is stiffing Chrysalis on her full payment.

It doesn't matter what Chrysalis needs the money for. She was supposed to get money and Celestia's not paying up.

7048572 The joke appears to be that Celestia conned the queen by making her reveal her race to the public. have her invade Canterlot, have her make all the mistakes Chrysalis plan suffers in the show and telling her that she'll pay her under the circumstance she's allowed to beat the queen. Since Celestia "forfeited" that fight, she didn't win, thus Chrysalis didn't uphold her part of the contract even though she did everything right on her part.

As much as I wish this were true...

When it comes to unregulated languages the common approach is if two native speakers of the language use it and understand it in it's context... then it's certainly a part of language...

It's kinda how language evolution works or how new words are coined.

Regulated languages are similar in that you can say they aren't a part of the official language... but then there's dialects and socialects (think social situation instead of geographic) etc. Which are just as valid, just not officially recognized by the ruling body.

By extension, lolcat english, is very much english by as much right as say, american english, because enough people who natively speak english agree on it's meaning and understand what's being said.

tl;dr We made Brony English, it's a thing spawned out of horse puns, and it's expanding in weird and annoying ways.

Oh. So celestia is the bad guy in this book.

7048133 Hey she got even more than she contracted for. That should require bonus payment even!

Someone tell me if the world is just as crazy as this, because I would ABSOLUTELY live with, and in, it!

...why isn't this longer?


What, you think diapers and bottles grow on trees? She's a very busy mother!

7048100 All of my yes, each and every one of them wearing typical caps and scarves and tapping away on their iDrones while doing coffee from Starcolts.

I got something about starcolts.
Mmmmmmmmm.....starcolts hot chocolate.
*dreams about drinking starcolts hot chocolate*


Now I want to know what would have happened if cadence and shinning hadn't beaten her. Had long would it have took for to realize. She went of script.

I don't really care about the real-world linguistics of it, in all honesty, I just thought it was funny.

Refusing to pay someone for breach of contract is a perfectly valid reason not to pay them.

Whether what Chrysalis did constitutes a valid breach of contract or not...we need to look at the contract in more detail.

:twilightsmile:: did you get the contract in writing?
Chrysalis: uh...no?
:facehoof:: I'm sorry, but in that case it's not enforceable.

:trollestia:: like I said, you're lucky I even paid you half.

7048077 So the place for them is Middle of Nowhere? (points at where Courage the Cowardly Dog lives)


A little bit of random never helps.
Also, interesting concept!

Verbal contracts. It's actually a legal thing.

:ajsmug:: was there a witness? It's a lot harder to prove in court without a witness. Can't enforce it unless you can prove it in court.


And then there's the issue of mutual understanding: Celestia obviously wanted a fight where she won in order to make herself look better. She got a fight where she lost. Unless she threw the fight in order to weasel her way out of the bargain, of course. Chrysalis thought the whole point was a show, any show, and that things like who won or who lost were just guidelines.

:trollestia::see? Unenforceable.

wlam #42 · Mar 21st, 2016 · · 2 ·

It's unenforcable anyway, because Celestia is a tyrant and above the law, but hey, nitpicking is nitpicking, so there. :derpytongue2:

This is literally when someone borrows money from you and then you ask them for their debts when the deadline hits! :rainbowlaugh:anyway, keep up the good job!

oh, and also...

I always felt Chrysi was the best villain to come out of MLP until Starlight. Then she stopped so I guess its back to good old Chrysi. Glad to see fun stuff like this is still popping up even now. Hope to see more.:pinkiehappy:

Nice! I love this one. (especially Chryssy's hissy fit about horse puns...)

Oh god please continue its great :D

7049967 tenouttaten Batman: world's greatest detective

Ummmm... Da fuq? I no understand.

I read the story. Then the comments, which seems to involve a lot of talk as to whether Chryssi really deserves her money and talking about language, thanks to "emaresculate". Can't we just agree to disagree on such subjects and go about our lives, knowing we all read an enjoyable story? I normally read comments because they add more to the story, but these didn't bring me the same enjoyment as most comment sections.

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