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You should probably judge a story by the story itself rather than the person writing it, right?

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I think I have the worst writers block in history · 9:45pm Dec 7th, 2016

...Then again, it might just be the fact that I can't write dialogues to save my life.

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Thanks for the fave on Noble in the Shadows!

2203972 'Back then'?

The dude's been around for four years and has written over three million words of fanfiction. I'd hope he would understand how comments work by this point.

2203131 Hmm... I really don't have enough information on Alex to know if he's as much of a self-promoter as you make him out to be. Of course, if he is, the situation is relatively clear: He's aggressive for no gien reason and you, rightfully, smacked him down a notch. I mean, I could kinda get behind him if your statement would hae been initially hurtful, but...

You would say that.

Really isn't enough of an incentive to blow up like that. Also, double, triple and quadruple post on his side, though I shouldn't complain about that too much, since I kinda did the same back then when I didn't know how the commenting function worked.^^°

At some point in the past, you asked what my capacity for flame wars was.

You said so here.

Because I happened to remember that you asked that, have my most recent 'flame war', which is barely any flame on my part.

Find us in the comments. Let me know whose side you took.

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