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Apple Bottoms

I signed up so I could join Everfree Northwest's writing contest! I love to write!

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Whoops, I have a blog! · 2:35am Apr 28th, 2017

Hello followers! And, uh, anyone who happens to stop by and sees this!

It only took me a couple of years to figure out that there's a blog function on this site, LOL! :twilightsheepish: I'm not sure what I would blog about, but I thought I should put up one anyway! Let's see, maybe I should talk about myself!

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2149232 The "Maud Prize" would be a great one for runners up:
"I'm not really into 'winning.'"

2149221 LOL it was!! And hey no probs! Best of luck in the contest, I hope you win a prize! :raritystarry: Is there a rock-related prize, I wonder...? :rainbowwild:

Hey, just offering my public thanks for the fave on "Marble's Horizon." It was pretty amusing to see the last time I'd posted was me apparently informing you that you'd won the EFNW contest last year. :rainbowlaugh:

2149186 I do!! :pinkiegasp: My problem is, it's hard to get motivated to write unless there's a prize (and thus, a deadline!) involved! I'm not very good at managing my time, especially when it comes to writing... :twilightsheepish:

Okay, you need to start writing beyond just contest entries.

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