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Apple Bottoms

Pony got those Apple Bottoms jeans, jeans! Boots with the fur - with the fur!

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SURPRISE! Late night post! · 10:50pm Oct 17th, 2022

In case you missed it, I posted a new contest entry story pretty late last night! I'm on PST though, so it was only about 10pm for me - downright early compared to some of my last-minute entries! :rainbowlaugh:

Feel free to give it a look if you'd like, it's a quick little comedy story! I was afraid it might not even make the cutoff for posting, but at 1500 words, it makes it with a little to spare! I hope it'll give you a giggle!

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Aw thank you! It's a lot of posts, idk if I'll be able to keep up! but I appreciate the warm welcome!

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