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I signed up so I could join Everfree Northwest's writing contest! I love to write!

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Written for Everfree Northwest's Scribblefest 2018!

Tempest Shadow was a military leader, and one of the Storm King's most deadly generals; but a long time ago, she was just a little filly in Ponyville. Now she's asked Princess Celestia to help find her family, so that she can resume her life in Ponyville. Tempest knows Celestia has to be lying to her when she reveals that her mother is - Mrs. Cake?! So Tempest sets out on a quest to find her real family - right under Princess Celestia's nose!


She waited until she could hear the six ponies obviously following her start whispering among themselves before she spoke her prepared lines.

“OH,” Tempest Shadow intoned, loud enough for the would-be stalkers hiding behind the barrels in a nearby alleyway to hear her, “I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS WHERE I BELONG. BUT … MY HEART, IT’S BECOMING SO FULL OF THIS STRANGE NEW EMOTION.”

The voices behind the barrels sharply quieted, listening keenly for her next words.

“I THINK … I’M GOING TO GIVE PONYVILLE ONE MORE TRY.” Tempest Shadow said, with as much gravitas as she could manage, and heaved an overdramatic sniffle as she rubbed beneath one eye. “I THINK I’M GOING TO GIVE LOVE … ONE MORE TRY.”

“I knew it!” came a soft voice from behind the barrel, which was rapidly shushed by five other voices.

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Princess Celestia has summoned Twilight Sparkle to Canterlot for a challenging request: help ease Princess Luna back into modern society, and cure the sadness that seems to hang over her like a cloud - all before the Nightmare Night festival. But when Twilight Sparkle's perfect plan goes awry, can she rescue her ruined festival in one night?

An alternate take on what might have happened before the episode "Luna Eclipsed," we are introduced to Princess Luna in more depth, with focus on the centuries she spent before turning into Nightmare Moon. 5153 words, created especially for Scribblefest 2017!

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Twilight Velvet is enduring the unique pain of a mother saying goodbye to all of her children, left alone in a home too big for her. Imagine her surprise when she begins to find friendly notes and gifts left around the house for her by a loving husband. But - surprise! They are actually the bumbling attempts of the evil Changeling Queen Chrysalis to kidnap her and ransom her to Twilight Sparkle! But when things take a turn for the worse with the changelings, will Chrysalis and Twilight Velvet be able to work together to save a life?

This is my entry for the Scribblefest 2016 Contest!

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Written as one of my two entries for Everfree Northwest's fanfiction competition, this story tackles the friendship that everypony hopes to see: the resolution between Twilight Sparkle and Trixie, as told in a series of letters. However, how can two ponies who are so different make peace? And will a misunderstood letter destroy the fragile cease-fire between these two powerful unicorns?

Chapters (3)

Written as one of my two entries for the Everfree Northwest writing competition, this fanfic tackles the theme "making new friends" between two very unlikely ponies. Fluttershy is almost too shy for her own good, and Luna reminds her way too much of the evil Nightmare Moon! How will they come to a resolution? And do these two ponies have more in common than they anticipated?

Chapters (1)
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