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Medical Costs--SLOTS OPEN · 8:35pm May 2nd

Hi. I need to pay for some medical costs coming up and to prevent them from cutting into our rent and what not, I'm going to open up one single commission slot. I've struggled with multiple in the past. But I will have ONE available. When it is closed, I will edit this post, and if it opens up after that, I will edit this post again.


1.) Up to 7000 words.

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Thanks! I saw it a little while ago.

If you check Mono's blog, somepony replied there with the Ko-fi link.

I was going to ask the same...'cause I'm old and I work all the time, but I would love to help!

Hay! Mono said you were struggling with money due to being laid off unexpectedly. Her fundraiser uses Twitch, but for those of us unable to make the time (or who don't Twitch), is there a Ko-fi or Paypal we can use to donate to you directly?

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Many of my fics belong to a sprawling continuity affectionately dubbed the Songverse. The name originated probably as a reference to the fact that most of the titles and much of the imagery was intentionally taken from Song of Solomon, but later because of the Cosmology hinted at in the idea of the "Song" as creation story.

The "Songverse" and the "Nightverse" are something of a gestalt entity. The main branch of the Songverse is listed, but you will notice there are others--it is best to think of all of these stories as parallel if not directly one after the other. One of the conceits of the entire continuity was that the world is several, reflected endlessly with variety.

Primary Songverse (Chronological Order)

The Lilies of the Field
A Lady Does Everything With Feeling
Browsing Among the Lilies (NSFW)
Where the Sun is Silent
Catch For Us the Little Foxes
Like a Mighty Flame
Learning to Soar
Great Heart Will Not Be Denied
Up From the Wilderness
The Concept of Anxiety
All the Wealth of Her House

Splinter Songverse (Where Rainbow Died in “Sun is Silent”)

My Love, a Ghost
Will the Circle Be Unbroken?

Stories Parallel but of Uncertain Categorization

Where Mad Gods Dance
Towards Some Greater Dawn
Broken Voice
Redeem Us In Our Solemn Hour

NightVerse—The Night is Passing shares thematic elements with the Songverse proper and also much of its lore and even some of its locations/events. It is a long, self-contained story.

The Night is Passing
Lily’s Song
But Bears it Out, Even to the Edge of Doom
Beyond Seas of Mountains