Luna's homecoming tour has taken her to every major city in Equestria. Every city but one. Lunangrad, the frozen sentinel of Equestria's forbidding north, and Luna's ancient sacred center.

Twilight, along for the ride, finds herself drawn inwards towards some horrible secret as the world she knows trembles before some great revelation. The Pilgrimage has begun.

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Are you listening, oh goddess? Could it be that your tale will finally be told?

Woo! I haven't been this excited for a fimfic in a long time.

The master has returned to grace us with more worldbuilding \o/

Hmm, Twilight's family's motto is the truth will come out... interesting I wonder what that says about her family's founder.

I've had the honor of prereading this fic back when it was in its earlier stages. It's fantastic, and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Featured with 50 views XD
Still, been enjoying this so far, been looking for a story like this.

Though it was probably still cold, sohe had packed her warmest clothes.

"so she"

Does this share continuity with any of your other stories?

Oh man, off to a fantastic start! Already wishing to read more.

A correct name for the city would be Lunagrad, without this 'n' in the middle. Unless you have some plans regarding this letter, that is.
Looking forward to where the story comes to.

Only in the sense it shares a common mythos and some locations.

How much words is planned? 30-40k?

I have like 13k written right now I think? Maybe 20 in all. I have no idea.

This story seems intriguing. I'm going to follow it and see if it keeps my interest. I am liking the characterizations and the descriptions and wonder where it is going.

I assume it was to emulate the more famous "-grads" like Stalingrad, Leningrad, and Kaliningrad, which all have the "n". That being said, my first instinct is to pronounce the name as Loo-nan-grad rather than Loo-nun-grad, which makes the name seem a bit silly.

A few small errors throughout, but overall a very interesting read. I especially enjoyed lines like this:

The universe is no longer set properly, or with growing dismay the thought worms its way into one’s brain that perhaps it has always been thus. It has always been as it must be, and it was you who were not flush with the order of things, it was you who stood at the wrong angle and watched the plumb line lurch across the narrow stripe of your vision.

With fanfiction, I usually brush through long descriptive passages because most authors don't do well with them, but you've got a real gift. I spent just as long on these 6,000 words as I usually would on 25,000 words for any other story, just because I actually slowed down to appreciate the way you went about describing things.

The thing is, all of these cities are named after certain people, who had their surnames ending in 'n' - Lenin, Stalin and Kalinin. So correct naming would be "Luna" + "grad" (Luna's city).

She knew when she was being politely dismissed, and to be honest she needed to go quietly worry by herself for awhile.

A very authentically Twilight sentiment! :twilightblush:

That was a properly ominous dream that Twilight had. Also, very much enjoying the interaction between the Princesses here!

In a purely functional way you’re totally right. I just like it better with the n, and don’t really care enough to bend it to linguistic conventions that don’t neccessarily exist in setting.

Yeah, it’s after Leningrad. Lunagrad sounded sillier to me—tho technically there’s a dispute in universe as to whether it’s named for Luna or the nearby river, which has severa names. (I was gonna mention that in the FOE story nobody read.) Also, nice user name.

Edit: oh. I say it like neither of those. Loon-in-grad. If I’m remembering to do so I say “grad” correctly but otherwise I butcher it as like grad in graduate

Within her was a similar energy, as if five dozen small Twilights were rushing from shelf to shelf, working out what lay ahead of her.

Almost as if she had some sort of, oh, I don't know - "Inner Court", let's call it?

Am inviolate layer beneath all recursion I guess

When we fought side by side, she was a terror. Her hammer held high, her eyes alight with…

"Her hammer held high" - almost reminds me of some other story about Luna and Twilight and a high-held hammer. Starting to feel like this is a spiritual sequel or parallel to certain other works I could name. And that's a good thing.

Funnily enough, Loon-in (gorod) would correspond to Luna's in Russian language, althrough not in a way cities are usually named))

The Queen of Night laughed, or at least Twilight thought that it was a light, for the sound was like hissing. Eyes opened up all over her shadowy, changing form, red irises with narrow slitted pupils, all focused on Twilight.


good story this far.

Intriguingly ominous thus far. Eagerly looking forward to more.

Also, "in yeast there is truth"?

Love the way you write Luna, out of place but not intentionally so. I'm looking forward to where this story leads since I am a big fan of introspection stories on my favorite alicorn princess. I also noticed a certain similarity to the chapter titles to certain songs and albums from the band, "Explosions in the Sky," but I could be wrong.

Yup. They are really important to me.

I’m curious to what those works are if you don’t mind.

This is the "Inner Court" story, which leads seamlessly into snuggly Twilestia, also the focus of its sequel:

And here's another of his stories about Luna and Twilight, about dear old dead days and battles long ago:

This is my way of giving Cyne grief about not having updated them in a while, but updated or not, they're fantastic stories. That's pretty much a given for anything Cynewulf.

Will there be a enemy at the gates reference

there will 100% be a point where someone says some version of "barbarians at the gates" so kind of?

There are moments when the world seems to not change so much as tilt. One stands as one always has, and yet the floor is different. The walls and the halls have rearranged themselves. The universe is no longer set properly, or with growing dismay the thought worms its way into one’s brain that perhaps it has always been thus. It has always been as it must be, and it was you who were not flush with the order of things, it was you who stood at the wrong angle and watched the plumb line lurch across the narrow stripe of your vision.

Can I just say that passages such as this are what made me fall in love with your writing in the first place?

Loving this so far!

Oh boy, another story from the man who wrote: The Night Is Passing. This should be good.

I do so love eldritch horrors.

Twilight did not rise up immediately, breathing raggedly. She did not cry out. These are theatrics, rare things which she had never experienced

Y'know, I used to have very explosive wakings. Once, I jumped out of the bed, screaming that we were all going to fall and die. Then another time, I shot straight up, stormed to the living room, and started yelling angrily at my parents that there were lady bugs in my bed.

Of course, I was half awake both times... Guess Twilight and I don't share that in common. Theatrics I've been guilty of!

carried aloft by a ;clawed fist

Stray semicolon.

He was a strange pony, for sure.Not because he was a bat pony

Missing space.

“My Lady’s yoke is heavy, yet also light. It condenses the world into a point, and pushes every single thing away.” You’re feeling it, aren’t you?”

Stray quotation mark.

So this was interesting. Lunagrad itself should be more so. I get the impression that the city's reverence for Luna may not always be the healthiest, or I suppose most welcome on her part, that it could be.

I love it when Cynewulf gets mysterious and mystical with Luna and uses Twilight as the audience surrogate.

Twilight, with her inexhaustible curiosity, is the perfect pony to throw exposition at, in the hopes that the audience is caught within the blast radius.

There is much of Luna that might be worshipped. The question is what Lunangrad has chosen to focus on. Or so I assume. Much is left unsaid for now.

Also, I can't help but wonder what Twilight's yoke will be like, should she ever develop enough to exert one...

the great Library of the Moon or the great Library of the Luna? Library also known as Luninka.

its a dumb reference to a book ive never actually read

Well, this is certainly curious, even if I apparently haven't read enough of what came before to be as flat out excited as others are.

Moonflower's an interesting fellow too. I wonder how he and Twi are going to get on...:raritywink:

OMG, Twilight was an academic who literally lived in an ivory tower. How is this the first time I've heard this in 6+ years?

Or maybe Luna could ask about Twilight’s dreams now and save a likely lot of trouble down the line. Nag’s gotta be all mysterious.:ajbemused:

"Mythic" is definitely the word to use here. As they approach Lunangrad, Twolight's experiences are moving far from what she's accustomed to, into strange realms undreamt of by Librarians. Which, of course, raises the question of what Twolight is becoming as she dreams of them.

Eagerly looking forward to more.

I'm just going to say that I enjoy the way you write. Your world building is very interesting and reminds me of a saga in the making. You paint very well, and embarrassed Twilight is amusing. You bring out the Goddess concept of Luna rather well indeed and I am enjoying your presentation of her personality. This is psychological drama done right. You have me looking forward to your next update.

She had switched from her usual manner to a very formal one, shedding the turns of phrase, the playful word games, and the occasional lapse into other languages that so marked her correspondence.

This totally describes my concept of how my Luna normally writes to my Twilight Sparkle. The whimsical style, I mean.

This is because my Luna likes and trusts my Twilight Sparkle. Very much.

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