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It has been two hundred years since Celestia’s funeral, and Equestria has changed. Mighty ships sail between the stars, great cities scrape the skies of half a dozen worlds, and what was once a humble nation has become a vast empire.

And now, Twilight Sparkle writes to her dearest mentor once again.

As of Season 4, LttS is fully re-integrated with canon.

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I'll take all questions and criticism in the comments. Feel free to say whatever you think.

After the last letter, maybe celestia could write one back...

I have this sad sinking feeling that Celestia and Luna are no longer with us. Please tell me I'm wrong. Please!

Beautifully written, heart wrenching realizations. Only one thing missing.

Publicity. :twilightangry2:

Freaking harmony tree…


Wow such great work, and I have not seen a single comment in any of these. Either I am blind or you do not have the publicity you deserve.

In agreement how Rarity's "generosity" seems to be a hit and miss thing. Probably what she found in her trip.
Great world, you've built here. Discord would love the change going throughout the land.

Yay! Space!

17 likes and 0 dislikes? I... can't even find words, you guys. Thank you, all of you. I've had a really rough week, and this... like I said, I can't find words to describe the feeling.

I'm actually crying a bit right now. Keep being awesome, everybody, and once again... thank you.

I like it. Nice to see how Trixie has changed. Brute force is rarely a good idea.

This is...well, to put it frankly: Really quite amazing! I mean...wow!

Very well written, great handling of an idea that normally doesn't gel well with ponies (space travel) and...just an extraordinarily good read. Bravo!

Have a like, a favourite and a watch! And not least of all because of that awesome Homeworld/MLP crossover avatar of yours. Oh yeah, don't think that went un-noticed, sonny Jim.

4008971 A fellow Homeworld fan!

Thank you for the praise. You won't regret that watch by the end of the month, I promise you that!

4009093 You're quite welcome.

Given that I'm already not regretting it, and that the end of the month is less than 48 hours away (at least where I am, anyway), I'd say you're doing pretty good so far.

I can't say much for what you haven't written yet, but I don't think the tree of harmony ruins things as much as you say. It is obvious from four of the episodes of season 4 (with two more expected before the season is out) that the mane 6 still represent the elements, even if they don't have the fancy jewellery to go with it. It is still reasonable to call Dash the 'Element of Loyalty', even if the only object she has to show for it is a badge from Spitfire (same to be said of Generosity, Laughter and Kindness). You could get pretty flamboyant with your descriptions too if Rainbow Power becomes canon to the show.

4037498 The problem isn't necessarily that the Elements were given up, but that they were defined so rigidly. The core concept in LttS is that the Elements are passed down from one generation of bearers to the next, conveying a series of abilities and powers with them (including immortality). The Tree of Harmony kind of makes that impossible.

Ah, I see what you mean. While it might be possible to make excuses for it, you've taken the easier but still reasonable route of divergent canons.

4039464 Indeed. Besides, I started this in August. The Tree of Harmony didn't exist back then.

Excellent set of stories. Waiting eagerly for more.
Loved the Star Trek reference, and did I detect a nod to Fred Saberhagen's Berserkers? While the Fraggers sound a bit like Anne McCaffreies Hivers. No contact just attack.
Keep up the good work

The ring-world of the Nivenn, I love it!

4585928 Hehehehe... I'm not above making obscure references from time to time.

She never stopped walking. After those five bolts, no more shots were fired. The terrorists surrendered five minutes later, with not a single hostage in their grasp.

When I heard the story, I was speechless. Dozens of ponies witnessed it all, and

There was in fact a news camera’s film, showing Fluttershy leaving the building.

There's a missing paragraph here.

4588735 Google Docs and Fimfiction are not friends. Will fix.

Whoops! This chapter went between the normal and bonus chapters, so I missed it.

Are we gonna hear what happened when they found the gryphons again? I suppose there's still two more letters to go. Oh, and Twilight's! She'll have to fill in her old teacher on what she's been doing this whole time, right?

Oh gosh, this story is beautiful

> the ring-world of the Nivenn

I recognize the source for the Grom, too, and I think the Hand, but I'm still stuck on the Kahri, despite a nagging voice in the back of my mind saying I should know this one... possibly I've read too many classic SF stories with species/cultures who don't live on permanent structures.

Waaaaaaaaagh! :pinkiehappy:

'meditating conflict' -> mediating


4753204 Kahri...possibly the quarians from mass effect?

Also, princess celestia should send a letter back right at the end.

Can Princess Celestia send a letter back? Please?

4872833 Yes. She must send a letter from her afterlife in the sun.:pinkiecrazy:

I wish I could live 400 years :(

This was story is also very interesting. I do hope that you'll continue your homeworld story sometime.

Haven't read the rest of the chapters, but I'll ask anyways... is Cadance still alive? How is the Crystal Empire? Sounds like it could be a part of that Allied Empires thing.

Wonder if there has been anything important named after Luna. I mean, Twilight obviously would've tried to make that so, but was the name decided in the ways the Celestia was?

4899903 I'm going to do a bonus on this, I think, but for now I might as well answer your question. World building, ho!

Cadance and Shining Armor have passed away. The meaning of the "Element" of Love (separate from the EoH, and manifested as the Crystal Heart) changes with each bearer, and in Cadance's case it left her mortal so that she would not be forced to outlive Shining Armor. They were both in their later years when life-extension magics started being developed commercially, and elected to live out their lives naturally. They passed peacefully in their sleep on the same night, and were buried together in the Royal Cemetary in Canterlot.

There is a new Bearer of the Crystal Heart, though I'm not going to be touching on that much in Letters itself. The Crystal Empire remains on good terms with Equestria, and though crystal ponies are considered a relative minority, they can be found most places that other ponies live.

Luna's reputation is much different now. A great many monuments to her exist, and she is often paired with her sister in sculpture. She's not as revered as Celestia, but she's no longer remembered solely as Nightmare Moon. Twilight saw to that in part, but Luna herself did just as much to shake her reputation.

The most obvious places named after her are Luna City—the first city on the Eponan moon—and Lunanapolis, the largest city on any of the colony worlds. The latter of those two may or may not end up forming the setting for a future story. There are also the Night Fleets, the special operations divisions of the Royal Navy of Epona. The five Night Fleets were initially formed from the ranks of the Night Guard, and serve as Equestria's eyes and ears both past the rim of the Federation and within the territories of the other member empires. The fleets' operating procedures are, like most of the RNE's doctrines, based on Luna's writings on strategy and warfare (specifically the passages on stealth and intelligence gathering) , though the Night Fleets treat these texts with much more reverence than most.


Reminded me of the Hivers from 'Sword of the Stars'


Something I forgot to address (which is awkwardly hilarious to me) is that I honestly have never read Fred Saberhagen/Anne McCaffrey/Sword of the Stars. The Fraggers are actually descended from an old sci-fi original story I wrote back in the dark ages—before things like "quality control" or "common sense." The original race were called the Shiq ("the sound of claws scraping bone"... I wish I was joking), and they were basically the stereotypical "swarm of alien space locusts" with a few twists. There might have been hazy half-memories of John Ringo involved, but no explicit reference was intended, for them or the Fraggers.

Of course, the Fraggers aren't the Shiq, nor are they really the genocidal space locusts they seem to be. If I ever get around to writing the sequel to Letters, you'll get a much better sense of what they really wanted.

Consider, for a moment, that this species traveled across interstellar space for the sole purpose of exterminating a single planet whose people could barely make it past the atmosphere. That certainly implies one hell of a motive...

5077309 Is Postclassical the sequel, or is that just a sidestory?

5302099 Prequel, technically, but both stories are independent narratives set within the same timeline.

5302189 Okay. And in the comment I replied to, you said:

If I ever get around to writing the sequel to Letters, you'll get a much better sense of what they really wanted.

So is Postclassical the sequel that you mentioned, or is there something else that isn't mentioned yet?

5302329 Not as such. The aforementioned sequel was a side-project tentatively titled "Concrete Nightmares in the City of Dreams," a fantasy-cyberpunk adventure story set in the distant future of Equestria—or rather, on one of its colonies.

Yes, really. I never finished it, and I kind of doubt I will, but I did a good bit of write-up on it.

I could spill what the Fraggers really wanted... but I would like to save that, on the off-chance that I do end up writing CN some day.

Edit: Actually, that reminds me: I did a number of one-shots in the setting that I never published. Once I'm done with the whole stressed-out-of-my-mind-by-college thing, I'll have to go back and clean those up. The Fraggers would definitely come up.

5302387 Oh, okay. I'll definitely keep an eye out for those.

5302432 Of course. I've been dying for a continuation of this verse, and now I gotta go read Postclassical. But first, sleep. Or not. I'll see. Sorry for rambling. I do that sometimes. Especially when I'm tired. Still rambling. I'll go now.

5302440 As much as I love it when people read my work, I tend to recommend sleep first. Sleep is surprisingly good, and I tend to find it much more rewarding to read while well rested. :pinkiesmile:

Besides, waking up after a decent night of sleep really is one of the best things in life.

5302444 No, waking up isn't fun. Waking up and then being able to fall right back asleep is fun, though. But waking up and staying up is never good.

5302474 I'd tend to agree, most days.

But when you've gotten just the right amount of sleep? Waking up is amazing. It's a rare occurrence at the best of times, but if you can do it... wow.

5302479 Meh. I think I've fallen a little far behind on sleep to be able to do that, but oh well. And I started reading Postclassical because I'm idiotically stubborn like that.

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