The great evils of the world have clashed with the champions of all that was good and in true dialectical fashion, exhausted each other. The world Rainbow Dash and her wife Applejack live in now is the World After, one full of uncertainties and difficult questions.

Rainbow Dash doesn't care about any of that. She has a mission, and she intends to finish it, come hell or high water...

Or her spouse.

Art by Britishstarr

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Oh my yes. This will be gooooood.

~Skeeter The Lurker

and in true dialectical fashion, exhausted each other

I recently re-learned about dialectical materialism, so I'm really proud that I understood this

Comment posted by Hoops deleted Sep 2nd, 2017

This made me think of Dallas and Sarajevo and the Sondheim musical "Assassins". All are about times when the world turns on the actions of one sad person.

I didn't know how it would end, until the end, but I am glad you ended it how you did.

...You know, when I first saw this story I thought it'd be longer.

She's living in a world, and it's on fire

I like this ending. You held it on the knife's edge for such a long time.


I have it on as reliable an authority as the author's words may be considered that it should definitely make you think of Sarajevo.

...Is there a reason why this isn't marked as Alternate Universe?

Good story. Short, sweet, punchy.

"and dug for the key under a deceptive pile of masonry for the key"
Extra "for the key"?

"You could give me the boot and send me back to whatever is left of my estate near Amethyst City. Or, I suppose, what’s left of it."
Was either the second sentence or the "whatever is left of" in the first not meant to be there?

"wreath on the sight of a monument to"

"more flustered than they’d expect and more"

"to a point,and before that"
Missing space?

"What suffering there had been"
"What suffering had there been"?

"The hope that called these"

"cafe with it’s shaded awning"

"with whatever or I can or I’ll"
"whatever I can"?

"thinking about the pegasus reached"
"thinking about it the pegasus reached"?

I came here because of Scarlet's blog, because the phrase "Rainbow Dash as Gavrillo Princeps" caught my interest. I came in expecting a ponified version of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, with some interesting worldbuilding to explain how Equestria ended up becoming pre-WWI Europe.

Instead, I found a heartwrenching and heartwarming story about the cost of war, the desire for vengeance and the need to perpetuate the cycle of violence, and ultimately the power of love (picking Cadance as the new leader was a brilliant stroke of symbolism in that regard). If only Princeps had had an Applejack, or Ferdinand had had a Cadance; who knows how history might have gone?

But that doesn't really matter, because at the end of the day this is a story about the power of love, and how it triumphs over hate, and it was wonderful. Thank you for sharing this story with us and I really hope you do well in the contest.

I'm out of good words today, but I feel I need to speak up anyway, and say that this is lovely and bittersweet. Thank you.

You had me on the edge of my seat for several chapters in a row there. I wasn't sure how you'd choose to end it until I got to the very end. Fantastic, thank you.

It’s got a little cafe by the street.

Oh geez... Rainbow, don't start Equestrian World War I....

Whew. The lack of a Tragedy tag made me hope for the best. For something relatively short, it packed in the feels.

I like the implication that rainbow never considered giving up. I wonder who exactly made the call and what the goal is without the princesses around

Seems like a cool dude. Every dark fic should have opal lurking in the background making sure the bad guys don't get any funny ideas

This chapter starts out as a test of loyalty for rainbow dash, just how discord tempted her to abandon her friends to save clouds Dale. Applejack even tries that with her. But what finally causes her to stop at the end, is love, not hate

“Because you’ll destroy everything, and you know it,” said Applejack at last. “You know that, don’t you?”

AJ tells it like it is. Have I ever stopped mentioning how much I love the way you write her?

“Dash, hon, I love you. This is suicidally stupid. Even if you don’t die, everything will be worse. This is the worst idea you’ve ever, ever had. That’s sayin’ somethin’, too, cause you ain’t really one for good ideas.”

Damn, that's honesty alright!

While the set-up was still doing its thing, I thought: Well, I'm sure everything will be explained later, but boy, is this dark...
While the story was running, I thought: Well, this is... maybe one of those depressing, alternate timelines when Starlight manipulated RD's past?
Now, at the finish line, I think: This' gotta be tagged 'alternate universe'.

And a depressing one, at that. Thousands dead. Two kingdoms broken down. Twilight 'lost'. The princesses' vanished. We don't know about the fate of quite a lot of others, but with a war raging like the one described within, there's a good chance a lot of them are dead, too.
'Drama' all you like, but jeez, this is dark. It should be tagged as such. (In addition to 'alternate universe'.)
The story was well-crafted, AJ's and RD's portrayal was fine, it's just... the overall tone was gut-wrenching. And to be honest - I wouldn't have read it if I had known what I would get myself into. Please reconsider your tags for this piece.

Huh. I thought it did have AU.

As for tragedy... the story is decidedly not a tragedy. Two kingdoms broken and then held together by reformers, with hope for a better future everywhere except in Rainbow’s eyes. Rainbow’s distortions are her own alone. Everyone else sees the truth, which is that the world isn’t getting substantially better.

Oh, I wasn't talking about 'tragedy' - I was talking about 'dark'. I think there's a huge difference between the two. Because with how this world was described, with the examples I gave, it sure as heck is 'dark'. 'Tragedy', on the other hand, would imply a, well, tragic path and/or ending. This story ended on a high note. RD would disagree with that, I know, but it was an overall positive ending. Doesn't change the chilling, gut-wrenching overall tone of the story, though.
Don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound preachy, harsh or whatever. Your writing is top-notch. And I'm sure that within your vast library, there's plenty for me to read and enjoy. But I do tend to get cautious and remember names when someone tags his stories in a way that I feel... blindsided?

I love the way you wrote this story, well done.

The first is about his estate. The second is about the city it is near.

Hm. Yes, that does seem to make sense; thanks!

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