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What does it take to rule Equestria?  Following an argument, Celestia has abdicated the throne and vanished from the memory of Equestria’s citizens, leaving Luna the chance to learn for herself.  Twilight, one of the few that still remembers Celestia, has grave concerns about Luna's leadership capabilities.  The nobles are restless and foreign enemies circle like sharks, sensing weakness.  Meanwhile, far off in the frozen north, Sombra stirs, dreaming of himself on the throne.

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"RRRRGGGHH!” Twilight’s main was starting to stand up 

I suppose it's a typo and it should be "mane"

I like this, haven't read anything like it before and I'm really interested to see we're this goes.

Bonus thing that Twi is a pony if logic (usually) and when she would face facts (and one very distraught Princess) she would calm down.

This outlook at Twi shows her as a Sherlock-like character

Will we be getting more politics, will there be a massive adventure, will the dragons fight to reclaim spike. Find out next time on 'the problem of evil'

Updates every Saturday until completed.

How long will that take?

There are going to be three arcs with around 6-7 chapters in each arc. So I'll probably be posting weekly for 4-5 months.

Prreeety sure this isn't what Luna had in mind when she was talking about being equal... Yeah there are several problems with decision, Not least of all that it was hasty. Celestia may have made a list but i'm assuming that done in the span of what, the time it took for Luna to meet Sombra? Bottom line is that while this may ultimately end up well in the end, it most likely won't and Celestia screwed the pooch.

Though my soul may set in darkness it will rise in perfect light/ I have loved the stars too fiercely to be fearful of the night,” Twilight recited, smiling fondly.

Very nice touch, there's probably no other poetry which so perfectly suits Twilight and Luna.

That, did not expect that to say the least:twilightoops:

I am very curious what direction this will take. I liked the dynamic between Princess Luna and Celestia.

The explanation of the magical system was really well done and châracter wise, magical genius and adorkable old school Twilight was a joy to read.

I liked the chase scene even though I think it favored Twilight a bit too much but since Princess Luna thought it as a game it was well done.
A Noble plot foiled, griffons and dragons, not your typical boring court day.

Dreamwalking may lead to the Nightmare. That is a very interesting perspective also no clear answer if this is not all another of Celestias manipulations.

That was a level of escalation I was not prepared for but it was impressive none the less. Cant wait for saturday.

A good chapter, worth a little extra wait. :twilightsmile:

Oh yeah, the mane 6. Forgot about them. (Don't ask me how)

While I do really Iove democracy, i do agree with twilight that more time to plan was probably needed. Then again Luna was pushed into a corner so it's not like she had much choice.

If Cadence isn't an alicorn, then what is she?

She's a pegasus. She doesn't have a huge role to play in this story. It's more that the nature of alicornhood plays a large role in the plot and I didn't want to confuse the issue by having extra alicorns running around.

I don't disagree that this chapter feels a little out of pace from the previous ones. I was (possibly unsuccessfully) trying to make it clear that the timeskip occurred and that the characters have changed as a result of six months spent in circumstances the reader doesn't yet fully know. I also wanted this arc's beginning to feel distinct from the previous arc's end.

As for the bit with Twilight and Luna, I was going for the feeling of an old argument that the two of them have had repeatedly in the skipped six months. Essentially, Luna blames herself for not knowing enough to avoid the rebellion, while Twilight is mad at Luna for letting that be an excuse not to be a leader in the present. When Twilight does blame Luna its supposed to be more of a hurtful thing said in a fight and she immediately tries to take it back. I can see how that whole argument might not have come across correctly and I might go back and edit again at some point in the future. Also, I believe the next chapter will make things a little more clear.

Being able to make a super powerful spell based on your emotions can be really good and really bad. Good in the way we just saw above, bad in the way that intense hatred could probably create a monster attack spell. Also if you're in combat for too long, and lose many of your friends you just snap and go "f:yay:k it", and just attack everything around you to kill as many enemies as possible, but not care if any allies get hurt. Let's hope twilight can keep her cool.

Nice going with the detail on dragon hoarding explanation, it was really nicely done. I can wait when they try to explain that to either AJ and RD, it is going to be an experience for them. Let's call Twilight, Frenemy, I can see that. I am hoping Luna gets out of that slum really soon. Other than that really good chapter!

Twilight in this story reminds me of Masamune Date. The daimyo of the date clan after the unification. She has one eye like him and she is a good commander but has her flaws aswell. Wich i believe makes her a very interesting character. She is also quite powerful but she does not brute force it, instead her greatest weapon is her mind and the tactics and cleverness she employs while having the skill to back it up. Here's hoping that Twi and Luna can be on better terms again. Cause if what the letter said is true, then in the future Luna and Twi will be the only constant in each others lives. And after losing Celestia both of them kinda needs something to anchor them to the ground, especially in these uncertain times. Loved the song composing and seems that everyone is starting to rally behind Luna again. I wish this story was more well known. It's really good. I can't wait for the next chapter, Great work!

not to mention emotional burnout. Brain can't go that way forever

You don't get many comments and that annoys me, but the world building you've done is so good that I had to just say you're doing such a good job. Keep it up man. I believe in you.

Welp, could be worse. It could be raining.

Oh nooo. I knew things were going from bad to worse, but now there's not even plot armor to save their plots! (No pun intended)

This is amazing, but extremely saddening. :pinkiesad2:

Twilight and shining connected surprisingly easily. At first I thought they had no relation, now I think they're long lost siblings that don't even know they are related.

This...this was an interesting chapter. I don't want to say good, because a funeral is never a good thing. But it was extremely well written. I think you hit all the characters spot on, and it definitely hit me in the feels.

Finally, when the two first met each other, I thought you simply wrote them as not related. Good to have some solid answers.

Also, I just realised this story passed 100k words. It odd how something like that can sneak up on you like that. Looking forward to this arc.

Thanks to both of you for your comments. I'd be posting even if nobody was reading, but it's nice to hear what people think and you two have been great for that!

It's interesting that you mention a geass. I totally wasn't thinking about that, but now that you mention it, it fits pretty well. Also, it's been interesting to see how negatively you view Celestia. I was worried people would give her too much benefit of the doubt when I wanted there to be mixed feelings, at best.

If you like the answers in the last chapter, then you'll love the new one. Answers out the wazoo. Also, 100k snuck up on me as well. There's a chance this arc alone will be another 100k, so that would be an interesting milestone to reach.

Well, Celestia is not perfect as we all think.

Do you have any objections to some of your magical system being cannibalized for my own work? Specifically how you define free magic and spells; I haven't seen it explained this well elsewhere.

“If you asked that I was instructed to smile enigmatically.” The blue dragon shrugged. “Please take my response as having done so.”

I absolutely lost it here. :rainbowlaugh:

Go for it! As I recall, it was drawn from the magic system for the role-playing game Mage: The Awakening, so you might find some of those descriptions useful as well.
Also, thanks to your comment I've realized that I had two chapter fives. Oops!

It's admittedly not as clear as it could be, but the characters are thinking something along these lines:
1. Blueblood launched a rebellion
2. He fled directly to Sombra's prison
3. Sombra can take over ponies, dragons, and griffons.
So Blueblood might or might not be evil, but he's almost certainly possessed and has been for quite a while.

I like that your canon has AJ's parents as soldiers. I've often assumed something similar myself, as it would explain their long absences from home during flashbacks.

I wish that I could individually like chapters, but that would be redundant since I like them all.

Thank you. And...you're welcome, I suppose. Also, I got to the sad bit. And while I'm impressed that you had the guts to do it, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DO IT?! :fluttercry: No, but seriously. Good work on this story.

Oh no. What have they done to Twilight?

In all honesty, that was a terrible idea on behalf of Rainbow. They can't lose Pinkie, but wouldn't it be easier to not get detected and therefore retrieve Pinkie when needed. Now Sombra can get to the Dreaming.

Couldn't have just waited till rainbow had her back turned and just knocked her out could you? Jesus...or better yet compulsion spell until she either learned to obey orders followed by court martial and permanent ban from the Wonderbolts.

Is some badass Twilight lone wolf stuff coming in? You bet, and this fic's Twilight sure knows how to get a party started all on her own. I am unsure if this was wise though, since the army they have now lacks essential leadership it could desperately have needed. Whatever it is she is aiming for is gonna be a gamble of the ages. And Twi has yet to show her hand. I feel like we're in for something of a doozy.

I love this story you are an awesome writer keep it up please

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