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One day after the whole incident with the invading plants and the The Tree of Harmony, Twilight and Luna are sharing a private night together.

WARNING: Contains Anthro ponies and is my first Anthro story. You have been warned.
Proof-Reader: Modernwater.

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I LOVED it, especially the part where Luna and Twilight were about to gang up on Discord :pinkiehappy::heart:

3704475 well sometimes it's interesting to see how many knots you can tie into discord :rainbowlaugh:
Personally I'd have just shot him :rainbowwild:

3722284 I agree with ya :pinkiehappy:

3722549 Now, onto more joyous Twiluna fics :pinkiesmile:

3722566 AGREED :pinkiehappy: lead on Macduff :3:twilightsmile:

3722840 Lets See If We Can Blow Up The Comments Box :pinkiecrazy:

3722847 Hmmm, ok :pinkiehappy: but what are we gonna talk about :twilightsheepish:

3722964 smile hd? Naaaaah :rainbowlaugh: how about twidash? :pinkiehappy:

3723053 Well I haven't really read any Twidash fics since I mostly support Twilestia, Twiluna and Twixie . Sorry :twilightblush:

3723160 it's ok:ajbemused: I am a twilestia fan, a twiluna fan, primarily a twidash fan, and a derpydash fan. I also like 3somes involving any of those characters :raritywink:

3723224 Glad we have an understanding then :ajsmug:

3723241 AJ is pretty Damn sexy ;) I'd rake that plot :raritywink:

3723361 Is that so, personally I'm not much of AJ shipper :twilightsheepish:

3723363 yes ;) derpy says you should :derpytongue2:

3723431 :rainbowlaugh: I hear ya
Ya know I think we should take our convo elsewhere since the author may get a little peeved we're talking in his comment box

3723469 Hey why the long face

3723478 bitch I'm a pony!!!!!! :twilightoops:

3723489 Oi! Watch the language or I'll wash out ye mouth with soap I will :ajbemused:

3723506 Lets take this to private chat and you can soap me all you like ;)

3723567 :twilightblush: Hehe you don't know how old I am do you?

3723577 not a clue. You know how old I am?

3723608 Yea ya told me in my inbox
Think of me as 3 years younger than ya :pinkiesmile:

3723620 pm now, we spammed this poor author's comments box too much now:rainbowlaugh:

3723643 Was trying to tell ya that :rainbowlaugh:

3723651 stop replying!!! :rainbowlaugh: pm instead :raritywink:

While I admit I enjoyed the story and it was very cute and fluffy...

It feels like the only reason it was anthro is so that Discord could complain about the absence of nudity.

...a complaint I find I share.:trollestia:

3810755 Hehe, thanks. :pinkiehappy:
Well, truth to be told, I wanted to write some Anthro because... I guess I was thinking about trying something different as I have bit longer Anthrofied story in mind at the moment. This was sort of test.

And that Discrod scene... well, that is just Discord being Discord. :trollestia:

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