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It is the year 2114, the third world war has come to ahead. The planet has been divided into two separate governments. The United Democratic Nations, the nations that fights to keep its country under the rule of an organized and collected group of leaders, and the Federal Dictatorial Council, the dictatorial rule of the council which acted as more of a united triarchy that dictated the laws, taxes, and freedoms.

On the historic day of June Sixth, the United Democratic Nations came together to finally deliver a death blow to the evil Federal Dictatorial Council. To do this, they would need to punch a hole in the foreboding Pacific Wall. This would be a costly endeavor, and several souls will never be able to see if their efforts were for naught or helped save their countries.

For two unfortunate souls, they will be among these individuals, but in a different manner.

Collab between Alex Mason and Smexy Sombra
Title is temporary until another is proved to be better.
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Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 19 )

Wow... We need to pre-

This is great so far! Keep up the good work.

This is an amazing story. I eagerly await updates.

Hmmm... im not a big fan of soldiers in equestria but the way this story is written leaves me wanting more. keep up the good work.

Nice, I'm a little surprised how fast they deal with the guns, but oh we'll.

Wow this is just weird

3725360 If the HUD is projected in the helmet, it is usually called an HMD (Helmet Mounted Display) great story so far though!

Good so far but I hope ponies won't be OP

When is the next one coming out?

Chapter 3 soon hopefully??? I'm really enjoying this story and I'm practically going insane waiting for the next chapter :pinkiecrazy:

There is only one response I can have to such a cliff hanger.


3805155 Agreed...
Damnit how long is it going to be until the next chapter? I know that typing a story can sometimes get old but I'm really hoping that you can pump one out relatively soon... I mean, that is, if you're not too busy... :fluttershysad:

When will this be updated? I really want to read more!!!

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