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You can always send me a PM. I'll usually always answer, eventually. You don't need to ask for permission. That being said, I usually don't jump on other folks story ideas as I have too many of my own!


Sometimes · 1:35am Mar 28th, 2022

The world is a strange place. I'm a little on the older side, but I just had a first for me. One of the people I helped raise died recently. She didn't have the best life. Her family was difficult, and I like to think that mine provided a reprieve. I helped change her diapers, taught her to read, and watched her grow up even in a difficult household. Her family loved her very much, but didn't have the capacity to express or act on it in a way she could appreciate, and secretly I blame at least

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Just here to say hi, and love the stories. Don't usually do anything but read here, but cool to see your name after not reading a story from you for like over 5 years xD. Thanks for the unexpected nostalgia, and good luck in future endeavors & all that <3

lol. Thanks! There are far better writers on this site. I've been a fan of https://www.fimfiction.net/user/235389/Ebonyglow lately.

Paying homage to one of my favorite writers here. Thus concludes the 1st stop of my pilgrimage.

Here 2023

Thank you for favoriting "The Elements of Harm Many!"

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