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Luna takes a morning stroll, and then realizes that she should really have known better.

Posted with actual art, because I only wrote the story because of said actual art. The guy is pretty cool, check out his deviant art.

Now with a reading at https://youtu.be/u7yPTBjJ4Uo
by http://www.fimfiction.net/user/ScarlettBlade
Check it out!

Not at all a thing I'd usually write.

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Cue the narnia jokes....

true fact, tongues do unstick of their own accord, i may or may not have firsthand experience in said area...

I remember I'd managed to tear skin off before even realize what happened... Was a good lesson for 5 yo kid.

That... was damned funny. :D

Ok, Yeah this made me smile. Good work. Who's a silly pony.

Not at all a thing I'd usually write.

Well then, what do you normally write?

Man, whether it's a silly one-shot or depraved erotica, you really don't half-heart anything. Every bit of this was excellent.

I love Luna's characterization especially – despite the [Random] premise, her thoughtfulness and issues aren't underplayed at all.

This was good. Didn't expect this from you but glad you did it :D

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But I have a question:

a toaster with its guts torn out

Is that a reference to The Toaster from Fallout: New Vegas or am I seeing things: (Start by timestamp 01.00)

I never found his personality chip. Now I am sad that I didn't put more effort into that DLC.

Fuck it.
Luna channeled the moon.

100% the best part of the story

7827288 Dude if you leave your brain you never become poisoned! Also the stealth suit is nearly useless unless its night time, even after completing all the test, still I always wore it because of the personality that came with. That and the auto stem-pack injection system too.

Where was I... Oh good story, yea...

Did you know there was a comic made for the stealth suit where it had a Twilight Sparkle head and a personality that went with it? The suit would, and had role-played her as well as other characters when not being worn directly. If you want, I can try to find it again so you can read it.

If this image will end up beeing a coverart more, we should expect some clop with soon.

Because srsly, two stories with the same coverart? Damn.

Well, there is always that one awkward option, if you can get your body appropriately contorted...

And this is why Luna will forever be my favorite princess :heart:

And now (12/29/16) there's two stories in the frontpage with the exact same artwork. (The other being http://www.fimfiction.net/story/358897/the-dangers-of-deluxe-double-dog-dares )

Apparently rather an inspirational piece!

Damn. never hit the feature box before. lol. Sorry for the delay. Been super busy, so could only check in. This is awesome!

Mist opportunity.

I will concede the point! TIL...

Ouch. Sounds like something a five year old would do.

I just wrote this cuz I liked the picture. If there was a cool picture, then maybe.


Applejack is. Thanks!

Uhh... Yeah... stuff. See below.

lol. Thanks! I wrote this super quick when I saw the picture. It helps that I'm used to writing 10k words at a time. My goal for this was 1k, but... meh.

Neither did I. Thanks!



Sadly no. I have played through that, but honestly wasn't thinking about it at all. Thanks though!

Honestly probably my favorite DLC for any game ever. I've played through it a bunch. There is just so much stuff!

Thanks! It's honestly a pretty mediocre story, so you're probably right. lol

And the weapons were amazing and the characters were great, and the map was extensive. Not to mention all the cool buffs you get and the robot scorpions. And... oh yeah.... thanks!


This was 60/40 almost a clop story. Should have done clop. That's my usual M.O. Then we'd both be special.

Yeah... but then things get frozen in more places and you end up all... oh... That's what you meant.

Luna is the only bea.

Whoops. Oh well. Mine was first by a day, but I don't care. I liked the picture, so I'm keeping it. I've changed a pic once before on one of my liked stories, and it was another case of "picture inspires story", but I'm just not up to it today. Both of us are in the feature box, so I don't think they'll mind. I should go read their story. I bet it's awesome!

I like how you write Luna's thinking process here and explaining her magic in such a way that kept her stuck for so long.

Also, that 'salt' line with Celestia and keeping her knowledge of events open ended. :trollestia: Well done!

I'm sorry:rainbowderp: but I honestly don't know what you mean by bea:unsuresweetie:

If "A Princess does not lick things" then "A Princess should not use the term 'salty'" :derpytongue2:

obviously luna simply did not use enough ice magic, to freeze the pole until it shatters is the real solution!

Saw the picture and it reminded me of this scene:

Celestia leaned back, closing her eyes in silent frustration. "It's okay Luna. We all get a little salty about things every once in a while."

when i read that i got the best grin. she totally knows. :pinkiehappy::trollestia:

Jack London wrote a bunch of stuff about Alaska during the gold rush (pre WWI. He was there). According to him, at 40 below zero, spit shatters when it hits the ground. I've also read that there are parts of Siberia so cold & quiet that you can hear the moisture freeze out of your breath.

So Luna not only took out every light post in Cantherlot, but she also traped Spike in the basement?

Nice one Luna, reeeeeeeeeeaally nice.


Comment posted by flimflamcrusader deleted Jan 1st, 2017

Salt had used to be a rarity in the old days, and it confounded her when her ponies threw it on the ground to melt snow of all things. <...>
Where did her little ponies get so much salt they could literally throw it around and walk all over it? What sort of inane debauchery was this?

I absolutely love this little line of world building, the idea of Luna being absolutely confounded by all her little ponies blithely using what recently (in Luna's mind at least) used to be an expensively rare recreational substance to melt snow. I imagine it must have been to Luna like coming upon a janitor using bottles of vintage Dom Pérignon to mop the loo floors.

Do NOT try this at home. Best friends tounge is about an inch shorter than its suposed to be because of begins frozen to a pole.

I made the mistake of locking my lips with the freezer door open on an older freezer with metal shelf in it. Took weeks to heal and hurt so much.

Author Interviewer

Well, that was amusing. :)

This was enjoyably cute. Why does everything Luna does, whether it be happy or angry, be so damn adorable?

Luna groaned, and then softly spoke. "Honestly…. I got a little angry, sister. I decided that with no one to watch, I could take my frustration out on the post. This modern world vexes me, so I removed that modern post."

LOL. I love this story. You get a follow.

Thanks! You in particular might like "This is not a love story." Or it might disgust you. Only you will know! I don't think this story is my best, but other people really liked it for some reason. My guess is the sweet cover art. Most of my stories have my handmade trash cover art...

Ok. I'll be sure to read it! And you're welcome . :)

The cover art alone sold me on this. Will def. have to read!

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