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This story is a sequel to The Adventures of Schadenfreude

Schadenfreude has nothing to do. He's bored. Bluey's gone for a few days, his friends are all busy, and, oh, Ponyville is on lockdown thanks to the apocalypse.

Really he just wants some froyo.

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how??? I'm not even surprised at this point

I was laughing far too hard through all of this. Very well done!

I love this character, You can put him in basically any situation and he just works off of everyone so well. Brilliant Writing!

It’s very very rare for me to find myself… bored. It leaves a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth, like ashy bread mixed with moral decency. Bleh. It was the middle of the week, and yet, I wasn’t driving my butler up the walls. Of course, that was partially my fault, as I may or may not have been the one to suggest that he attend a diplomatic excursion to Griffinstone. I mean, naturally I didn’t tell him that Yak diplomacy includes alcohol, pit fighting, and blood debts, but he should be fine. Pinkie says she has a friend up there who’s learning to bake pretty well. I’m totally confident they’ll cross paths and the one biscuit she might give him will totally make the entire trip worth it.

I'm fairly certain this is a mistake.

Just casually saves the world three times over. No big deal.

Some guy named Spooky Bones wrote it.

I see what you did there....:rainbowwild::moustache:

“I did the eye thing.”

What exactly is "The eye thing"?

Yea, just a regular ol' Tuesday. It's good he got the froyo though.

Me: *is dying laughing*


*continues dying*

I love this...so much.

I Concur! Shadenfreude saving the world, nay, the universe 3 times in one day, while still being the most irritating pony on the planet? PERFECT!

All Hail Schaden, Prince of Suffering, Misery, and Froyo! Long may he reign!

Oh my god I love this so much.

And you have every reason to. This was amazingly friggin' hysterical. Omigod.

I would point out the spelling and word errors I found but I've come to understand that with Schaden they're probably intentional so just fuggit.

Also the fact that for most of this the princesses are just so ridiculously out of character makes this whole thing better. I don't even know what kind of label to give them because they're all out of character in their own special way (except Twilight—she's always manic and doing stupid shit).

I give this story 20 out of 10 smashed watermelons.

Celestia's kids are supposed to be Sunburst and Sunset Shimmer, right? Sunburst: underpowered egghead. Sunset: tried to take over the world. That's so perfect. They even look like siblings.:twilightsheepish:

I wish so hard that I could like and favorite this story more than once each. This was friggin' hilarious as usual!

I tapped my chin thoughtfully. “There’s always that book in the Royal Archives about extradimensional possession. Some guy named Spooky Bones wrote it. Pretty easy to follow, actually. Checked it out myself a couple months ago when Hor’kar the Unknowable landed in my toaster.”


...they exist in both worlds, remember? Everyone has a duplicate.

While I'd hardly call this "just another tuesday in Equestria", it's totally the sort of shennanigans that can happen when you have so many magic users running all over the place.

A nice little spin on the ever-present nature of the show, I loved it. Although, I feel Schaden was a little less... Schaden. I’d imagine he’d make it a hassle for everyone else while solving it all himself, that way, he’d frustrate everyone to the same comedic effect but greater, instead of just frustrating Twilight. It might be just me, though.

Idea: Shadenfruede goes on a booping spree.

...That’s true huh. Now I’m just waiting for a Shadenfruede cameo in Delinquency xD

... i don't know why, but schadenfreude always makes me laugh

Twilight's curse is she has to know everything and this includes solving puzzles.. Sadly evil things rarely come with warnings

Sure they do. But this is EQG Spooks for sure. Because OBVIOUSLY they'll someday end up in the land of colorful horses dealing with extradimensional atrocities while complaining they blame Sunset for it. And it won't even be her fault.
Nice to know she is actually Celestia's daughter, though. Makes you think about how and why the principal acts like she does.

Edit: BTW I love how Shadden managed to still be an asshole while trice saving the world in the same day. He'll still ascend for sure, just so the assholery can last FOREVEEEEEEEER :pinkiecrazy:

8885347 You don't want to know. Seriously. It's worse than an Urlock.

There are about 15 different kinds of apocalypse going on, Schaden could not give less of a shit, and I am fucking CRYING

All the Lovecraftian horror love comming to Equestria. This is why it look like its constantly being assaulted by many apocalypses at the same time.

For an equestrian? This is Wednesday.

Oh my god I love this so much.

you and me both!

This was definitely one of, if not the, best installments in the shadenverse

I took an hour to finish this cause I couldn't stop laughing! I LOVE IT!!! Although I have to ask is this Canon to the Schaden verse? Cause if it is when can we expect to see Equestrian Schaden cross over to EG to meet Celestia's daughter and mess with her himself? Likely in addition with Schaden's EG version also?

Dancers of the Razor <...> Storm of Maws <...> Demented Cube of Black Wishes <...> King of the Neverwheres

That feeling when you realise where these all came from...

You really did name them all!


I'd hardly call this "just another tuesday in Equestria"

You do have a point there. This feels a bit more like a two-parter episode


All the Lovecraftian horror love comming to Equestria. This is why it look like its constantly being assaulted by many apocalypses at the same time.

For an equestrian? This is Wednesday.


Was wondering when you'd pop up.

According to the comments, there are a lot of references in this story...

And i have no fucking clue what they are :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

This reminds me that a part of me wants to learn Enochian... I don't listen to that part of me because it also wants me to learn Hebrew, Arabic, Angelic, Latin, and Gaelic... Basically, all the old languages that hold great power within their words...

I don't have time for all of that, and while it would make me super OP, I can already call upon the powers of eldritch horrors and other such beings.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I'm failing to come up with anything witty to say to this. It just speaks for itself. Something, wrong guy, right place, etc. :rainbowlaugh:

try cumbraic and manx, they could both use a few more speakers.

Look up the short horror movie Thresher on YouTube.

8888372 Silly boy, the Words of Power were never written down. But their symbols do adorn cave walls in places... :trixieshiftright:

A language can hold power in itself, at that point it's just declaring your will and intent with a fancy language. The caveat is that because a lot of these old dead languages are considered 'mysical', they hold more power than common language.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

8888925 What I'm speaking of are the languages with SO MUCH POWER that they were NEVER WRITTEN DOWN!! :pinkiegasp:

They were CAVE MAN LANGUAGES!! The ones that allowed Captain Caveman to exist with his SUPER POWERS!!


They were considered so potentially lethal (given that they resulted in such awful cartoon concepts) that were were stricken from all written records!


I'd love to see you start reciting Enochian keys just to see what sort of esoteric shenanigans you end up experiencing. When Edward Kelley was doing his thing with Dee, he was trying to figure out the pronunciations of the Enochian keys, and unintentionally called several angels to him. When the angels figured out that he didn't intend to call them, they broke his arm.

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

I love a good lore discussion as much as the next guy, but please take it off the comments page. :)

So this is effectively: Schadenfreude is bored when hell ices over :moustache:
This is also: Schaden is the biggest arse to Twilight by getting the world record in saving the world N number of times in X minutes
I fricking loved this, best shit right there :yay: Glorious

Don't you know it :trollestia:

Now I want froyo. But without the world ending threats. Might have to run out and get some. Haven't had it in years.


someone left the Demented Cube of Black Wishes on the train tracks

Ah yes, the X-Box.

Her gaze shifted left and right. “I… um, might owe the King of the Neverwheres a… not insubstantial poker debt.”

Ah yes, the Could've Been King. You left out the Meanwhiles. But at least the Nightmare Child is accounted for. (Hint, it's Bill Cipher. No wait... that was a spoiler... my bad!)

Would've been nice for Doctor Who to address all those interesting little plot tidbits eventually.

Suddenly there was a scream outside the window. “WHY DOES EVERYTHING TASTE LIKE SANDWICHES?!”

Why is that a bad thing? Is the turkey a little dry?




But I love those ingredients on my sandwich. *Alondro eyenarrows* Excuse me, I must savagely murder a pony. THE SAND WITCH COMMANDS ME!!

There was also something in there about how kiwis were the best fruit, but I stopped listening after the first couple verses.

Oh HELL no! I have had PASSION FRUIT and PAW PAWS!! And those are VASTLY superior to any god-forsaken fuzzy brown testicle fruit!

THIS MEANS WAR!!! *The Elder Gods surrender after 10 seconds flat*

“Says the mare who eats banana peels.”

I tried them a few times. They're kinda bitter and somewhat astringent. But not nearly as bad as grapefruit peels. Which pale in comparison to whole cloves of fresh garlic. That's a whole 'nother level of pain.

Fantastic company when she’s not trying to suffocate you in your sleep with your greatest fears,” she added, trotting away.

I really wish some demon or whatever would try that with me. It'd be useful to know if I'm still harboring a fear of anything.

(That includes you you little turd you get the cookie back when you learn to ask nicely)

Alondro grumbles, "Of course you KNEW I'd be reading this... grrrrr... can I PLEASE have the evil horror box thing?"

“Yes,” Celestia agreed. “They’d make a cute couple if not for all the blood, horns, and terrible taste in talk shows.”
“The Sight is a WONDERFUL show about female empowerment!” Cadence argued.

Alondro is pleased with this joke.

Please never stop writing.

I wanted to express gratitude for the work you have done on this story. It's a welcome delight in a hectic spring season. As many others desire, please craft more when it might please you to do so.

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