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Twilight Sparkle is many things, Hero, Genius, Element of Magic, Princess of Friendship.

But despite her remarkable achievements, she has never been honored with a statue of her own. Luckily things are about change. Twilight has been invited to the unveiling of a statue made in her image.

One slight issue.

It's absolutely terrible.

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Her left hoof extended outward supposedly quite heroically, though all it seemed to be pointing to was the fast food restaurant that lay a couple of hundreds of yards away.

I think this part was my favorite. Besides the artist's name.


Glad you enjoyed it! I felt the statue would want to point at something Twilight truly loved :rainbowlaugh:

Gah! Okay that is ugly.

Luna is best

“No, it is just a very ugly statue.”



Luna certainly tells it like it is

Sure, it certainly had the appearance of a pony, if said pony had been drawn by a small child.

I was kinda expecting this to end up being the reference for the statue and supplied by one of the foals commissioning the statue. It would have also explained why Devin wouldn't think the studio pictures weren't for the statue.

If I put all of my favorite parts about this in my review, it would be the entire thing :rainbowlaugh:

You really did good here. I laughed...pretty much the whole way through. The statue's description put tears in my eyes.

But really, I'm with Luna. That thing was horrendous :facehoof:

Kind of imagining that really messed up Nathan Bedford Forrest statue, the one that makes you honestly question if it is intended to honor or mock him.

That would have been a nice twist to be fair though you overestimate Devin Tart's competency

Thank you so much! :pinkiehappy:

Oh it was definitely meant to honor her, it just so happens that the ponies trying to do so have more will than talent. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, I was expecting something from the Neo-Cubist Unrealist school of trans-dimensional scuputre, that even if you squinted at it very hard over the course of an hour or two, you could never tell it was meant to depict a pony instead of a pile of rocks that had been dropped in place while the artist dashed away to cash the ten million bit check.

"More will than talent." This has to be the most profound thing I've heard all week.

Can I get a Luna Rocks!?!
Like, she was great in this.


Hey, that pile of rocks was made with a cement mixer full of love and some cement!

9654968 That was the one truly accurate detail of the statue.

So, this whole story was inspired by a prank? :applejackunsure: The fact that in this context the story's events were definitely not a prank makes me question the mental faculties of the ponies of Canterlot. I'm honestly surprised that Cadance didn't get exceptionally mad about the claim that Twilight's married to her husband.


It wasn't a prank really. it was an attempt by an art student to portray Twilight gone terribly wrong. The Canterlot ponies don't care because for them it's more of what the statue symbolizes rather than what it actually looks like.

Cadance might have got angry many years prior. but she's been a princess for over a decade by now so she's well aware of the press's liberal sense of the truth.

And the erroneous pamphlet and the loony guest?

Luna stomped her hoof and growled some illegible curse worse.

Curse words

I drew it. Wish I could send it to you.

Epic story. LUNA IS THE BEST!

Perhaps not give away the joke in the preview

The joke was not really the terrible statue but more so on how terrible it looked and how Twilight reacted to it.

More Luna please.!

Having just watched Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong on YouTube, this was the icing on top. Luna's last line just added to it.

Luna walked over and placed a wing over Twilights wither and looked into her eyes with warmth and hope like she was about to make her own reassuring speech to Twilight justifying the statue and what it represented, and it would be beautiful and reassuring and-

“No, it is just a very ugly statue.”

Indeed it is and I don't think it's just the statue they don't care about but Twilight herself. Before the unveiling they got her name wrong and her history wrong, nobels hired a terrible artist instead of a professional one and the artist was too stupid to know that the pictures were for the statue itself.

I wonder if anything like this ever happened to the other Princesses? Celestia and Cadance weren't clear about saying anything of the sorts ever happened to them; big or small.

It had proved to be a massive success, many rich Canterlot families fell over themselves to fund the construction of the first statue of the Princess of Friendship, in what Twilight knew to be some desperate attempt to garner her favour.

That's exactly what it was and I bet Celestia and Cadance knew that but desperately tried to hide the truth from Twilight. Nopony cared about Twilight at all! The fact that they got so much about her wrong is proof of that.

I bet if Twilight does more great things she'll still be look down upon and more ugly statues would be made of her, for cheap by the same artist when their is clearly better ones.

Heck even Nightmare Moon got her own statue and it looks exactly like her and she's a villain. Spike's first statue looks exactly like him and he got it for saving the Crystal Empire.

Twilight help saved Equestria many times and I'm going to say she did fought and defeated Tirek. Yet no one seems to care about any of that.

Celestia, Cadance just tell Twilight the truth or better yet Luna should do it. She's the better choice anyway.

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