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"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." ~Gene Fowler


Princess Twilight Sparkle has overseen peace and prosperity throughout Equestria for as long as ponies can remember. During a quiet evening, Twilight tells the tale of her many adventures to her latest student and how she remembers her friends long passed.

But she can't tarry too long, for she has a long-overdue meeting to attend.

*Takes place a couple of centuries after the end FIM*

Edited by the absolutely fantastic Helping Hoof who helped tremendously in getting this story together.

Art is owned and created by kurogewapony All credit for it is belongs to them.

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A very well-written tale about our favorite lavender alicorn and her fellow immortals, one that, as intended, was a much-needed refresher from the "oh, woe is Twilight" attitude I've seen running around (while I do think that sort of thing has its place, it does grow irksome rather quickly).

Have a thumbs up!


I didn't want to take away from the sadder aspects of immortality. There are many great stories that deal with that topic. I do hint at it briefly in the story. But I wanted to write a more upbeat Twilight, who in my view, takes a more positive look at her life and the way it has gone. I also wanted to highlight that Twilight is not alone and that she still has those that care for her deeply. I needed to write this not just for others but for myself i suppose.

I'm super happy you enjoyed it! Thank you :pinkiehappy:

I think this deserves a Fav :)

Five-card stud, nothing wild...
And the sky's the limit.

Sunbutt and Moonbutt are retired I get. Who knows what Discord does anymore. So where does that leave Lovebutt and Flurry?

Episode 26's stain glass window says something happened with her.

Probably my favorite post-ending story yet.


Really glad someone caught the TNG reference! I really like the final episode of TNG so I admit part of the story is a homage to it.

I feel the mlp fandom is very much in the same boat as Star Trek. The original series has ended but the fandom will carry on strong!


In this timeline, Flurry is the reigning princess of the Crystal Empire and Cadance retired much like her aunts, many years ago. I used the stain glass window from ep26 to interpret that Flurry became the ruling Princess sometime during the future snapshot in the finale.

Very good! Could use some polish, but it's lovely.

You would have to post this and get me going. It's an extra-sad day for Trekkers, as Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Deep Space Nine) passed away today.

No way you're going to get an obvious reference like that past an old Trekker like me.

It's criminal that sci-fi is getting pushed onto pay channels (and not established pay channels like Hulu or Netflix, either). How I miss syndicated Saturday evening premieres of The Next Generation on my local CBS station.

. . . . . *suddenly grabs chest* Oh! Right in the feels.

I don't usually like fics where Twilight outlives her friends but I'm learning to tolerate them. It is true that those who are gone live inside us, I sometimes feel like I can hear my biological mother's voice speak to me. Well, we can all have our own headcanons. You want Twilight to be immortal, she is. But I want her to be with her friends and give up immortality. That's what I'd do and have had her do.

Tolerate will have to do because these aren't going away, any more than the over saturation of fics where Twilight does what you have her do.

Done right, they are good. But they always feel like an author mouth piece of what they think should be canon, and not whatever we have.

Yeah well, neither side can be wrong or right. Its all up to us now that the shows over. We can believe what we choose, and I'm grateful for that. I mean... I know memories are to be treasured. I think of my dogs and mother everyday and the impact they've had on me. Well, I hope to one day be reunited with them.

:facehoof: Spike's asleep again
:moustache: You'd sleep too when you have mutant foals, grand foals and great grand foals all snapping at your tail. . .
:flutterrage: at least you did it the natural way - Discord only snapped his paw.....
:twilightoops: Fluttershy?
:duck: He snapped his paw. . .
:pinkiegasp: and all this time I used mareical whip


Thank you so much! That means a lot to me :twilightsmile:

Beautiful work on this one-shot. The exchanges, characterizations and general wrap-up were ALL quite well done. I have to admit, this IS an enjoyable spin on the "immortal Twilight" stories (most notably because it shows she DID grieve her friends properly without dwelling on the negative AND learn to enjoy the time spent with the friends and family she has that are ALSO immortal). I ALSO really loved the look into the immortal group's "game night". And, in Spike's defense, keeping up with several dozen dragon hybrid great-great-etc.-grandchildren WOULD be pretty tiring, even for a relatively young adult dragon.


Thank you very much for your comment! I’m really glad you enjoyed my story! I really tried to to nail down the characterization of Twilight and co as one of the main anchors of my story, so I’m glad I succeeded at least in your opinion. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, ending with card games - well, I see someone elkse already called out the reference :)

I really needed this. I've been avoiding anything even remotely angsty involving Princess Twilight and post-season 9 stories.

That said, friends play Poker, family plays Uno. Nothing like the friendly game of backstabbing, double-dealing, no prisoners taken, utter crushing of someone you love... only for someone else at the table to win suddenly. (House added rules; exact match at any time as long as it gets in before the next card is dropped and to offset that, +4 wild cards stack so rather than get hit with four you can give the next player eight if you also have a +4 wild card, and so on, tho the highest I ever saw was twelve on my beloved cousin Tyler)


Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad I’ve offered a bit of cheer in the post-finale landscape.

I actually chose poker, not only for the Star Trek reference, but because my Dad and his extended family often played poker together when we visited. It’s one of my fondest memories from when I was young. So I suppose I may have let my own personal experiences influence my writing! :rainbowlaugh:

“But to linger in sadness is to do a disservice to the memory of their lives. So, I came to a different view with time."

“I realised my friends lived on in me, through their experiences. Through the love they gave me and the happy memories and the lessons that I carry with me, here.”

Imo, this is exactly how Twilight would be

Awesome to see this published and 'grats on getting featured.


Cheers!! :pinkiehappy: Honestly would not have been possible without your help :raritystarry:

“Oh, the Princesses?” Twilight waved a dismissive hoof as if she was speaking about the weather. “They sailed off into the west and were never heard of again.”

:rainbowlaugh: Though I imagine Twilight read the Lord of the Rings trilogy while taking notes on all of the magical inaccuracies.

Twilight smiled as she remembered the thatch houses and gentle hills of her former home.

These days, the thatch was only in the really touristy part of town, but the hills hadn't changed.

“So, if I listen to my heart, I can speak to the dead?” said Moonlight eventually.

"No necromancy, Moonlight. Not after last time."

The post box had fallen over again.

The line of Derpy is strong, I see.

“I think our dragon friend is merely making excuses once more. Too afraid I’ll kick his butt at some ogres and oubliettes,” interjected Discord.

That's not how that works. You're working together to make a story. I suppose some groups might see it as players vs. DM, but that sort of toxicity rarely lasts long.
Of course, with Discord, he may be talking about mock battles with actual ogres and oubliettes...

Gingerbread is terrible. Everypony knows that.

I am no pony, and gingerbread is delicious.

A wonderful positive take on the immortality issue. Twilight does not outlive her friends because she has more friends than just her fellow Bearers. The prose got a bit too florid at times—if you have to write "large feathered appendage" just to avoid saying wing again, you're better off with a pronoun—but I loved the message and the warm fuzzies. Thank you for this.

Now this is a proper epilogue that fits into the show; fully engrossing, and just lovely overall. Thank you for this much more positive take.


Five-card stud, nothing wild...

Well, other than DisQord, who is ALWAYS wild. :rainbowwild:

And there were three Tolkien references, for the record. :twilightsmile:

Plus, if Shining were still alive, I bet that Cadance would be busting his chops when she & Flurry get home! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Yes, and this was a nicely and very realistically performed story about characters that have to deal with immortality. :trollestia:

So true. That was great prank she pulled on Moonlight! :rainbowlaugh:

*Sees the title "All Good Things"


Of course, the title is another Trek reference. :trollestia:
Awesome story.

I'm just imagining she brings her student to one of these when she's older, and completely shatters the vague mysteries of her Predecessors :rainbowlaugh:

"Not just poker! We also play charades!"
"Was I this high strung?"
-unanimous nodding-

Thank you so much! I am glad you enjoyed it! In all fairness I'd imagine Discord is probably one of the most toxic DnD players you could ever meet. :rainbowlaugh: Really appreciate the positive feedback! I'm overjoyed that people find this heartwarming!
Thank you! I didn't have high expectations with this story but to know that I pulled off a satisfying post finale epilogue for you really makes me pleased! :pinkiehappy:

Right so a few things

First fuck you for making me cry

Second thank you for this story

I actually read the title in Q's voice.

They should raise the stakes in their poker games to make them more interesting. I agree that this was something that needed to be written in order to provide the positives about being able to live for centuries. Positive and negative go hand-in-hand as neither can exist without the other.

Oof! This was so sweet! So happy! My heart hurts with how wonderful it was!
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, I love iiiiiiiiiiiit. :twilightsmile::heart:

I did not need these feels today :fluttershbad::raritydespair:

That was relaxing.

My parents didn't sign the permission slip for this feels trip today.

My negative take on the finale had everything to do with the catastrophic plot holes and continuity collapse, and nothing to do with whining about immortality.

Because I DEMAND immortality.

Then I can troll... forever... FOREVERRRRRR!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Twilight: I should have done this a long time ago...
*The five immortals look at one another as Celestia places her hoof on Twilight's shoulder*
Celestia: You were always welcome.
*Twilight smiles*

Hahahah you're more than welcome :rainbowlaugh:

Twilight moved to deal the cards, gently splitting them repeatedly as she looked over the table. She stopped for a moment, blinking to clear her eyes and for just a brief moment, the ponies across from her were gone, and a familiar set of five faces sat in their places smiling back at her. All of them looked as they did in their prime, as she remembered them from her first Summer Sun Celebration in Ponyville.

Ugh, my heart and soul. That final sentence really hit hard man, was not prepared.

Thank you Coronet the lesser, for this upbeat and positive look on the finale. Fantastic story.

An awesome way to make a tribute.

You’ll never make friends pouring over dusty books


Lord of the rings, Star Trek, and Assassin’s creed 4. I am impressed sir. Love the story though.

Gah, that one's on me. Good job on spotting it.

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