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Coronet the lesser

"Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead." ~Gene Fowler


Spike has been Twilight's loyal Friendship Ambassador for many years, sorting problems and building bridges with other nations.

Sadly, the customs of his ancestral home remain a mystery to him. On a diplomatic visit to the Dragon Lands, Dragon Lord Ember decides to enroll Spike in a ceremony that all young dragons must pass, the communion with the deity of the dragons.

Yet, in this unfamiliar realm, a world of dragons he knows so little about, Spike is forced to grapple with profound questions of identity-who he truly is, what he aspires to become, and whether he can ever embody the essence of what it is to be a dragon.

Surely speaking with a God can't be that bad?

Set sometime before The Last Problem during Generation 4

Art is by Noben at https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16601690/ all credit goes to the artist and their works exclusively.

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Dan #1 · 1 week ago · · ·

Humming De Falla while reading about Pangu dragon spirit.

This was a fun read

Nice prose. And fascinating take/version of dragon culture and life. I just want to learn more now lol.

Sweet ending as well. I somewhat wish we could have seen Twilight in the end there, but understand how that might have detracted somewhat from the pure dragon-focus of the story too.

I am left with one question, and perhaps it's meant to be unanswered: was Spike actually enhanced somehow, unlock more of his potential, or did he basically just gain a confidence boost?


Thank you for your kind words!

The show often did not focus very much on other cultures, so I wanted to explore a bit of the dragons and how they function as a society. Thus the lack of pesky ponies!!

As for the last bit Spike didn’t receive any powers or anything, everything was already in him, he just had the equivalent of a spiritual revelation.

It's really good.

I now have to ask, do you have any plans for any more fics like this? Whether focusing on Spike and the dragons again or on other cultures and characters

Not that this story needs a sequel to be good of course. It's just that this sort of thing is one of my favourite things to see in fiction, so I'm always on the lookout xP


I probably won't do a sequel to this as I covered what I wanted to cover. But yeah I might consider dripping into other cultures and how they work, its really fun kinda world building so I definitely see the appeal and such stories also catch my eye too.

"During creation, the All-Father sacrificed his physical body and became the earth we stand upon. The fire beneath the earth is his blood, and the mountains are the scales upon his back.”

Feels like this was inspired by Brutal Legend.

Good read.

Hey elders don’t be insulting your future dragon lord which I still don’t know how that happened

Dan #8 · 1 week ago · · ·

I was thinking Aang and Zuko doing the dance.

This was great. A different writer would have injected waaaay more drama into this idea, but I feel like short and sweet works better. Spike's honesty, his immediate rejection of the Elders' ancient racism, and his brief stumble before greatness is completely on point for my perception of his character.

In spite of Spike's doubt about his place in the world, he's always struck me as very self-assured. Sure, he'll bend a tiny bit to peer pressure and be a bit of a coward at first, but it doesn't take long for him to do an about-face and act according to his moral compass against even the worst of odds. That's how I've always seen him. All the heart and might of a big dragon condensed into a small package.

Ahhh ,.. tradition, one does have to keep an eye when once claims this, it is unifying as well as separating ... when hung onto too long, it's as discriminating as any 'Jim Crow' law (us vs them at its finest).

The Elder did remind me of Naysay(?) head of the EEA, hidebound, hiding behind tradition ...

Thanks Spike, for once again showing that chaos (or change) does have a place ...

When Ember invites Spike to participate in a ceremony that all dragons must face, he cautiously decides to aceept.

Image sauce btw: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/16601690/

Oops, my bad on that; thanks for the spot on the error.

I really appreciate the art link, too; I'll go give proper credit there.

Oh hey, Noben fanart for the wallpaper. Naisu.

This was awesome.

11901897 Silly, you can't create an EMPIRE without wiping out a few (or all) of the INFERIOR races!

Hail Daleks. :trixieshiftright:

Spike may be many things, but one stands clear: he is a dragon. And another point is that Spike, being a purple dragon, is a noble dragon.
The dragons of Equis are not the dragons of, say, Game of Thrones, or many movie-type dragons. Nor are they the dragons, both Chromatics or Metallics, of D&D. The dragons of Equis are both funny, yet also serious, keepers of ancient knowledge, but also willing to find their paths amongst the so-called "lesser" races. They are the keepers of the Fire that is Life, and I have always thought that Spike was one of the better characters in MLP. He is a survivor, willing to accept the derision of Rainbow Dash for wearing an apron while serving snacks to the other ponies while the ponies watch the dragon migration above.

Darn good tale there. You get my thumbs up and a moustache: :moustache:

Babe wake up new Dragon canon just dropped.


"Wall scones" - did you mean "wall sconces" (light fixtures)? Scones are baked goods, which seems somewhat out of place on the walls. Unless Pinkie did it?


lol the corrector on Grammarly can be bit iffy at times, this one must have slipped me by. Wall scones do sound delicious.

Hot damn, this is a great piece.

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