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This story is a sequel to Dragonball MLP: World Tour!

Peace has returned for Equis and the Earth. Now, the two planets began mingling with one another. The cultural and technological boon from the union has been plentiful. But it is not without pitfalls. Thankfully, Gohan and the Z fighters do everything they can to maintain the balance. However, a new evil is just over the horizon. And mysterious players enter the game. The battle for the universe has just begun. Will our heroes prevail? Find out now on Dragonball MLP!

Featured on 12/7/2020. :yay:
Featured on 8/22/2022. :yay:

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Oh, I thought this wasn't SFW for a second.

That would make a great intro. I could practically watch it as I read it with the music. Great opening chapter! I am already drawn in and ready to see where this wild ride continues to go. :eeyup:

Everypony forgot who Gohan and I happy new story come up.

Awesome as always. But why the president of Earth or king recommend Satan when he know Goku is the true hero, I think he didn't know Gohan defeat Cell, he think Goku did it. Or is this not the same king or president of Earth King Furry we know in the anime?

Remember the president did not recognize Goku because he was a Supr Saiyan at the time. And the only person there to confirm anything was Hercule. Plus, it would probably be lousy PR to go against public opinion since everyone believed it was Hercule that beat Cell.

Is Gohan really with the CMC?:duck:

yes, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon as well.

Will we see everyone's reaction to Goku's death? I kinda wanna see that considering that he has had such a great impact on them.

Great, he's all grown up and he gained a way with the mares.:rainbowlaugh:

Now that I think about it (I did read this on first day it was published) how long has the portal been open?

7 years ago. After Cell's defeat.

He kinda sorta did, but at the same time, not fully. Super Saiyan is bs in that regard.

it looked like you were going to bash Videl there for a second lol hope Hercule still gets his time to shine.

Eh, I think she and her stern attitude and Goku with his aloof personality is what makes them a perfect match.


If you think she's bad, ever seen a man sweat under the pressure and scrutiny of his girlfriend's father? Basically, what Chi Chi was doing is testing them if they're worthy of her son's love, much like a father would do to his daughter's "boyfriend". Given that she lost Goku, she worries that Gohan may end up getting heartbroken, which we both know will never happen.

Wouldn't you do the same if you see who's dating your child?

What does EAT stand for?

So I’m guessing with Gohan having a relationship with the CMC, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Will Videl join the herd in the future or no? Because Pan needs to exist for the timeline to work through


But GT isn't canon. But Videl is still going to be apart of Gohan's life.

Well yeah, but Super is Cannon, and Pam exists there right?

If I may ask, and I hope that I'm not being rude in saying this, but are you still working on Chapter 3? I've been into this since the first story, and its one of the most well writen crossovers I've seen on here. Also, I understand if you don't want to, but any plans on continuing this into Dragon Ball Super? I kinda want to see how Ponies would handel Godly ki, and if Celestia and Luna within their position as what most ponies would consider gods that they themselves in learning how to sence ki, they could potentionaly sence Beerus and Whis. It was shown in the Super anime that Dende was able to sence god ki without realizing it.

Yes, I'm about half done. Don't worry, the chapter is coming out this month.

Hey! It’s been awhile! Probably gonna be a bit before people realize this has been updated... so I’m going to take this opportunity to say it...


I’m liking how this is turning out, so-far. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

"Oh, great it's her," Videl said in an annoyed tone.
"That filly seems off to me like she's plotting something,"

Sometime in the future:
Videl: I hope someone answers that phone.
Random Being: What Phone?
Videl: THE ONE I :yay: -ING CALLED

i also had another prediction for videl in a later chapter.

Videl: Mr. Iron Will, you sound so familiar.
Iron Will: Really, Who do i sound like?
Videl: My father.

Can you write their reaction of super saiyan 2? And I can't wait to see them knowing Goku will be back for 1 day.

When are you going to update? It's been a little more than 2 months.

Sorry. I got up in bills and I'm sick. I'm writing right now. Once the chapter is out, I'm going to work a better release schedule.

He wasn't a president he was a king, the king of Earth and he was only called the king but in the english dub they named him king Furry.

...King Furry...?:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh: Yeah, Ima stick with Gruff. President can stay also, if only because there's too many kings, queens, princesses, and such in MLP already.

Gohan's height is 5'9. Did you know Krillin is 5'0 feet tall.

This will be interesting

Can’t wait for more adventures to come

How old are the CMC and Sugar lumpa?

It was General Red who lead the Red Ribbon Army actualy, not Gero.

Right, Gero was more like the chief science officer. But, wouldn't red be a figurehead?

No, I think he was the legit leader. Gero was just working on androids.

Of course negihsay wound try to start this. He only thinks the cons a d not the pros I can't wait this story is awsome. Poor video she will have a hard time with gohan when the Cmc find out about this.

cant wait for their reactions to seeing goku again 😁

Have you ever thought of Gohan singing? Of course not. In a filler chapter or bonus why don't you tell a flashback where Gohan is singing happily ever after (the one from steven universe) because this is mlp there has to be a song somewhere.

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