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If you want the description, look my story Equestria Girls: Saiyans, this is a remastered/reboot of that story, Goku and Broly are sent my an explosion that killed half of Universe 7 but they luckily survive, but they will have to start a new life in their new world.


Saga 1: The Dazzlings saga
Saga 2: Resurrection of C
Saga 3: Universal Friendship Conflict
Saga 4: The Return of Black
Saga 5: Xenoverse
Saga 6: Big Bang Mission
Saga 7: Demon Janemba
Saga 8: Frieza’s Revenge
Saga 9: Ancient Saiyans
Saga 10: Battle of Omni Gods

Chapters (14)
Comments ( 148 )


”HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I’M YOUNG ONCE AGAIN! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!” Goku screamed and started to run over the entire soccer field. Broly puts one finger inside his nose, while Goku ran over the entire soccer field.

I'm getting Dragon Ball GT vibes from this.

I advise you to watch them on YouTube torrinsol and soulgaming
P.s maybe you can recite episodes from them(Rus-Eng)

I really liked your previous story. Maybe I am Russian, but I like to read English fanfics with the help of a translator.(Rus-Eng)

The young six and the school of friendship will be here?(Rus-Eng)

Well, if Universal Friendship Conflict is in the arcs which it is, than the answer is yes

I am from Puerto Rico and I like to read english stories as well, so I’m not going to say to you anything about you being russian, I don’t care from where the people are from, I only care that they like the story and read it.

There will be Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution (maybe even a Kaio-Ken)
Vegito Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-Ken
Gogeta or Vegito Mastered Ultra Instinct?(Rus-Eng)

Later in the story one of them might make an appearance

Okay those explosions and those to survive us really contrived. Breaks believability. Need to rethink how they get to Earthquestria

You can add the battle of the omni gods in the saga
Goku Black Omni Gods, Evil Gods, New Transformation Goku Super Sayan Omni God
Media Master Channel on YouTube.(Rus-Eng)

You can add to the Frieze Revenge (Fifth Golden Form or Crystal Form) (Rus-Eng)

It is possible for Akumo to have transformations (Super Sayan, Ultra Instinct, God Instinct)
Taken from YouTube SoulGaming I advise you to watch it and take some excerpts from his video (Rus-Eng)

See also these channels on YouTube torrinsol and soulgaming
Maybe you add from their video to your story.(Rus-Eng)

Golden Cell be present in this story?(Rus-Eng)

Will the transformation of Super Saiyan Blue 2,3,4 (maybe 5)?(Rus-Eng)

Blue 2,3,4,5 no there won’t be, but Goku will have more than 2 new transformations, I assure you that

The explosions aren’t cause by a disaster unknown, but by an unknown person

Forget it, this is Dragon Ball, nothing make sense in that universe

Android 21 and Golden Cell will be in this story?(Rus-Eng)

Golden Cell and Android 21 I don’t know, I can try to put them but I don’t know.

Wattpad and a lot of school things that are having my head about to go poof

I advise you to watch the video on YouTube there will be future sagas. The future of new dragon ball super movies and anime (mcu style) (Rus-Eng)

You can add a new Evil Goku character to the future. If you know who he is, type in Goku vs Evil Goku on YouTube.
P.s when you type go to The Gray channel it’s not so easy to find. You will see the name of the video Evil Goku vs Black Goku!(Rus-Eng)

By the way, there is another Rycon character I advise you to find a look in YouTube.(Rus-Eng)

Can you make the future Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct and Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. Gogeta SSBE Ultra Instinct?(Rus-Eng)

In the future, add Gogito (Merger of Gogeta and Vegito)
Perhaps the merger of Goku and Broly. The name will be Broku or Karoly (you decide).(Rus-Eng)

By the way, where is the new chapter and where do you go all the time?(Rus-Eng)

Horror that coronavirus nationwide.(Rus-Eng)

I noticed a new photo on your story and ... I have only questions for you!
1)Where have you been?
2)Why has history been ignored for so long?
3)Will you continue to make history?

I am going to continue it, the chapter is almost done, but I am like sort of addicted to Wattpad, but don’t worry the chapter is almost complete

Please read the questions you have not answered yet.

1)Will Goku in Ultra Instinct Have a Godly Display reception from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2?And add more Ultimate Kamehameha,Ultra Kamehameha(Goku Ultra Instinct)
2)I would be surprised if Goku at a friendship school not only learns ki and the Fusion and Kaio-Ken technique?If Android 21 becomes a teacher in a friendship school, I’m very surprised?
3)Will Gogeta Instant Transmission Big Bang Kamehameha and Vegito Instant Transmission Final Kamehameha
4)Will Goku have Kaio-Ken 40x and 100x?
5)Will there be a future son of Frieza named Kurieza?
6)In the future Goten, Trunks, Marron will go to friendship school, if so then it will not be Young six but Nine six?
7)Will Goku have a Small Spirit Bomb?
8)Will God Dragon First?
9)Halusatwin I’ll rush to my favorite music and I advise you.
Halusatwin - dbz ssj3 goku (power levels mix)
Halusatwin ssj goku (awakening mix)
Halusatwin - dbz: ssj vegeta ssj theme (berserker mix)
10)Will there be a future Goku Super Saiyan Blue Evolution? If there will be Kaio-ken to it?

11)Will the Gogeta or Vegito Ultra Instinct be in the future?
12)Will you add Super Ultra Instinct?
13)I will throw you again the old and new music.
Dragon Soul (Eurobeat ver.) [DRAGONBALL KAI OP] - Cover.
Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Blizzard - Daichi Miura) [Rock Cover].
Right now I'll throw off the channels that make Dragon Ball Super music.
Migatte No Ongaku
Friedrich habetler music
Lord sheeva
14)Will there be a Dragon Ball Abloson in the future?
15)Watch theredheadhenry channel. There is Evil Goku vs Black Goku. There are alternative characters with a tail. I advise you to see it come in handy in the future I hope.
16)Here is the manga uchiha channel. There will be about Dragon Ball Super manga. Here is music for you, although they are not Dragon Ball but they will come in handy and listen to them.
1.fate kaleid liner prisma illya ost emiya
2.one of best anime ost ever owari no seraph battle theme
3.solid state scouter gine version
4.dragon ball z - bardock theme solid state scouter remix
5.dragon ball super ultimate battle mega man x
6.solid state scouter snes style
17)Will Gokhan?(Potara between Goku and Gohan)
18)Will there be Potara between Luna and Celestia?Vot even your photos


19)Will Broly Full Power Super Saiyan 3?


20)Read the Mlp Timey Wimey comic. This is a story about time travel meeting thre Discords, NightMoon Mare, Chrysalis, Tirek, Starswirl the bearded, Princess Tempora.

21)You can add new characters from Dragon Ball Legends:Shallot,Giblet,Zahha?
22)Listen to music on YouTube and maybe you will put it in your story.
What's my destiny
Dragon ball gt
This is on Giorgio Vanni - Topic
23)In the future, you can make Discord travel to the alternative dimension of Rule 63 (Female) Goku and Twilight in Goki and Dusk Shine?There are other possible dimensions that Discord travels?
24)By the way, watch the SoulGaming channels there, he shoots Parallel World Dragon Ball.
TorrinSol he shoots Dragon Ball Taiyou
The Gray he shoots fan fights (If you do not find this channel just write The Gray Goku Evil vs Black Goku)
These channels may come in handy for your story in the future.
25)You can make the battle of the multiverse of Goku. For example:
Goku (gt)
Kakarot (Xenoverse)
Goku evil
Goku black
Kakarot (Prince)
Female Goku
Goku (xenoverse)
Majin Goku
Future Goku
Mecha Goku
But I better advise you to watch theredheadhenry channel.
There's one video called Goku versus.
26)Will you add Gogeta and Vegito Super Saiyan God?
27)Here are more channels for your story music.
Chouaib kakarot
Markie s
Advi Anime XD
JorporXx (Mark de Groot)
Apzol (if there’s a bit about Dragon Ball)
MAGO REY (if there’s a bit about Dragon Ball and the Spanish language, I hope you will appreciate it)
Saiyan enigma
And now for MLP
MLP Reshiram98
RainbowDash32 (there are soundtracks there)
28)I advise you to add opening for your story.
29)Will Goku have a Super Ultra Instinct (SSJ + Ultra Instinct) possibly in the future with Kaio-Ken or Super Ultra Instinct 2,3,4
30)I advise you to watch the Dazail channel and its video is called Perfect Super Saiyan Blue + Kaio-Ken.
Well and another Hyourinjutsu channel there will be alternative pixel battles from
Dragon ball super

31)Another Ultimate Battle (I think it will be cooler on a guitar) mattyyym - topic ultimate battle.
32)Will Gogeta Super Saiyan Blue Evolution 3 be interesting? For example, how is it


33)In the future, add Gogito (Merging of Gogeta and Vegito)
Perhaps the merger of Goku and Broly. The name will be Brock or Caroli (it's up to you). There’s another Thibault Deboom channel, look there will be a Vegito and Broly merger. This name will be a Brogeto merger. (I hope it will be like that in your story)
34)Will there be a Black Baby Vegito?

Please see
below there are 35 questions and answer them please I beg you.

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