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Equestria Girls Super - BROLY MUI

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(Saga 1) Ep 1: New Beginning. Canterlot High School

With a destructive battle between Gogeta Blue who is the fusion of Goku and Vegeta he started to dominate Broly with a super massive gap between power as Broly’s friends, Cheelai which was a green short girl and Lemo who was a orange short experienced man from the frieza force, robbed the Dragon balls to save Broly and as they activated it with a help from Kikono a yellow alien with long eyes.

“What? No.”said Frieza the learder of the Frieza force or The Emperor of the Universe.

“I shall grant you any one wish withing my power.” said The Dragon Shenlong.

“Ok what do we say next? Hurry up with it.” said Cheelai threatening Kikono with her blaster. “Fine then I’ll shoot!”

“No no please don’t I’ll read it now. It says just say whatever you want to wish for!” said Kikono very scared.

“ That’s all? I thought it would be harder.”


As Cheelai and Lemo work with the Dragon ball meanwhile between Gogeta and Broly the fight hasn’t finished.

(Starts music)

”GRRRRRRR HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” screamed Broly as he rushes directly to Gogeta but Gogeta dodges and kicks Broly as Broly blockes but Gogeta gives him another kick but it connected with Broly as Broly shoots a big blast but Gogeta dodges it with ease and punches Broly while flying directly to him, as Broly shoots more blast separately but Gogeta dodges it and keeps punching Broly as later Gogeta flies back to Broly as both of them clash fists and break reality again, but Broly is the one who is sent up flying and Gogeta punches him in the gut as later punches him again with his hand glowing making Broly get stuck in a attack from Gogeta as Gogeta puts him hands in form of an x and blows Broly away as Whis and Bulma look at the battle.

“How truly magnificent, I think this battle is coming to a rousing finale.” said Whis smiling as Gogeta puts his hands together around his torso.

”KAAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAA MEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” screamed Gogeta firing a gigantic blast from his hands as Broly return to his senses but can’t dodge the blast.

”SEND BROLY AND SEND HIM BACK TO THE PLANET HE GREW UP ON PLEASE DRAAAGOOOOON!!!” screamed Cheelai to Shenlong as he grants her wish and saves Broly from Gogeta and sends him back to Planet Vampa and Gogeta realizes someone uses the Dragon balls to save Broly as he is actually fine with that.

(Ends music)

“You’re wish has been granted. Farewell!!!” said Shenlong as the dragon balls scouter all around the Planet Earth.

“Quick get in Cheelai!” said Lemo in a ship and Cheelai gets in fast.

“See ya.” said Cheelai to Kikono as Golden Frieza targets the ship but Gogeta stops him from firing.

“Not so fast.” said Gogeta holding Frieza’s hand with a smile as Frieza turns back to normal and takes off his hand from Gogeta’s.

“I’ll return for this planet one day.” said Frieza flying back.

Some days later in Vampa

Broly was collecting food for Cheelai and Lemo as they were staying for a while with Broly because they were fired from the Frieza force as now Broly got food for Cheelai and Lemo.

“You’re kidding are you? This is what you’ve been surviving on.” said Cheelai as she tries Vampa’s food.

“Well is sour but I guess it’s better than starving to death. You tried it yet?” asked Cheelai to Lemo with a face that says it tastes super bad as Lemo tries it and you know the answer.

“Up... nope count me out.” said Lemo as he pukes.

“You won’t be saying that for long. We can’t even last fifty days with the food we brought.” said Cheelai as someone arrives but Broly sensed it and heard it.

“Somebody else just got here.” said Broly as he gets in front of Cheelai and Lemo.

”HEEEEEEY CAN I COME IN?” asked none other than Goku as the group was getting ready.

“What the wait, hold one who are you guys?” asked Goku.

“You’re that saiyan, the one who he fought on earth.” said Cheelai.

“Oh I remember, you’re the ones who used the dragon balls instead of Frieza.”

“What are you doing on Vampa?” asked Lemo as he threw his hammer as Goku walks to Broly.

“So Broly are these you’re friends now?” asked Goku as Broly gets confused.

“Don’t ignore me I asked you a question!” said very angry Lemo.

“Hey come on no need to lose your temper. I’m not here to fight today I swear.”

“Then start talking.” said Cheelai scared and angry.

“From what I heard this world is repugnant, so I brought him some good stuff from Earth.”

“Who asked you to do that? Get out of here I’m not gonna let you trick him!” said Cheelai trying to protect Broly from Goku.

“Hehehehehehe.” started smiling Goku as he takes off some stuff from Earth that Bulma gave him.

“I asked my friend Bulma to make me these capsules she’s real smart.” said Goku as he gets one of the capsules and tells them to get back as he throws it to the floor.

“There’s food, water and a bunch of other stuffs inside. Go on have a look for yourselves.” said Goku as Cheelai and Lemo check the room and they are left in shock.

“And these are called senzu beans I’m giving you two of them, eat one if you ever think ‘YIKES SOMEONE’S GONNA DIED’ ok they don’t work against illnesses but they’ll completely heal any of your battle injuries and restore you to full power.” said Goku as Cheelai still doesn’t trust on Goku.

“But the house will shrink down and kill us.” said Cheelai.

“Is not like that trust me I just want you guys to be safe and healthy.”

“Why?” asked Cheelai and Lemo.

“I was so sure my power was getting close to its peak, but then this guy showed up and was much stronger than me and he’s a saiyan just like I am, he’d probably stronger than Beerus o Beerus is a god of destruction by the way. He’d be ashamed to see someone so incredible die on this planet then who would I train against.” said Goku as he smiles at Broly and Broly smiles at him back and maybe they have become friends as Goku was ready to leave Vampa.

“Well anyway, make sure you take care of yourselves later.” said Goku walking away.

“Ummmmmm I don’t see a ship, how did you get all the way to this planet?” asked Lemo.

“I tracked Broly’s energy here. I used my Instant Transmission technique.”

“I basically don’t understand a single thing you’ve said this whole time.” said Cheelai.

“Is it ok if I come back again?”

“Just so you know we still knew you as an enemy you got that.” said Cheelai to Goku.

“We may have quit the Frieza Force but we’re not gonna be friends to every saiyan we meet on some remote planet.”

“That’s fine doesn’t matter to me either way.”

“It doesn’t?” said Cheelai.

“As long as you let me fight Broly every once in a while, I’m good.”

“There’s plenty of stuff I want to teach him too, he’s interested.”

“I think you’ve been hit in the head too many times.” said Cheelai.

“Really why’s that?”

“Never mind, I guess I should be grateful so yeah, thanks.” said Cheelai to Goku as she makes this emotion👌🏻 to Goku.

“Well sure by then I’ll see you later.”

“You realize we might not even be here when you return right.” said Lemo.

That’s not a problem at all, as long as you’re not too far away I can find you.”

“Hey wait what’s your name?” asked Cheelai.

“Is Goku, but Broly call me, Kakarot.” said Goku after he was about to use Instant Transmission it didn’t work.

(Starts music)

“Huh what’s going on? Why did Vegeta’s energy vanished?” said Goku to himself.

“Maybe I shall try to lock on to Krillin.” said Goku but it vanished as well and later all of his friends energy vanished.

“Ok? What is going on?” asked Goku as he saw a lot of stars blow up and he knew those were planets.

“Broly? said Cheelai as Vampa was next and the floor started to blow up and they didn’t see it coming.

“MOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!” screamed Broly, but it was too late, Vampa was getting destroyed, lots of lava was coming out, it first burned his home, and later burned Bah, making Broly drop tears.

“BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” Broly started to cry, Goku tried to grab Cheelai and Lemo, but an explosion separated Goku, from grabbing Cheelai and Lemo. A hole opened under Cheelai and Lemo, there was a lot of lava under it, Lemo was first to get burned, Broly flew to Cheelai at intense speed to grab Cheelai.

“CHELAAAAAAAAI!!!” screamed Broly but it was too late, Cheelai got burned while she grabbed Broly’s hands, Broly saw only terror, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“BROLY WE HAVE TO MOVE!!!” Goku grabbed Broly, pulling him up, but Broly started to punch Goku in the face, making Goku let go of Broly, Broly wanted to see if all this was fake, but Goku grabbed Broly once again, while Broly cried.

“Broly we have to go, I don’t know how much longer Vampa can hold!” said Goku while Broly cried.

“Broly, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing you can do, don’t die for them, live for them, stay alive. Why do you think Cheelai used The Dragon Balls? Because she wants you to live, she wants that you have a good life, very different to the one you once had, don’t make her feel that she used The Dragon Balls for no reason at all, so you could die because she is not here, make her proud by staying alive!” Goku pulled Broly up, while he stopped resisting, and started to drop even more tears.

“Ch-Ch-Chee... lai... Le...mo... Bah... I’m sorry!” said Broly with pure sadness, but he started to fly with Goku, but Vampa exploded right in the saiyans back, pushing them very far.

(Ends music)

Meanwhile in Canterlot High

School just started and they were a lot of students from different groups like the rockers, the eco kids, fashionistas etc but they all had in common that they had a big hate on one specific girl, Sunset Shimmer because of what she did in the Fall Formal, but she started to have some friends as now she was talking to Pinkie Pie in the hallway.

“Well are you ready to practice Pinkie? said Sunset.

“Of course I am I have been waiting for a super long time.” said Pinkie happy.

“But Pinkie you practiced yesterday remember?”

“Yeah but it felt like a really really lo-” said Pinkie as she was interrupted by a quick earthquake of well 2 seconds.

“Whoa this was a big doozy.” said Pinkie confusing Sunset.


“Yeah is part of one of my Pinkie senses.” said Pinkie confusing more Sunset but if she ask another question another will come but what can she do she is Pinkie Pie after all.

“Well whatever this doozy is? I hope is nothing bad because it felt really strong but at least it ended fast.”

In a soccer field of CHS, Goku started to open his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the sky, he was laying in a soccer field.

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow... my head hurts, where am I? This looks like a school, and I’m laying in a... huuuuuuh... it was a... what was this again? Oh right a soccer field.” Goku started to get up, but he noticed that he isn’t wearing his normal clothes. He was wearing some blue jeans, blue boots very similar to the ones he had on Resurrection of Frieza, a blue shirt and a orange jacket, with his kanji logo behind.

“This is weird, this is definitely not my gi, but it feels like my gi, now first things first... TIME TO LOOK SOMETHING TO EAT!!!”

“Ka...Ka...Ka...Ka... rot.” Goku heard that voice, and knew who it was.

“Broly?” Goku looked back, and saw Broly getting up. He saw Broly a little different, he looked younger, he was wearing a black tight shirt, that showed his muscles of how tight it was, also blue ripped jeans, black boots, black sports wristbands and still had Bah’s ear in his waist, only that it was cleaner and it was a jacket, but in Broly’s waist and he still had his scars.

“BROLY!?” YOU LOOK SO YOUNG!!! IS THAT REALLY YOU?” Goku eyes were wide open, after seeing Broly look younger, but he still was extremely tall.

“I am... but... you’re... younger too!” said Broly, making Goku run to a puddle of water, and saw his reflection, he looked just like when he fought against Piccolo Jr, but he still has his original height 5’8 feet tall.

(Starts music)

”HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!I’M YOUNG ONCE AGAIN! THIS CAN’T BE HAPPENIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!” Goku screamed and started to run over the entire soccer field. Broly puts one finger inside his nose, while Goku ran over the entire soccer field.

“How did all this happened!?” asked very shocked Goku while Broly didn’t know, until he remembered what happened.

(Stops music)

(Starts music)

“Cheelai... L-Lemo... Bah... they’re all... gone!” Broly started to show tears, while Goku showed tears as well.

“Chi-Chi, Gohan, Goten, Pan... they’re all gone, we can’t let the deaths of our loved ones take us, we should start by looking about this place.” Goku started to walk, but Broly was on his knees, crying.


“I... couldn’t save them... I... couldn’t... save her, she died grabbing my hand... while she... screamed... in pain. This is not real... it can’t... IT CAN’T BE REAL!!!” Broly went Pre Wrath form and started to cry while he screamed, but Goku put his hand on Broly’s shoulder, making him stop screaming.

“Broly, screaming and crying won’t bring them back, as much as I want to bring my friends back, my family, we can’t bring them back, the only thing we can do is push foward, to live for them. We can’t let their deaths take over us, and when I say we can’t let them, is because I have gone in that same situation. So let’s start once again, and figure out where we are.” said Goku, while Broly calmed down, with tears, as he starts to smile a little.

“You’re... right... crying won’t solve... anything... let’s get in that... place.” said Broly while he walks with Goku to CHS.

(Ends music)

Broly and Goku walked to CHS, to look for help, when he they entered, they didn’t know what to do.

“What now?” asked Goku in Broly’s ear, but Broly made a gesture of ‘I don’t know’.

“Well, let’s look for The Leader of this school, I think it was called ‘The Principal’ but the question is... where is The Principal’s office?” Goku started to walk with Broly through the hallways, the girls looked at the Saiyans very flirty, and the boys looked at him with anger on how they are attracting almost every girl. Goku and Broly didn’t know why they looked at them this way, they are both so innocent that they don’t know why the act that way.

“Why is every girl looking at us this way?” asked Goku, but he was interrupted cause he bumped into a pink girl. Broly ran to help Goku to get him up.

“Are you ok?” asked Broly, while Goku sobbed his head.

“Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow... yeah, I think I’m fine, that’s gonna leave a spot. Hey uh... miss... are you ok?” asked Goku with a positive voice, just for the pink girl run away like a complete lunatic.

“What just happened?” asked Goku confused, while they start to walk again. They saw an office saying ‘Principal Celestia’.

“I guess this is the place, time for torture.” said Goku while opening the door, they saw a white skin, rainbow haired woman, reading some documents.

“Welcome to CHS, so you two are the new students!” said the woman, which was Principal Celestia, Goku was confused and Broly had a poker face.

“New students? We are not-“

“Can I get your names please!” said Celestia interrupting Goku and he definitely saw his life slip away, cause he is in school. Broly saw the situation, and used his savage berserk little mind to take action.

“My name... is Broly... and this one is my... younger brother... Goku.” said Broly with a low and deep voice. Goku looked at him confused, but later realized his plan, so he decided to go along with it. Celestia finished writing their schedules and handed it to the Saiyans.

“I thank you!” said Broly while they leave the office, but Celestia was confused with his words.

“I... thank you? Meh.” Celestia didn’t cared about what he said. Broly and Goku were walking to their first class, but Goku and Broly stopped right in the door.

“Get ready Broly, this is hell... and we’re going to suffer for the rest of our lives, so say your prayers and say you’re last words, because this is The Endgame for us.” said Goku breathing really fast, making Broly drop a sweat, so they decided to enter the classroom.

Author's Note:

Hope you have enjoyed Ep 1 of the remastered series of Equestria Girls Saiyan now called Equestria Girls Super.