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Goku Black, was divided from his counterpart and his soul disintegrated, being taken to the stars. However, he in his defeat, was sucked into the portal.

The same portal that the mortals he so despised had sent energy to Trunks to defeat him. He would fall into a new dimension, in a new body, with a different race, and new gods. But it didn't matter, he was still a god, a Kaioshin, and even with his body modified to enter the rules of this new dimension, nothing would stop him from completing his final goal.

Cleaning the plague that mortals are.

But does this new world have mortals as bad as those of its own dimension? or they are worthy of a chance?

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Eyy this was suprisingly deecent. Keep up the good work bud!

The Alicorn of balance the judger of life and death

Exactly! The Balance, thats why he is the "Eclipse" he is the balance between the Light and the Darkness

He never freaking learns does he.

He doesn't see common sense if it snack him in the face

So a bit more of Goku showing up in him

Comment posted by MLP_fan deleted Jul 3rd, 2020

"WINGS! They are big! Yes yes yes yes! I can finally fly high in the skies! Just like Rainbow Dash!! Thank you!....? Mister....?"

Even a monster can have a heart

Stories pretty good story you should do a Star Wars war where Spike ends up in the Star Wars Universe becomes Darth Vader's apprentice with Starkiller

Well so much for a redemption move

So far I am loving this story from the heart, please continue

Thank you! Good to know my story isn't total trash!

Your story is wonderful! Love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Not sure how this flew under the radar for me but, it doesn't matter now.
This story is where it belongs.
My tracking list.

Thank you, it means alot to me

good chapter it feels a little short

Sorry, its because i get too excited to post something to keep you guys posted, i could make them longer, however they would be less frequent

Both roared as they flew towards each other at speeds difficult to see with the naked eye, and both with their fists in front of them to meet in the center.

The battle has begun

Twilight should be her secret daughter she had

its not a big deal make the story how you want if that mean short chapter then im fine with that

great if not a little short

Eclipse channeling Vader a bit there

Fix the power scaling like honestly Celestia shouldn’t even be able to keep up with goku Black it’s horrendous

I Don't want for four main reasons, 1, goku black would be too overpowered and this story would not be interesting at all, 2, Celestia is really, REALLY more powerfull than people give credit to her for, for you to be able to raise the Sun already says something, 3, Goku Black should be able to mop the floor with any of the characters, however, he is in a new body that he is not accostumed to, just as with goku's body when he did it, he will have to learn to control it and use it more efficiently over time, another thing, he can't transform right now, meaning he doesn't have that massive powerboost, so they are in equal footing, for now, and 4, Celetia is pissed, meaning that self control in her power is thrown out of the window, she had thousands of years to perfect her fighting, in other hand... or hoof, Goku had a couple of days at most to become accostumed with his new body and how to properlly use it

"Face divine fury!"
*Scootaloo uses puppy dog eyes*
"Hrk, what is this overwhelming power?!"

Ever heard of the word "Alternative Universe" ?

I can’t wait for the next chapter!

Thank you! I am working on it, however i am first revising my old chapters and correcting many errors, tommorrow i plan to publish the next chapter

She already assured Luna that everything that could be done had been done, patrols had been tripled at the borders, search forces were sent to all corners of Equestria, and she just hoped it would be enough, she walked down the corridor, towards one specific wall, and she slowly ran her hand over the paintings of wall, she put pressure on a part of the wall, and slowly the block went deeper into the wall, and the whole wall started to shake, and it went deeper, and then suddenly, that part went to the side.

That's a lot of walls

I mean, it's not like he has any right to be mad. The Gods of Destruction are just that: mortals turned gods. Why should Twilight be a problem?

And round two begins

Cleaning the plague world that mortals are.

Don't you mean "Cleaning the plague that mortals are?"

I don't care who you are for it's an honor to be killed by the fist of a god.

I wonder what bull luna will pull to win this one

Need more please please make more please

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