• Published 30th May 2020
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The Divine Eclipse - The Toaster

Goku Black was defeated, his soul traveled by the same portals that had given the power to defeat him, however he would find himself in one strange world, in this world, he is a god, even if in a new body, and he would stop nothing to achive his goal

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A prophecy being fulfilled

There was nothing left, her house, everything she loved one day, everyone she knew, disappeared in a flash of light, she thought while flying, she cried, she screamed, she could do nothing, seeing that fireball fall, she had to warn someone, anyone!

Gabriella, or Gabby given by her friends, was horrified, destroyed inside, that lovely and happy Griffon, she couldn't smile anymore, she just flew towards Equestria, to warn her friends of the imminent danger.

That was an Alicorn, a Male Alicorn.

She saw, she managed to see his silunette in the distance.

She thought they were only legends, only Pony fairy tail.

She was a busy letter carrier, so she wasn’t in town at the time, but she was returning home when it happened.

That giant meteor of fire couldn't come out of her head, one hour it was small as a rock, and on the other, it was a size that could rival the sun.

Her house, the house she grew up in, it was nothing but ash now.

She had to stop it, many others would be victims if she didn't do something.

Ponyville, she knew the Cutie Marks crusaders, they know the elements of harmony, this is what she would do, only they would be able to end it.

She thought as she flew across the horizon towards Equestria, high in the clouds and at sunset, who would be the next victim of that mad Stallion?

He sat down on top of a rock at the edge of a mountain, watching the sun go down, he thought in the meantime, nature, something so wonderful, inhabited by beings so disgusting, why?

Why would the gods do that?

Looking at this paradise he just felt more hate, mortals doesn't see the good life that was given to them by the gods, they have fertile soil on the ground, they have plenty of food, they have water that can be reused for thousands of years, they have thousands of kilometers of land to explore, and what do they do?

They kill themselves for the stupidest reasons he can think of, for some insult, for some misunderstanding, or for some fictitious religion that they create.

He looked at his palm, he had embraced all these sins when he took this body, when he became a mortal he had become the embodiment of evil, he closed his hand while looking at the sun again.

But this is the sacrifice he made, it is his divine duty, to free the universe from, this plague, he had to embrace sin, he slowly closed his eyes and entering a deep sleep, he could be a god, but he still had the problems of a normal mortal, damn body.

The next day Black had noticed that he was on an island, when flying he noticed a huge sea in the distance, after eating some apples that he had found in some trees in the region, which impressively were not destroyed by the mortals of the area, he flew towards the ocean.

The seas were crystal clear and beautiful, he could see and feel fish swimming and living their lives, at least something good in this world, he kept reminding himself of the time he spent with his master and the time he just watched.

They had visited an aquatic planet one day, and he remembered it as if it were yesterday, the planet was a wasteland, there was no sign of life, and overnight, an incredible ecosystem had emerged.

Gowasu had explained that we didn't need to intervene for the planet to evolve, everything was like a river, which followed its natural course, the gods were like rain, we could do very well a storm and reverse the course of the river as we wished, but ignorantly he thought that we should let the river follow its natural course.

Wherever somewhere in its path, an intelligent life form would gain the blessing of the gods to be able to imitate them and serve them.

But they always made the same mistakes, no matter the world, thinking about it just reminded him of his goal.

He could see that he had arrived on land, as he landed, he looked around, a simple forest with a large river that led further north, he then decided that he would train, he knew he could still control his ki, but he still did not know the full potential of his body.

Taking a deep breath, he fired up his aura with a roar.

With that, his silver aura began to dance around his body, the ground gradually began to shake, he began to scream and scream more.

While the aura increased more and more, becoming a gigantic pillar silver, but without him noticing, his horn started to shine, the brightness increased the more he released his ki, and without him noticing, the sun started to move, and suddenly, the moon appeared on the horizon.

He continued to scream, his spiky hair starting to rise and a crater forming on the ground while stones floated around him.

The moon and the sun met in the middle of the sky, and formed an Eclipse.

When he finished, he left his pose, and opened his eyes, looking at his fist, opening and closing.

He was with all his power in the base form, the silver aura danced around his body, the crater was gigantic, and he had destroyed with much of the forest, and looking at the sky, he noticed what had happened, for the first time in a long time, the god was surprised, but slowly a smile appeared on his face.

It seems that the marks given to him were not just decoration, he was fulfilling a prophecy, all mortals in this world will know, this is the breath of a new era!

Canterlot was in chaos, confusion and fear dominated the streets, the fear of a new 'Nightmare Moon' was in the air, the royal guard was doing everything possible to maintain order.

However the Eclipse in the sky was difficult to explain, Celestia had not yet spoken to her subjects about what happened generating even more paranoia, and the situation only got worse.

She was sitting on her royal throne, decorated with gold and her sun symbol in the middle, she was thoughtful and tense.

Beside her was her sister, Luna, in her throne decorated with crystals and black with her moon theme, she was showing a worried expression towards her sister.

"Tia, are you sure? It is not possible for a new Alicorn to exist? never in the history of Equestria has anything like this happened! What if that Griffin is lying? a city cannot just explode out of nowhere!"

Celestia would sigh while supporting her head with her hand

"That Griffin, she’s called Gabriella, and she’s a friend, if Twillight trust her, i will also, you don’t need to be so suspicious of her little sister, and if what she said is real, this situation is more worrisome than anything Equestria has been through…"

Luna leaned thoughtfully on her throne, so she raised an eyebrow at her sister

"More than Nightmare Moon...?"

With a long sigh, she looked back at her sister with an expression of concern

"Maybe worse than Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker combined...."

Author's Note:

Hello! Thank you for reading this chapter! he is small, but shows Equestria's reaction to the discovery of Eclipse and him discovering some of his power, thanks and peace!

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